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What Happens If the Solheim Cup Ends in a Tie?

Every two years, there are 28 points up for grabs by the two teams playing the Solheim Cup. And that presents the possibility the two teams will tie, 14-14. What happens in the event such a tie happens? Who gets the Cup?

Who Is the Solheim Cup Named After?

The Solheim Cup is one of the biggest events in women's professional golf, played every other year betweens teams representing Europe and the United States. But who is it named after — who put the "Solheim" in Solheim Cup?

The Solheim Cup Format Explained

The format for the Solheim Cup is two days of doubles match play using foursomes and fourballs, followed by a final day of singles match play. It is a three-day competition between teams of women professional golfers representing the United States and Europe. Twenty-eight points are at stake over the those three days, which break down like this:

2019 Solheim Cup: Dates, Golf Course, Players, Format

The 2019 Solheim Cup takes place in mid-September in Scotland. It will be the 16th time the biennial tournament is played, in which teams of women professional golfers representing Europe and the United States face off.

Golfer Harry Weetman: Big Drives, Big Wins, Big Mouth

Harry Weetman was an English golfer who was one of the top players in Britain and Europe during the 1950s and into the early 1960s. He won more than 15 notable tournaments during that time, and also played in numerous Ryder Cups. (He captained a Ryder Cup squad, too.)

Solheim Cup Results: Scores of Every Match Played

The Solheim Cup is the international women's pro team golf tournament in which United States golfers play against a team of European golfers. It was launched in 1990, created by the LPGA Tour and Ladies European Tour, at the urging of namesake Karsten Solheim and the backing of his company, Ping Golf.

How to Calculate a 'Blind Bogey Handicap' for a Golf Tournament

A "blind bogey handicap" is a one-day handicap for a golf tournament that is figured after the golfers have completed play. It allows golfers who don't have official handicaps (which is typically most golfers who play in association events, corporate outings, charity tournaments and the like) to take part in tournaments that use or require handicaps, and to compete for net score prizes.

The Azalea Open, Former PGA Tour Golf Tournament

The Azalea Open was a PGA Tour golf tournament that was played from the mid-1940s into the early 1970s, all but one of those years in North Carolina.

The Scruffies Game: How to Play the Scruffy Golf Bet

The "scruffy" is a golf bet played within any group of golfers. It involves one of those golfers betting the others that he or she can make par from a less-than-ideal location following the tee shots. In Scruffies, which the game is also called, a golfer whose tee shot misses the fairway (on par-4s and par-5s) or the green (on par-3s holes) can call a scruffy. That puts the bet in place.

The Golf Meanings of the Word 'Out'

"Out" is a very common word in our everyday language. But in a golf context, "out" has two specific meanings that apply to, respectively, golf ball position and golf course layout.

Biography of LPGA Golfer Sandra Spuzich, Major Winner

Sandra Spuzich won golf tournaments on the LPGA Tour from the mid-1960s through the early 1980s. While she didn't win a lot of them, Spuzich did win the biggest of all: the U.S. Women's Open.

Playing the Bogey or Bust Golf Game

Bogey or Bust is the name of a golf game that is most often played as a side bet by buddies in a group of four, or as a bonus pool within a tournament. Either way, as the name implies, in Bogey or Bust the object of the game is making no worse than a bogey on each hole.

All the Pro Golfers Who've Won 3 Majors In the Same Year

In the history of professional golf, only six golfers have won three of the pro majors in the same calendar year. Four women have done it and two men. Nobody (yet) has won four majors in the same year.

The 21 (Twenty-One) Golf Putting Game: Don't Leave It Short

"21" (or "Twenty-One") is the name of a golf putting game that can help golfers who struggle getting their putts to the hole. Leave it short on a regular basis? Playing 21 might help. Or it might cost you some money if you and your buddies have a wager at stake.

Cool-Season Grasses Used on Golf Courses

"Cool-season grasses" are those grasses that grow best in cooler climates. In the golf world, that means grasses that maintain their growth rates, healthy root systems and density in cooler temperatures, but suffer in those areas when the weather warms up.

How to Play the Barkies Golf Game (What Is a 'Barkie' Anyway?)

A "barkie" happens when a golfer makes par on a hole after hitting a tree with one of his shots. Your drive hit a tree, yet you recovered to make par? You just scored a barkie.

