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Active Wins Leaders on the PGA Tour

Which active golfers have the most wins on the PGA Tour? The list below includes all currently playing golfers with seven or more career PGA Tour victories. You won't be surprised by the top names. But there might be a few players farther down the list who do surprise you.

Golf Joke: Dear Abby

(The following joke was submitted by a reader. For obvious reasons — the joke is in the form a letter to an advice columnist — we have named this joke "Dear Abby.") Dear Abby, I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice.

PGA Tour Career Wins: The All-Time Leaders

Fewer than 70 golfers in the history of the PGA Tour have won 15 or more tournaments. But Sam Snead and Tiger Woods both won 82, and they share the record for most all-time wins on the PGA Tour. Jack Nicklaus is the only other golfer to reach 70.

Bobby Cruickshank: Pro Golfer's Amazing Life, Career

Bobby Cruickshank was a Scottish golfer who immigrated to America in the early 1920s and then enjoyed a very successful career as both a tournament player and club pro. He won enough PGA Tour tournaments to rank in the Top 50 on that tour's career wins list. Although he never won a major championship, he came close, including a playoff loss to Bobby Jones.

The PGA Tour Golfer Who Won Big Betting on Bobby Jones

Did a PGA Tour golfer foresee Bobby Jones' Grand Slam in 1930, and place a bet that paid off huge? He sure did. And did a reporting mistake in the New York Times cause the Internal Revenue Service to come knocking, seeking way more in taxes than the lucky golfer actually owed? That's a popular legend, but one that doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

How to Play the Golf Bet Called 'Uglies'

Winning a bet on the golf course is a beautiful thing, even if you are playing the game named Uglies. In Uglies, any hole-out from off the green wins one unit of the bet, or, if you are playing it as a points game, wins the assigned point value.

What Is a Score of 3 on a Golf Hole Called?

Did you just play a hole of golf using only three strokes? Write down a "3" on your scorecard and give yourself a pat on the back. A "3" is always a good score on a single hole. But is there any special term, any golf terminology, that applies to a score of three?

Looking Back: Adelaide Advertiser Tournament in Australia

The Adelaide Advertister Tournament was a professional golf tournament played in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, from the 1940s into the 1960s. Many of the top Australian golfers of the period won the tournament. The tournament was named after its title sponsor, the local newspaper.

All the Golfers Who Went 0-5-0 in a Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup is played every other year between Team International and Team USA. It uses a match-play format, with five matches being the maximum that any golfer can play during a single Cup. Elsewhere we told you about all the golfers with perfect 5-0-0 records . But have any golfers gone 0-5-0 in the Presidents Cup? Yes, two. And both were superstars.

Eric Cremin: Bio of the Australian Golfer

Eric Cremin was an Australian golfer, noted for his great putting, who played and won pro tournaments from the 1930s to the 1960s. He was one of the top Australian golfers in the immediate post-World War II years, but rarely played outside of his home country. Cremin was later known as a top teacher who helped young pros, and for playing a role in the development of the first Asian pro golf tour.

Golfers Who Won the Most Presidents Cup Matches

The Presidents Cup dates to 1994. Since that debut, which golfers have posted the most match wins in the every-other-year competition? The list below includes multiple Hall of Famers. But the golfer on top is the biggest name of all.

Golfers Who Lost the Most Presidents Cup Matches

Which golfers, in the history of the Presidents Cup, have lost the most matches? We're talking about their overall losses — their career losses — in the Team International vs. Team USA tournament. Combined losses across the three competition formats: foursomes, fourball and singles. Multiple Hall-of-Famers are among those biggest losers.

How to Play the Golf Game Named 'Let It Ride'

"Let It Ride" is a golf game that tests not just your ability to avoid big numbers on the golf course, but also your confidence in that ability. In Let It Ride, a golfer accumulates points by running off streaks of holes without any net-double bogeys . Sound easy? Maybe not when money is on the line. And there are, naturally, some catches to consider.

'Inside the Ropes,' 'Outside the Ropes' and 'Roping and Staking'

If you watch professional golf tournaments on television, you've probably heard the terms "inside the ropes" and "outside the ropes." Do you know what they mean? We'll explain the terms here, plus a third term — the one from which both derive — "roping and staking."

Most Singles Matches Lost in the Presidents Cup

Which golfers have lost the most singles matches in Presidents Cup play? The record for most singles losses is five, and it is shared by three golfers.

Lighthorse Harry Cooper: Famous Golfer's Career, Biggest Wins

The figures most-often cited online for Harry Cooper's PGA Tour win total are 30 and 31, but the Tour itself credits Cooper with 29 official wins. That total (29) is tied for 17th best in tour history . Or, to put it another way, in the history of the PGA Tour only 16 golfers have won more official tour titles than Harry Cooper.

Looking Back: Silver King Tournament in England

The Silver King Tournament was, during its run from the 1930s into the 1950s, one of the big events on the British PGA circuit. Many of the top British golfers of the era claimed the trophy. It was played at Moor Park Golf Club in Hertfordshire, England.

Who Is the Youngest Golfer to Shoot His Age on the PGA Tour?

Even for the world's best golfers, shooting one's age — scoring 65 at age 65, for example — is something that, for most of them, isn't all that common. It's especially not common on the professional tours. But it has happened on the PGA Tour, and the youngest-ever golfer who shot his age in a PGA Tour tournament was 67 years old.

Golfers With the Most Singles Wins in Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup was first played in 1994, and since that time there have been only seven golfers who've won four or more singles matches. Only three of those have won five or more singles matches. And Tiger Woods is the all-time leader in Presidents Cup singles victories.

What Is the 'Cover Number' in Golf?

Do you know what your "cover number" is? If you're a golfer, you should. Because "cover number" is one term golfers use for the specific yardage, or general yardage range, needed to play a shot over a hazard or onto the green.

Oldest Golfers Ever in the Presidents Cup

In the history of the Presidents Cup, no golfer aged 50 or over has ever played. But multiple golfers have been almost 50: Five 49-year-olds so far have played in the Presidents Cup.

Dorothy Germain Porter: Profile of Amateur Golf Champ

Dorothy Germain Porter was a competitive tournament golfer from the 1930s into the 1990s, from her mid-teens into her 70s. She won the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship, but eschewed turning professional even after the creation of the LPGA Tour.

Most Consecutive Years Leading the Money List on PGA Tour

What is the PGA Tour record for consecutive years leading the season-ending money list? That record is four years in a row finishing as the tour's money leader. Two golfers share that record.

2024 Presidents Cup

The 2024 Presidents Cup will be the 15th time this tournament is played. Played on an every-other-year basis, it was first contested in 1994. The competition is a team, match-play event, with two squads: Team USA and Team International.

How Many Par-3 Holes Are on a Golf Course?

The number of par-3 holes on typical golf courses ranges from two through six, but by far the most common number is four. However, in the end it is up to the golf course designer (and the tournament set-up crew, in the event of a course hosting a tournament) how many par-3 holes are on a golf course.