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Playoff Results in the U.S. Senior Open

The U.S. Senior Open, the biggest tournament in men's 50-and-over professional golf, was first played in 1980. Since that time, seven tournaments have ended with a playoff.

18-Hole Scoring Record in U.S. Senior Open

The United States Golf Association (USGA) has a reputation for creating very difficult golf course setups for its national championships. And there have been many U.S. Senior Opens where scoring was tough. But in this senior major , the USGA has sometimes made the host courses "gettable." That's evident from all the 62s and 63s that make up the list of lowest 18-hole scores in U.S. Senior Open history.

Oldest to Make Cut in U.S. Senior Open

Who is the oldest golfer in U.S. Senior Open tournament history to make the cut? We'll give you the Top 3: Jerry Barber , Jerry Barber and, yes, Jerry Barber.

What Is the 'Flat Stick' in Golf?

"Flat stick," often spelled as one word ("flatstick") is a very commonly used slang term in golf. What is the flat stick? It's the putter.

Longest Gaps Between Wins at The Open Championship

Did you know that the longest time between any golfer's first and last wins in the British Open is nearly 20 years? Let's take a look at that mark, plus The Open record for longest gap between successive wins.

How to Play the Waltz Golf Game

Waltz is the name of a golf game for groups of three or four in which the number of team members' scores used on each hole changes throughout. The Waltz format is another version of a type of best-ball game commonly known as 1-2-3 Best Ball.

Lowest Winning Scores in Women's PGA Championship

What is the 72-hole scoring record in the Women's PGA Championship? The lowest winning score in this major championship of women's professional golf is 266, and the currect record was set in 2020.

Explaining 'Pro for Hire' or 'Buy the Pro'

At charity fund-raising golf tournaments, golfers might sometimes learn that a feature named "Pro for Hire" or "Buy the Pro" (or similar) is in effect. What does it mean? It means that your group, if it wants to, can get assistance on certain holes from a professional golfer.

Who Is the 'Champion Golfer of the Year'?

"Champion Golfer of the Year" is a phrase that golfers might hear any time of year, but particularly in the summer months, around the time of the British Open. Do you know to whom this term applies?

Wire-to-Wire Winners of Women's PGA Championship

The Women's PGA Championship (formerly known as the LPGA Championship) dates to 1955. In the many decades since, how many golfers have won the tournament wire-to-wire ?

Back-to-Back Winners of Women's PGA Championship

How many golfers in the history of the Women's PGA Championship have won this tournament two years consecutively? Not many: So far, this major championship has only five back-to-back winners. But two of those won the tournament three years in a row.

Donna White: Bio of LPGA Winner, Instructor

Donna White won a U.S. Women's Amateur championship, then played on the LPGA Tour from the mid-1970s into the early 1990s. She had several victories, her best years being in the early 1980s. After leaving the tour, White became a well-known instructor and launched development programs for junior golfers.

2028 U.S. Open Dates, Golf Course

The 2028 U.S. Open golf tournament will be the 128th time the tournament is played. Staged by the United States Golf Association and dating to 1895, the U.S. Open is the second-oldest tournament among the four "major championships." It is played annually in June and rotates to golf courses around the U.S.

Golf Joke: Gotcha!

Thaddeus was an 11-handicapper, but one day he walked up to his club pro, a professional who routinely broke par, and challenged him to a match. Thad even suggested they wager $100 on the outcome — and he didn't ask for any strokes.

Best Scores for First 3 Rounds in a U.S. Open

In the history of the U.S. Open, a golfer has played the first three rounds (54 holes) in fewer than 200 strokes exactly one time. The golfer who did it, the golfer who currently holds the record for lowest score after the first three rounds of a U.S. Open, is Rory McIlroy.

Lowest Score, First Two Rounds of U.S. Open

What is the lowest cumulative score any golfer has achieved over the first two rounds of a U.S. Open? That score is 130, and two golfers share the record.

Golfer Dave Hill: PGA Tour Gadfly and Winner

Dave Hill was a star on the PGA Tour in the late 1960s and 1970s, although known as much for his outspokenness and run-ins with fellow golfers and tour officials as for his golf. But he was a Vardon Trophy winner , finished as high as No. 2 on the season-ending money list, and played in three Ryder Cups. Hill also ranks high on the list of golfers who won the most on the PGA Tour without winning a major .

How to Play a Reverse Scramble

The "Reverse Scramble" format is sometimes played as a tournament. More often, golfers use it as a practice game to work on trouble shots.

Golf Courses That Hosted the Most U.S. Opens

Which golf course holds the record for being the site of the most U.S. Open golf championships? That is Oakmont Country Club, where the U.S. Open has taken place nine times.

Golfers Who Won NCAA Championship, U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open

Have any golfers won all three of the NCAA championship (individual trophy), U.S. Amateur Championship and U.S. Open? Yes, but so far only three golfers have pulled off this treble.

Explaining the 'Beat the Pro' Format

"Beat the Pro" is the name of a popular golf format in which, you guessed it, "regular" golfers attempt to better the performance of a professional golfer. Beat the Pro can take one of two forms, though: a Beat the Pro tournament, or a Beat the Pro contest.

Harold Henning: South African Golfer Won Around the World

Harold Henning was a South African golfer who won around 50 tournaments all over the world, from the 1950s into the 1990s. He won national opens in Europe and Asia, and won tournaments on the PGA Tour. Then Henning enjoyed a long, successful second act as a Senior Tour mainstay.

2026 U.S. Women's Open Dates, Golf Course

The 2026 U.S. Women's Open will be the 81st time this pre-eminent major championship of women's professional golf is played. The tournament is run by the United States Golf Association and counts as an LPGA Tour event, as well.

1994 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 1994 U.S. Women's Open was the 49th time this major championship was played. The winner, one of the LPGA Tour's best, took advantage of another player's collapse.