Golfer Tom Kidd: Early British Open Winner, Club Innovator

Tom Kidd is a golfer of the 19th century and one of the lesser-known British Open champs ever. But he did, in fact, win the Open Championship ... and he might have just invented grooves on irons.

Regions Charity Classic (Bruno's Memorial Classic) Senior Golf Tournament

The Regions Charity Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour that was played for nearly 20 years starting from the early 1990s.

Senior British Open Golf Courses: Where They've Played

The Senior British Open (its formal title is Senior Open Championship) is one of the five major championships of senior (over-50) men's golf. Would you like to play where senior major champions have played? Below is the list of golf courses that have hosted this championship.

Evian Championship Winners: The Full List Plus Playoffs

The Evian Championship is one of the five majors of women's professional golf. It is played annually in France at the Evian Resort Golf Club, and its history dates to 1994.

Senior Open Championship Winners

The Senior Open Championship is one of the majors in senior (over-50) golf. It is also called The Senior Open or, by some golfers, the Senior British Open (to differentiate it from the U.S. Senior Open). This tournament is run by the R&A and has been a senior major in Europe since its founding in 1987.

Biography of Golfer, PGA Tour Winner Al Besselink

Al Besselink was a PGA Tour winner in the 1950s and 1960s, but is perhaps best-remembered today for his hijinks and love of gambling — including on himself to win golf tournaments.

7 Simple Tips to Protect Your Health on the Golf Course

Golf fitness (specific exercises and stretches designed for golfers) can help your golf game, and playing golf can help you get or stay fit. But staying healthy during a round of golf is very important, too. Here are some general tips for protecting your health during a round of golf.

2019 British Open: Winner and Final Scores

The 2019 British Open was 148th time this major was played. It took place in Northern Ireland and an Irish golfer won it.

Highest Scores Ever in the British Open for 18 Holes

In the first round of the 2019 British Open, David Duval carded a score so high that it took a while to figure out what he'd actually shot. It wound up as a 91. Where does that rank among the worst scores in British Open history for an 18-hole round? Unfortunately for Duval, it makes the list.

How to Play the Fairways to Heaven Golf Game

Have you ever heard of a golf game named "Fairways to Heaven"? It's a game that requires a golfer to hit the fairway with his or her drive, and to do so under pressure because there is money at stake.

Michelle Wie's LPGA Finishes As An Amateur

Michelle Wie burst onto the international golf scene before she was even a teenager: Her first LPGA Tour appearances happened when she was only 12 years old. From age 12 through age 15, before turning pro, Wie played in 24 LPGA tournaments.

Looking Back: The Dunlop-Southport Tournament in England

The Dunlop-Southport Tournament (sometimes shortened to just Southport Tournament) was played in England from the early 1930s to the late 1940s. Its champions roster includes many of the top British golfers of the era.

Max Faulkner, Quirky 1951 Open Champ Who Brought Color to Golf

Max Faulkner won a British Open title and more than a dozen top tournaments in the pre-European Tour era of British and Continental golf. He also earned a reputation as an eccentric with antics such as walking on his hands during a tournament.

Is It the British Open or The Open Championship?

The major championship of men's professional golf that is played every year in Great Britain (and a couple times in Northern Ireland) is called ... what, exactly? Is it the British Open or The Open Championship? Which is correct? The answer, we say, is this: One name is correct, but both names are good.

Who Was the First Golfer to Break 70 in a British Open?

James Braid was the first golfer in the history of the oldest major, the Open Championship, to record a sub-70 score for an 18-hole round. In the 1904 British Open, played at Royal St. George's Golf Club, Braid carded a 69 in the third round — the first 18-hole round in the 60s ever in the British Open.

The 'Great Triumvirate' of Golf

The term "Great Triumvirate," when used in a golf context, refers to the three greatest golfers of the late 19th/early 20th century period who dominated golf in Great Britain: Harry Vardon, J.H. Taylor and James Braid.

73 Fun and Fascinating Firsts at the British Open

Since the British Open was the first pro golf tournament and is the oldest extant golf tournament and oldest major, it's had more than 150 years of accumulating firsts. The first sub-70 round, for example, or the first golfer to win it four times. That's what we're talking about here: All those fascinating firsts in the history of the Open Championship that advanced the tournament, and continue to do so.

