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The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship are the four golf tournaments recognized as "major championships" throughout the game. They form the four corners of the Grand Slam.

In our Major Championships section, we'll explore these four tournaments, plus other "golf majors" (women's majors, senior majors, and so on).

Masters Winners
The list of winners of the The Masters dating to the tournament's founding in 1934.

US Open Winners
All the champions at the U.S. Open, going back to 1895.

British Open Winners
The British Open is the oldest tournament in golf, not just among the majors. It was founded in 1860. Here are all the champions.

PGA Championship Winners
The PGA Championship is the only one of the majors ever played at match play. But it's been stroke play since the late-1950s.

Winners of the Women's Majors
There are five major championships in women's golf. One of those tournaments, The Evian, did not achieve major status until 2013. The other four date back a little farther. Here are the champions of each of the four long-established women's majors:


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