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Explaining 'Alternate Tees' On a Golf Course

The term "alternate tees" in golf refers to a golf hole that has two separate sets of tee boxes. For our example, we'll call them Tee Box A and Tee Box B. Both tee boxes have the full set of tee markers: Tee Box A has forward, middle, back tees; Tee Box B has forward, middle, back tees.

How to Play the 3 In 1 Golf Format

The golf format named 3 In 1 (or Three in One, if you prefer spelling things out) is a game in which the partners remain the same throughout the round, but the format changes after every six holes. Three scoring formats in one round, hence the name.

JCPenney Classic Golf Tournament (Winners, Formats, History)

The JCPenney Classic golf tournament paired a PGA Tour player and an LPGA Tour player in a mixed team format. It took place from the early 1960s to the late 1990s.

LPGA Golfer and Major Champion Shirley Englehorn

Shirley Englehorn's brief but productive LPGA Tour career was marked by one comeback from physical trauma, then more physical trauma from which she couldn't come back. Her tour career was essentially over at age 30, when she was coming off her best season and seemingly poised for bigger things to come.

List of Golfers in the LPGA Hall of Fame

The LPGA Hall of Fame is one of the toughest honor halls in all of sports to get into. There are even LPGA golfers who are members of the World Golf Hall of Fame who are not yet members of the LPGA Tour's own hall! That's because LPGA Hall of Fame members are not elected through voting.

LPGA Hall of Fame Points (Criteria for Election)

The LPGA Tour maintains its own Hall of Fame, separate from the World Golf Hall of Fame. Most golfers in the LPGA Hall of Fame are also in the World Hall, and vice-versa — but not all. That's because the LPGA Hall of Fame uses points to elect its members.

Herman Keiser Biography: Golfer Was Dark-Horse Masters Champ

Herman Keiser was a quiet but efficient golfer who, today, is one of the least-remembered major championship winners. But he did, in fact, outduel Ben Hogan to win the 1946 Masters Tournament .

Women's British Open Golf Courses: Where They've Played

The Women's British Open is one of the major championships in women's golf and the LPGA Tour. And the roster of golf courses on which the tournament has taken place is a roster of some of England's and Scotland's best.

Senior PGA Championship Golf Courses: Where They've Played

Which golf courses have played host to this tournament, one of the major championships of senior golf? Below is the list of golf courses where the Senior PGA Championship has taken place. It's the oldest senior major, founded in 1937, and the one run by the PGA of America.

Definition: Alternate Fairway in Golf

An "alternate fairway" in golf is a second fairway built on the same golf hole. When a golf hole offers the golfer the option to hit one fairway or to another on the same hole, that hole has alternate fairways.

What Is 'Rub of the Green' in Golf?

"Rub of the green" is an expression that, until December 31, 2018, appeared in the Rules of Golf. As of January 1, 2019, it is no longer used by the governing bodies (R&A and USGA). So the first answer to the question, "what is rub of the green," is that it is an archaic expression no longer used in the golf rules. OK, fine, so what was a "rub of the green" in golf?

Who Was the First International Winner of The Masters Tournament?

Did you know it took nearly 30 years before The Masters Tournament was won by a golfer who was not American in nationality? It's true, the first international winner of the tournament didn't happen until 1961. And can you guess that winner? We bet you can.

Every Double Eagle in Masters Tournament History

A grand total of four double eagles (albatrosses) have been recorded in the entire history of The Masters Tournament, which dates to 1934. And those four double eagles have each happened on a different hole — no one hole at Augusta National Golf Club has yet seen a second albatross.

Worst Single-Hole Scores in Korn Ferry Tour History

What are the highest scores in Korn Ferry Tour history on a single hole? The PGA Tour's developmental tour keeps this record by hole type, so listed below are the highest scores in tour history on a par-3, on a par-4 and on a par-5. But what about the overall record? That's a 17.

The Golf Course Ball Washer

The golf course ball washer is often found beside tee boxes for the convenience of golfers whose golf ball(s) have picked up some mud, dirt or debris. You want to tee off with clean balls, right? That's what the golf ball washer is for.

The Pro Golfers Who Were Hijacked to Cuba

There's a book out called The Skies Belong to Us: Love and Terror in the Golden Age of Hijacking (affiliate link) by Brendan I. Koerner. It tells the story of a time in America when hijacking an airplane was commonplace, and not yet (at least most of the time) a deadly endeavor. A more "innocent" age of skyjacking, if you will.

