LPGA Hall of Fame Points (Criteria for Election)

The LPGA Tour maintains its own Hall of Fame, separate from the World Golf Hall of Fame. Most golfers in the LPGA Hall of Fame are also in the World Hall, and vice-versa — but not all.

That's because the LPGA Hall of Fame uses points to elect its members. Based on the LPGA points system, golfers accrue points over the course of their careers. Those who earn enough points — the threshold is 27 points — are LPGA Hall of Famers.

The World Golf Hall of Fame, up until 2014, abided by the LPGA points system. But it stopped that year, and now elects women golfers solely through a voting process. That means the World Golf Hall of Fame can, and has, elected LPGA golfers who are not (or not yet, anyway) in the LPGA's own Hall of Fame.

Follow all that? Good. Now about that LPGA Hall of Fame points system ...

How the LPGA Hall of Fame Points System Works

To join the LPGA Hall of Fame, the LPGA Tour requires that golfer must be (or have been) a tour member for at least 10 years, and must have won at least one major, Vare Trophy (for low season scoring average) or Player of the Year Award. Not one of each, just one from among those three achievements.

And the golfer must have accumulated 27 points, based on these criteria:

When a golfer reaches 27 points based on the criteria above, and has at least 10 years as an LPGA member, she becomes an LPGA Hall of Famer.

A Veterans Committee Option Now Exists

Is there any way for a golfer who does not reach 27 points to get into the LPGA Hall? The answer to that question used to be no. But the LPGA Tour now has a Veteran's Committee that meets yearly to consider golfers who didn't reach 27 points.

That committee may choose one, and only one, such golfer each year — or it might decide to nominate nobody. If the Veterans Committee does make a selection, its nominee is given a vote by the LPGA Tour members. If the tour members approve, the nominee is inducted into the Hall.

The Veterans Committee's own vote requires two-thirds approval to be nominated. The nominee must receive three-quarters (75-percent) approval in the vote by LPGA Tour members.

And although any such nominee, by definition, fell short of the 27 points criteria, she is still required to have won at least one major, Vare Trophy or Player of the Year award. (She must have been retired for at least five years, too, which is why Laura Davies has not yet been voted in through the Veterans process.) No golfer has joined the LPGA Hall of Fame through the Veterans Committee process since 2002.

It's not easy getting into the LPGA Hall of Fame.

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