The Biggest Winning Margins Ever in the British Open

What is the largest margin of victory ever in the British Open? The answer to that, considering the entire tournament history, is 13 strokes. But since the history of this major dates to the mid-19th century, perhaps it is better to talk about its margin-of-victory record in terms of pre-1900 and 1900-to-present. So let's do that.Largest Pre-20th Century Winning Margin in the British Open In the 1800s, the record for margin of victory in the Open Championship is 13 strokes, set by Old Tom Morris in 1862. And that is the all-time record, as well, making it perhaps the oldest record in golf history still standing. The runner-up to Old Tom in 1862 was Willie Park Sr. The 1862 Open was just the third time the Open was played. It took place at Prestwick, which at the time was a 12-hole links. The golfers played three rounds, so 36 holes total. Old Tom shot 52-55-56, a 163 total. Here's an important point, though, and one that makes the margin-of-victory records from the post-190…

Monday Qualifiers Who Won on the LPGA Tour

On the Monday preceding many LPGA Tour events, golfers who are not yet in that week's tournament get the chance to play their way in. These 18-hole "tournaments" are called Monday qualifiers. And the question we are asking now is this: Has any golfer ever played her way into an LPGA Tour tournament through a Monday qualifier, and then won that event? The answer is yes.

Listen to Gary Player's 1970 Record Album, 'Gary Player Sings'

Gary Player is one of the greatest golfers of all time, and one of the best-known. As in, avid golf fans really know a lot about Gary. Probably too much given that he once posed semi-nude for ESPN the Magazine. But we bet you didn't know Player once recorded a record album, singing 10 songs, a selection of standards, classics and little-known ditties that were some combination of folk, country and pop.

Sky Marks On Your Driver and How to Fix Them

Sky marks (often spelled as one word, "skymarks") are those scratches and scuff marks in the finish and paint on the top of a driver that result from mishitting the golf ball.

LPGA Tour's Lorena Ochoa Invitational Golf Tournament

The Lorena Ochoa Invitational was an LPGA Tour tournament played in Mexico and hosted by the retired tour legend, Ochoa. It was played nine times in the early 2000s.

Explaining the Silly Season in Pro Golf

"Silly season" is a term that many golf fans (and many pro golfers) apply to unofficial-money events that are played outside of the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour schedules. Such events typically take place late in the calendar year, in the gap between the end of one tour season and the beginning of the next. Silly season tournaments also sometimes incorporate unorthodox competition formats.

Golfer Polly Riley: LPGA's First-Ever Winner

Polly Riley was a lifelong amateur golfer, a practice partner of Babe Zaharias and friend of Ben Hogan, a winner of dozens of top amateur tournaments and the first champion in the history of the LPGA Tour.

The National Team Championship Golf Tournament (Former PGA Tour Event)

The National Team Championship was a golf tournament played under various names and across three states in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was an official PGA Tour event the last four times it was played, and the twosome of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer won it multiple times.

How to Play the 'Longest Yard' Golf Game

Longest Yard is the name of a golf wagering game in which the length of the hole determines how much that hole is worth. In Longest Yard, one yard equals one point, so set your betting amount very carefully.

Definition of the Golf Slang Term 'Hand Wedge'

The hand wedge is one of the most powerful tools in a golfer's bag. Alas, it is almost one of the most illegal tools. Because "hand wedge" is a golf slang expression that refers to picking up one's golf ball and putting it in a better spot.

Explaining the Fried Egg Lie in Golf and How to Play It

A fried egg can be delicious! Unless the one on your plate is the fried-egg lie in golf. That fried egg is a nasty species of bunker shot that many recreational golfers — all golfers, really — dread seeing. A "fried egg" or "fried egg lie" in golf happens when your golf ball hits soft or wet sand and winds up partially buried in the bunker. Only the top half or so of the golf ball remains visible above the sand, looking, in a way, like the yolk in the middle of the white part of a fried egg.

Most Years In a Row With a Win on the Champions Tour

The Champions Tour record we're focusing on here is consecutive years with an official tournament victory. What is the most years in a row that a golfer has won a Champions Tour event? You might not think such streaks could be very long given that golfers on the senior circuit are already 50 years old when they are getting started.

How to Play the C.O.D. Golf Game

C.O.D. (or COD) is the name of a golf game format for a group of four golfers who enjoy riding in golf carts. In an 18-hole round, each member of the quartet in a C.O.D. partners for six holes with each other member of the foursome.