How to Play the Golf Game Called Acey Ducey (or Aces and Deuces)

The golf betting game called Acey Ducey, or Aces and Deuces, is for groups of four golfers. On each hole, the low score (the "ace") wins an agreed upon amount from the other three players, and the high score (the "duece") loses an agreed upon amount to the other three players.

Worst Single-Hole Scores in Champions Tour History

What are the highest scores ever recorded in a Champions Tour tournament for a single hole? The all-time record is 16, shared by three golfers: Mason Rudolph , Terry Dill and Bruce Crampton. Let's break it down by par-5s, par-4s and par3s.

How to Play the 'Beat the Worst' Golf Game

Beat the Worst is the name of a golf betting game for a group of four golfers (it also works for a three-ball). On each hole, one of those golfers is tasked with beating the worst score among the other three. If that golfer does so, he or she wins the bet.

Tiger Woods' Birthday: Everything You Wanted to Know (And Plenty You Didn't)

Tiger Woods' birthday is December 30. His date of birth is December 30, 1975. He was born Eldrick Tont Woods in Cypress, Calif. , the son of Earl Woods Sr. and Kultida "Tida" (Punsawad) Woods. Tiger is the only child of Earl and Tida (although Earl had several children from an earlier marriage).

Best PGA Tour Money List Finishes by Korn Ferry Tour Grads in Their First Years

How often do golfers who've graduated from the Korn Ferry (formerly Tour finish high up the PGA Tour money list in their rookie PGA Tour seasons? It doesn't happen that often. But when a Korn Ferry grad does pull off a good finish in their PGA Tour rookie seasons, it often signals a pretty good career is ahead.

When Did Augusta National Golf Club Open?

Augusta National Golf Club first opened for play in December 1932, with its grand opening ceremonies in January 1933.

How to Play a Joker's Wild Golf Tournament

Joker's Wild is the name of a golf tournament format that can be a very fun game for associations and playdays. It involves the use of suited playing cards, and it also involves a whole lot of luck.

Who Were the First Women Members at Augusta National Golf Club?

Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore were the first women admitted as members at Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters Tournament, in Augusta, Ga. Their membership was announcement on Aug. 20, 2012.

Explaining the Golf Slang Term 'Mouth Wedge"

"Mouth wedge" is a golf slang term that basically means a golfer who talks way too much on the golf course ... or a golfer who talks a much better game than he plays.

How to Play the Favorite Holes Golf Game

Favorite Holes is the name of a side bet for a group of golfers playing a golf course they all are familiar with. The game gives everyone in the group a chance to win a pot based on their scores on their favorite holes only.

Explaining the Golf Term 'Die In the Hole'

"Die in the hole" is a golf phrase applied to putts that just barely make it to the hole — but that do make it into the cup.

How to Play the 'In the Bucket' Golf Format (Also Called Sucker in the Bucket)

"In the Bucket" is a best-ball golf tournament format in which every fourth hole, one player from a four-person team is left "in the bucket" — his or her score must count as the team score.

Senior PGA Championship Winners

The Senior PGA Championship traces its origins to 1937, making it the oldest of the major championships in men's senior golf. And that means its list of winners includes many names from decades prior to the founding of the Champions Tour.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Gaming Franchise (Where to Buy Now)

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour videogame franchise was one of the most successful sports franchises in gaming history. It debuted in 1998, but ended after the final release in 2013. Created by Electronic Arts (EA Sports), more than 30 million units of the game were sold over its history — and more continue to be sold. That's because the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games are still readily available.

Golfer Bob Hamilton: PGA Champion, Age-Shooter Record-Holder

Bob Hamilton was a PGA pro known as a great wedge player and whose greatest success was winning a PGA Championship in the 1940s. Decades later, he became the youngest golfer ever to shoot his age.

Warm-Season Grasses Used on Golf Courses

"Warm-Season Grasses" are those grasses that grow best in warmer climates. How does this apply in golf? Golf courses in places where it gets hot will use warm-season grasses as a turfgrass of choice.

Definition of 'Above the Hole' in Golf

"Above the hole" is a golf term that fans of the game and newbies to the sport might hear on television broadcasts of tournaments, or while on their local golf course. What does it mean?

Sundowner Rounds and Sundowner Leagues in Golf

What is a "sundowner" in golf? This is a golf term with a couple meanings, but the most common one applies to tournaments. A sundowner tournament is one that is played late in the afternoon, typically nine holes in length, in which the golfers are trying to finish before the sun sets.

Did Michelle Wie Play Q-School?

How did Michelle Wie get her LPGA Tour membership? Did she play Q-School (the normal route) or was she granted or did she earn some special status?