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Explaining the Through Line in Golf

The "through line" in golf is the extension of a golfer's putting line several feet beyond the hole. Or, to express it two other ways, a) the through line is the putt you'll have coming back to the hole if you miss long with your initial putt; b) the through line is the line on which the ball will keep rolling beyond the hole if you miss the cup with your first putting attempt.

LPGA Hana Bank Championship Tournament Winners, History

The Hana Bank Championship, originally named the Nine Bridges Classic, was an LPGA Tour event played in South Korea and co-sanctioned by the LPGA of Korea Tour.

Joe Jimenez, the Golfer Who Reached His Peak After Age 60

Joe Jimenez was a professional golfer best-known for his performance on the Champions Tour, even though he never won a regular tour event. He did have a knack for shooting his age, frequently, and, in the years before the Senior Tour existed, won a tournament that is now called a senior major.

When Tom Watson Tried to Get Gary McCord Fired

On October 26, 2019, CBS Sports confirmed that longtime golf broadcaster (and former PGA Tour player) Gary McCord had been let go. His contract was not picked up; he was no longer part of the CBS Sports golf broadcast team. McCord had been part of the network's golf broadcasts since 1986. It wasn't the first time CBS had dropped the comical, irreverent McCord. But the first time they did it, CBS fired him only from one tournament, The Masters.

What Does 'Good-Good' Mean in Golf?

"Good-good" is an expression — a question, actually — sometimes used between two golfers, neither of whom wants to attempt their next putts. When two golfers verbally agree to "good-good," it means they both count their putts as made and pick up their golf balls without actually putting. A double concession, on other words. And yes, "good-good?" is allowed under the Rules of Golf.

How Big Was the Original Big Bertha Driver?

Callaway Golf always comes back to the "Big Bertha" name. The company doesn't always, all the time, have a driver in its lineup that uses that name, but the "Big Bertha" franchise remains exactly that: a franchise for Callaway, with Big Bertha clubs of many different types . It is one of the best-known club names in golf history. But I'm more interested in thinking back to the original Big Bertha driver.

The Meaning of 'Ham and Egg' in Golf

Have you ever heard the expression "ham-and-egg golf"? If you have, did you wonder what that means? You're in luck, because we like to explain golf lingo.

World Senior Championship Golf Matches

The World Senior Championship was a special event on the golf calendar from the 1950s into the 1970s that can't be called a tournament: Only two golfers competed in it each year.

Bio of Golfer Herman Barron

Herman Barron was a PGA Tour golfer who won in the 1940s and a longtime, PGA teaching professional at clubs in New York. He also has the distinction of being the first Jewish golfer to win on the PGA Tour.

PGA Tour Record: Consecutive Rounds in the 60s

What is the longest streak of scores in the 60s — the most consecutive sub-70 rounds — in PGA Tour history? The record is 21. You might guess that Tiger Woods holds this record. But you'd be wrong. (Although Tiger does hold the tour's record for most consecutive rounds at par or better with a whopping 52, set in 2000-01.)

This Golfer Made 2 Aces in 5 Holes — and He'd Never Even Birdied

It's the kind of story you might not believe: A golfer who had never made a birdie recorded not just one hole-in-one, but two aces — and within a five-hole stretch of golf. But it's true. And both aces were even witnessed by a famous golf instructor.

The Crestar Classic, Site of Arnold Palmer's Final Win

The Crestar Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour played in the decade of the 1980s and best-remembered as the site of Arnold Palmer's final senior tour victory.

Most Birdies In a Row on the European Tour

What is the European Tour's record for consecutive birdies in the same round of golf in a tour event? The unofficial record is nine birdies in a row; the official record is eight birdies in a row.

What Is a Grass Bunker in Golf?

"Grass bunker" is a term many golfers use for an indentation in the ground, or a hollowed-out area on a golf course, that is filled not with sand but with grass. Another way of putting it: A grass bunker is a depression full of rough ... which could certainly be depressing to a golfer who hits into one.

Golfers With the Most European Tour Wins

Which golfer has the most wins in European Tour history? Seve Ballesteros tops the list. And the list of the tour's top winners includes many other great names, too, including Tiger Woods, who is in third place.

Golfer Antonio Cerda: One of Argentina's Greatest

Antonio Cerda is one of the best golfers ever to emerge from Argentina. He won multiple times on the precursor to the European Tour in the 1950s, and had two near-misses in British Opens of that era.

Golf's Ben Hogan Tour (And Its Top Players)

The Ben Hogan Tour was the name of the PGA Tour's official developmental tour when that tour debuted in 1990, and for a couple years after. The tour itself is still around today, but has undergone many name changes over the years. The name "Ben Hogan Tour" (often shortened to just "Hogan Tour") was used only until 1993.

The Ben Hogan Award for College and Amateur Golf

The Ben Hogan Award is presented annually to the top male collegiate golfer in the United States, taking into account both college tournament results and other amateur tournaments, as determined by a selection committee. The award is presented by Colonial Country Club (in Fort Worth, Texas), in conjunction with the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) and The Friends of Golf organization.

Are Golf Ball Pick-Ups for Your Putter 'Legal' Under the Rules?

You might know a golfer — you might even be a golfer — who uses a putter that has a suction cup or other golf ball retrieval device affixed to the top of the grip. Maybe you've wondered whether the rules of golf allow such putters: When a golfer adds that ball retrieval gadget, such as a suction cup, is the putter still conforming according to the rules?

Yorkshire Evening News Tournament (Winners, History)

The Yorkshire Evening News Tournament was played in England from the 1920s into the 1960s. For many of those years, it was considered one of the biggest tournaments in Great Britain.

Golf's Major Winners Over the Age of 40

How many times has a golfer over the age of 40 won a major championship? It's not exactly a rare feat, but most years the four major winners in men's golf are under the age of 40. The longest gaps without any 40-and-over major winners have been 33 years (1876-1909, when there was only one major for the early years and then only two majors), and 26 years (1921-1947). In other years, however, there have been multiple major winners in their 40s.

Alf Perry: Pro Golfer, Open Championship Winner

Alf Perry was an English golf professional who won tournaments in the 1920s and 1930s. He had a quiet manner and a quirky swing, but Perry also had something else: The Claret Jug as a British Open winner .

The Approach Course in Golf

An "approach course" is a type of golf course that is much shorter than a regulation-sized golf course, and is designed specifically for golfers to work on their approach shots into the greens.

Explaining the 2-2-2 Golf Bet

What is a 2-2-2 in golf? It's the name of a type of wager than can be played within a group of golfers. The basics are pretty simple: It is three separate $2 wagers, one for the front nine, one for the back nine and another on the overall match result.

'Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius' Movie (Info, Stream, Buy)

The motion picture Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius stars Jim Caviezel as the famous golfer from the 1920s whose early struggles later gave way to what some consider the greatest golf career ever. Some sources claim this movie was the first ever given permission to film on location on The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Michelle Wie Quotes (Plus a Few About Her)

Michelle Wie burst onto the national golf scene when she was only 12 years old. We've watched her grow up in golf, and over the years she's given a lot of quotes. And other golfers have been asked for a lot of quotes about her. We've collected plenty of those Michelle Wie quotes here.

Indy Women in Tech Championship (LPGA Tour)

The Indy Women in Tech Championship was a tournament on the LPGA Tour played only three times. It was well-known during those three years for taking place on a golf course that featured several holes inside the world's most-famous auto racing track.