The Korn Ferry Tour's New Name ... and All Its Old Names

What is the Korn Ferry Tour? It's the newest professional tour in golf. No, wait, that's not quite right: It's actually the same tour it's always been, just with a new name.

John Q. Hammons Hotel Classic Winners (LPGA Tournament)

The John Q. Hammons Hotel Classic (also called the SemGroup Championship) was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour played in the first decade of the 2000s, one that boasted a sterling roster of champions.

'Seven Days in Utopia' Golf Movie

Seven Days in Utopia is a movie released in 2011 that stars Robert Duvall and Lucas Black and is based on a book by golf mental coach and teambuilding speaker David Cook. The movie (and the book it is based on, as well as follow-on products) is a heavy mix of Christian theology with familiar sports-movie themes.

Most Birdies In a Row at the End to Win a PGA Tour Tournament

If a golfer birdies, say, the final three holes of the tournament and that propels the golfer to victory, then we say that golfer made three birdies in a row to win. Do you know what the record for that is on the PGA Tour?

Watch Arnold Palmer's Game Show Appearances in the Early 1960s

Did you know that Arnold Palmer appeared on two television game shows in the early 1960s? It's true, and you can watch those appearances here.

How to Play the Golf Game Called 'Mulligan and Recall'

Mulligan and Recall is a golf game for a group of four golfers who pair off into two teams. So it's two-vs.-two. You can play it as match play, stroke play, anything you like. But the key to the game is found in its name:

Golfers Who Won the Same Major 3 (or More) Times in a Row

Winning the same major back-to-back is rare in modern golf. But winning the same major back-to-back-to-back — three consecutive wins? It's been decades since that happened. But it has happened a total of six times in the history of golf's professional majors: once in the PGA Championship, once in the U.S. Open, four times in the British Open, never in The Masters.

2019 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Winner and Scores

The 2019 U.S. Open was the 119th time the tournament was played. A first-time major winner held off the golfer who was trying for his third consecutive U.S. Open win.

The European Tour's German Masters Golf Tournament

The German Masters, which was called the Mercedes-Benz Championship the last few times it was played, was a golf tournament on the European Tour. It was played more than 20 times from the 1980s into the early 2000s.

Golfer Jack White: British Open Winner Who Set Scoring Milestones

Jack White was a Scottish golf pro, clubmaker, a great putter and an Open Championship winner in the late 1800s and first half of the 1900s. He also has a notable connection to Bobby Jones and established several notables firsts in the British Open.

Lowest Score in Back-to-Back Rounds on the PGA Tour

Which golfers have used the fewest strokes in back-to-back rounds of a PGA Tour tournament? We're about to find out. One golfer holds the record, but many others are very close behind.

How to Play the 3-2 Golf Putting Bet

The golf game known as 3-2 or 32 (pronounced three-two) is a wagering game for the putting greens. It's essentially a challenge from one golfer to another that the challenged golfer won't be able to avoid a three-putt.

Looking Back: Colgate European Open Tournament on the LPGA

The Colgate European Open was a golf tournament that was played six times in the 1970s and was an official LPGA Tour event in five of those years. All six winners of the tournament later became members of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Here's What the Golf Lingo 'Frog Hair' Means

Do frogs have hair? In golf they do. The golf slang term "frog hair" (sometimes heard or seen as "frog's hair") refers to the fringe around a green or the apron in front of the green.

Biggest Final-Round Comebacks to Win on the Champions Tour

In the history of the Champions Tour, what is the record for largest come-from-behind win in the final round? That record is 10 strokes. Let's take a look at how that record was set, plus the other best comeback wins in the senior tour's history.

Biggest Margin of Victory Ever at the U.S. Open Tournament

What are the biggest wins in the history of the U.S. Open golf tournament — the golfers who won this major championship by the biggest amounts? The record-holder you can probably guess: He won by 15 strokes and did so in the 21st Century.

Every Hole-in-One In U.S. Women's Open History

Nearly 30 holes-in-one have been made in the history of the U.S. Women's Open, the biggest tournament in women's golf and one that dates to 1946. Below is the full list, but first we'll answer the questions of who made the first one and whether anyone has made two aces in the USWO.

Has Any Golfer Won the U.S. Open After Going Through Local and/or Sectional Qualifying?

Yes, there have been golfers who have won the U.S. Open tournament after qualifying through the sectionals. And yes, there have even been golfers who've gone through both local and sectional qualifying and then won the U.S. Open. But it doesn't happen often.

