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12 Best Golfers Who Never Won a Major Championship (Men)

Winning a major championship is the crowning achievement of many professional golf careers. For a select few golfers, it was even a habit. But there are many good to great golfers in the game's history who never won a major. Below is our ranking of the 12 best golfers who never won a men's major.

How to Play the Win, Place and Show Golf Game

"Win, Place and Show" is the name of a golf game played by a group of four golfers. The golfers in the group compare their scores on each hole, and the golfers with the lowest, second-lowest, and third-lowest scores earn points. In other words, the win, place and show (first, second, third) finishers earn points.

How the 'Street Price' of a Golf Club Compares to MSRP, MAP

If you are shopping for new golf clubs and reading articles and reviews, or if you are just an equipment junkie and enjoy reading manufacturers' news releases about new gear, then you've probably run across the term "street price." Do you know what "street price" represents when equipment companies cite it? Is it higher or lower than the MSRP?

Buying 'Skirts' at a Golf Tournament: What It Means

Have you ever signed up to play in charity golf tournament, association playday, company tournament or the like, and been told that players can buy "skirts"? Or read a flyer in the clubhouse that says something like, "Teams are allowed to buy one skirt per player"? What does that mean? Just what are these "skirts"?

How Many Par-5 Holes Are on a Golf Course?

How many par-5 holes does a typical golf course have? Four is the most-common number of par-5 holes golfers encounter on a standard-length golf course. But three such holes, and two par-5s, are also common numbers.

The Shazam Betting Game: Putts Under Pressure

Is one of your fellow-competitors facing a very long putt on the green, a putt you doubt they'll get down in two? Shazam them! "Shazam" is the name of a golf betting game played on putting greens in which one golfer (or more) bets against another golfer's ability to avoid 3-putting.

Bio of English Golf Champ Gladys Ravenscroft

Gladys Ravenscroft was an English golfer who won both the British Women's Amateur Championship and U.S. Women's Amateur in the early 1900s, at a time when those were, by far, the two biggest tournaments available to women golfers. Ravenscroft was one of the first golfers to hold both of those titles.

Winners of the du Maurier Classic, Former LPGA Major

The du Maurier Classic was an LPGA Tour golf tournament that was, for 22 years, one of the major championships of women's golf. Its time as a major spanned from the late 1970s to the early 2000s, and many of the LPGA's biggest stars were winners during that period. During the earliest years of that run, the tournament was named the Peter Jackson Classic.

Explaining the Golf Scoring Phrases 'Go Out In,' 'Come Home In'

In golf, the players (and announcers on broadcasts) sometimes talk about "going out in" a certain number, or "coming in" in 33 or 35 or whatever score. What do those terms mean? And why do golfers use that convention — going out, coming in — to talk about scoring?

Which Golf Tournaments are the 'Major Championships'?

Professional golfers and golf fans alike often talk about "major championships." But do you know which golf tournaments have that title? The men's major championships are the most-famous, but here we'll also go over which tournaments make up the major championships in women's professional golf and senior pro golf.

Yearly Scoring Leaders on Korn Ferry Tour

The Korn Ferry Tour is the developmental tour run by the PGA Tour — the second-level men's profressional golf tour in the United States. And below is the list of every golfer who has led the Korn Ferry Tour in scoring.

Golfer Johnny Dawson: Amateur Champ, Father of California Desert Golf

Johnny Dawson was an amateur golf champion, winning tournaments from the 1920s into the 1960s. But there is one glaring omission from his body of work: No victories in USGA championships, despite the fact that some years he was considered the best amateur in America.

Most Wins on Champions Tour: The All-Time Leaders

The Champions Tour (formally named PGA Tour Champions) is the top professional golf tour for senior (50-and-over) golfers. It was founded in 1980. The all-time leader in Champions Tour wins is Bernhard Langer.

The 'Back Nine' of a Golf Course

"Back nine" is a golf term that refers to a section of a golf course, to one-half of an 18-hole golf course. The "back nine" is the second set of nine holes on an 18-hole course — Hole No. 10 through Hole No. 18.

The 'Front Nine' of a Golf Course

What is the "front nine" in golf? It's a very common term in the game and it means the first nine holes of an 18-hole golf course.

Yearly Scoring Leaders on the Epson Tour

The list below of the Epson Tour's yearly scoring leaders includes many familiar names. It even includes some golfers who went on to win major championships, and one (so far) who became a Hall of Famer.

Golf Joke: The Genie

A husband and wife head out to the golf course to play golf together for the first time. In fact, Howard has been teaching Rosie to play, and this is going to be her first full 18 holes of golf. Things are going pretty well until they reach the 7th hole.

Fred Daly: Bio of Irish Golf Trailblazer

Although the period of his biggest successes was brief, Northern Ireland golfer Fred Daly was a big star of the British circuit of the late 1940s and early 1950s. He also was a trailblazer for Irish golfer: first Irish winner of the Irish Open, first Irish winner of the British Open, first Ireland-born golfer to play in the Ryder Cup.

Irish Dunlop Tournament Winners, History

The Irish Dunlop Tournament was a golf tournament on the Irish professional circuit, played over five decades from the 1930s into the 1980s. Most of the Irish golf stars of the day are among its roster of champions.

Active Wins Leaders on the LPGA Tour

Which active golfers have the most career wins so far on the LPGA Tour? The following list includes all active players with six or more LPGA victories. The active leader among LPGA players is Karrie Webb, with 41 wins.

How to Play the 'Honors' Golf Game

Have you heard of the golf game named Honors? We're going to learn how it's played, and the first thing to know is this: Honors is entirely based on who tees off first on each hole during the round — on which golfer or which side has the honor, in other words.

LPGA Tour Career Wins: The All-Time Leaders

In the history of the LPGA Tour, there have so far been fewer than 40 golfers who have won at least 15 official tour events. In this article, we list the career LPGA Tour wins leaders, including all those who've hit the 15-win plateau.

Definition: The Driving Iron in Golf

What is a "driving iron"? It's a golf club ... or, rather, several golf clubs, because "driving iron" can be used to refer to several different things. We'll go over those definitions in this article, but keep this is mind: driving irons, the club, are rarely used today; and "driving iron," the term, is used far less often today, too.

Most Second-Place Finishes on the PGA Tour

Finishing second in a PGA Tour tournament is a very good accomplishment. It's not the goal — winning is the goal. But golfers who finish second a lot also tend to be among the tour's best. In the history of the PGA Tour, which golfers have finished second the most? The list of those golfers contains a few surprises.

Marcel Dallemagne: French Golfer Won Many National Opens in 1930s

Marcel Dallemagne won numerous national Opens across Continental Europe, mostly in the 1930s. He was a long hitter and a straight talker. Dallemagne was arguably the best French golfer of the inter-war period.

What Is a 'Cross Bunker' in Golf?

A "cross bunker" on a golf course is a bunker that crosses the line of play. A cross bunker is, in other words, a bunker that the golfer has to play his shot over — a bunker a golfer has to carry to advance the golf ball to the target.