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The motion picture Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius stars Jim Caviezel as the famous golfer from the 1920s whose early struggles later gave way to what some consider the greatest golf career ever. Some sources claim this movie was the first ever given permission to film on location on The Old Course at St. Andrews.

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Theatrical release date: April 30, 2004
MPAA rating: PG
Run time: 2 hours, 9 minutes

'Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius' — What's It About?

The movie Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius is a biopic, a biographical movie dramatizing the life and achievements of the legendary golfer. The movie shows viewers Bobby Jones' development as a golfer in his teens, his struggles to live up to early promise, and then the spectacular success he achieved in his 20s. It culminates in Jones' "Grand Slam" season of 1930.

The movie also delves into Jones' off-course achievements (particularly his law career), as well as some of his personal demons and his relationship with his wife. Fellow golf Hall-of-Famer Walter Hagen and the journalist O.B. Keeler are other real-life figures who are portrayed in the movie.

What the Critics Say

On IMDB, the movie has a 6.7 (out of 10) rating, which is good. Rotten Tomatoes shows a major split between critical reviews and audience reviews: SOG gets only a 26-percent rating from surveyed movie critics, but a 62-percent rating from audiences. On Metacritic, surveyed critics rated the movie 45 (out of 100).

It's safe to say that audiences enjoy the movie more than critics did.

Roger Ebert gave the movie three stars and a generally positive review, though, writing, "Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius tells this story in a straightforward, calm way that works ideally as the chronicle of a man's life but perhaps less ideally as drama. No doubt we should be grateful that Jones' story isn't churned up into soap opera and hyped with false crises and climaxes; it is the story of a golfer, and it contains a lot of golf."

Cast Listing

The Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius principal cast and crew members are:
  • Director: Rowdy Herrington
  • Writers: Rowdy Herrington, Kim Dawson, Bill Pryor, Tony De Paul
  • Jim Caviezel as "Bobby Jones"
  • Claire Forlani as "Mary Jones"
  • Jeremy Northam as "Walter Hagen"
  • Malcolm McDowell as "O.B. Keeler"
  • Connie Ray as "Clara Jones"
  • Brett Rice as "Big Bob"
  • Devon Gearhart as "Bobby age 8"
  • Thomas Lewis as "Bobby age 14"
  • Allen O'Reilly as "Grantland Rice"
  • Aidan Quinn as "Harry Vardon"
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