U.S. Women's Open Scoring Records

The U.S. Women's Open is the biggest tournament in women's golf and on the LPGA Tour every year. Which golfers have gone low? Let's take a look at the U.S. Women's Open scoring records for 72 holes, 18 holes and nine holes, plus lowest total scores in relation to par.

The Colin Montgomerie Cheating Allegation Explained

Did Colin Montgomerie cheat at the 2005 Indonesian Open? Some say yes. The European Tour and Monty say no — although Monty did admit to making a mistake, and apologized for it. That wasn't enough for some of his peers, however. Some — most notably, Sandy Lyle — in later years outright called Montgomerie a cheater because of the incident. In the wake of Montgomerie's election to the World Golf Hall of Fame (announced on Dec. 18, 2012), the irascible Scottish golf journalist John Huggan made his thoughts about Monty perfectly clear on Twitter:

Lowest Winning Scores in the U.S. Open

Which golfers hold the U.S. Open golf tournament records for lowest winning stroke total and most strokes under par? One golfer holds the first record and shares the second with one other.

Who Was the First Golfer to Finish Under Par in a U.S. Open?

The U.S. Open is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf, and is considered the toughest of them all. The USGA, which runs the tournament, is notorious for setting up harsh golf course conditions in an effort, in their words, to "defend par."

1935 Ryder Cup: Winner, Scores, Player Records

The 1935 Ryder Cup was just the fifth time this event was played, and Team USA's victory over Team Great Britain gave the U.S. an overall 3-2 lead in series history. The American side didn't lose the Ryder Cup again until 1957.

Champions Tour AT&T Championship (SBC Championship) Tournament

This Champions Tour tournament is best-remembered as either the AT&T Championship or the SBC Championship, two of the many names it had during its 30-plus-year run on the senior circuit.

Women's College Golf Team Champions

The women's college golf championship today is awarded at the Division I NCAA Women's Golf Championship tournament. That event takes place in May every year following a series of regional tournaments that whittle the field.

Golfer Skee Riegel: Big Wins and Fun Facts

Skee Riegel didn't even start playing golf until he was in his 20s. But in the second half of the 1940s he was one of the best amateur golfers in the world. Later, he played on the PGA Tour and was a longtime, highly respected PGA professional.

Definition of 'Center Cut' in Golf

In golf, the term "center cut" has two meanings. One applies to the position of the hole on the putting green. The other applies to the position of the golf ball as it falls into the hole.

Women's College Golf Champs: List of Individual Winners

Today, the NCAA Division I Women's Golf Championship receives plenty of attention from fans and media alike. It is even broadcast on television. That's a change from earlier years, even though the list of winners below is full of big names, including future LPGA Hall of Fame members.

2019 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

Brooks Koepka won the 2019 PGA Championship in wire-to-wire fashion, the first such winner since 1983. And he became just the second golfer in the tournament's stroke-play era to win back-to-back.

Michelob Light Classic, Former LPGA Tournament

The Michelob Light Classic was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour that had a short but strong run beginning in the mid-1990s. All eight of its champions were tour stars at the time of their victories, and one of the greatest golfers of all-time won half of the tournament titles.

PGA Championship Scoring Records

Which golfers hold the big scoring records at the PGA Championship? The ones who follow in the categories below. We take a look at the 72-hole records for both total strokes and strokes under par, plus the 18-hole and 9-hole records.

PGA Tour Doral Open Golf Tournament (Winners, History)

The Doral Open was a golf tournament on the PGA Tour played for 45 consecutive years, from the early 1960s into the 2000s. It went by numerous names over that span, but was often simply known, to both players and fans, as "The Doral." It was played on the Blue Monster Course in Doral, Fla., and was typically considered one of the premiere non-majors on tour.

Most Wins in the Same LPGA Tournament: These Are the Record-Holders

Which LPGA golfers hold the record for winning the same tournament the most times? Four golfers share that record, and all four are Hall of Famers.

Big Break Atlantis: Cast, Who Won, Watch Episodes

Big Break Atlantis was a television series that aired on the Golf Channel in 2012. It was the 17th season of the Golf Channel's The Big Break franchise, in which golfers competed in skills challenges and golf matches, with golfer(s) eliminated each week. The first episode of Big Break Atlantis aired on May 14, 2012.

1977 Ryder Cup Winner and Match Scores

The 1977 Ryder Cup was the last of an era: It was the final time Team Great Britain & Ireland competed; beginning in 1979, the opponent for Team USA became Team Europe. Alas for the GB&I squad, it was unable to go out a winner.

Presidents Cup Results: Scores of Every Match Played

The Presidents Cup is the international men's pro team golf tournament in which United States golfers play against a team of International golfers. It was launched in 1994, created by the PGA Tour as a way for internationals — defined as golfers who are not eligible to play for the U.S. or Europe in the Ryder Cup — to get to play in a major, Ryder Cup-style event.

PGA Tour Tucson Open Golf Tournament

he Tucson Open (called the Chrysler Classic of Tucson when it was last played) was a PGA Tour golf tournament played from the 1940s into the 2000s. It boasted a rich history of champions and notable happenings.

13 Celebrities Who Had PGA Tour Golf Tournaments Named for Them

The PGA Tour's past, including its recent past, includes some famous celebrities. We're not talking about pro-ams, though, which have always been plenty. Or tournaments at which a non-golf celebrity (an actor, singer, entertainer) acted as the host. We're talking about PGA Tour tournaments named for celebrities — celebs whose names were part of the tournament's official title.

Dunhill Cup International Team Golf Tournament

The Dunhill Cup, named for luxury good maker Alfred Dunhill Ltd., the title sponsor, was an international team tournament played at The Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland for 16 years beginning in the mid-1980s. Each country that entered was represented by three golfers, and most of the top teams brought three of their best.

2004 Ryder Cup Match, Teams and Scores

The 2004 Ryder Cup was the 35th time the tournament was played, and it marked a low point to this point for Team USA in Ryder Cup history. The American captain's swagger and strategy bombed, and Europe claimed a big win on Team USA's home turf.

Biggest Final-Round Comebacks to Win on LPGA Tour

At the 2019 Mediheal Championship on the LPGA Tour, Bronte Law started the final round 10 strokes off the lead. But after a 65, she found herself in first place for much of the final day — until, ultimately, Law lost in playoff. Which brings up the question: What is the largest final-round comeback to win in LPGA history? And the answer: 10 strokes.

College Golf's Jack Nicklaus Award (Winners List)

The Jack Nicklaus Award is the name of a trophy presented annually to the best golfer in men's college golf in the United States. That selection is made by the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA). It is presented at all levels of collegiate competition (Division I, II, III, NAIA and NJCAA).

Johnnie Walker Classic Golf Tournament (Winners, History)

The Johnnie Walker Classic was a pro golf tournament on the European Tour that was played form the early 1990s until nearly the 2010s. It was always played in the Asia-Pacific region (e.g., Australia, Thailand, Taiwan) and, at one time, was one of the biggest events on the European Tour. Its roster of champions is full of huge names.

Definition of 'Below the Hole' in Golf

"Below the hole" is an expression used by golfers and by golf media that applies to a golf ball that is in a position such that when the golfer putts, she'll be putting that ball uphill.

Remember Top-Flite's D2 Man and 'Never Lay Up' Rap?

Remember Top-Flite? Of course you do! It was once the go-to golf ball brand for recreational golfers. Cheap (relatively speaking), durable, and long. A distance ball for golfers who loved to let it rip but had no idea where it was going. It's fun to bash it long! Whatever happened to Top-Flite?

Explaining the 'Air Press' in Golf

The "air press" is a wager between golfers in a group that can be automatically invoked by a golfer who has not yet played his or her tee shot — and can only be invoked while another golfer's shot is still in the air.

Recalling the Bowmaker Tournament of British Golf

The Bowmaker Tournament was a golf tournament in England played from late 1950s to the early 1970s. It was part of the loosely organized British PGA circuit that pre-dated the formation of the European Tour.

1927 Ryder Cup: Winner and Scores from the First One

The 1927 Ryder Cup was the very first Ryder Cup played. It was played in the United States between teams representing the USA and Great Britain (just Great Britain, no Ireland yet). The tournament was played over two days, with foursomes and singles match play as the format (no fourballs yet). Teams each included nine golfers and matches were all scheduled for 36 holes. The result was an easy victory for Team USA.

Big Break Mexico: Cast, Who Won, Watch Episodes

Big Break Mexico was a television series that aired on the Golf Channel in 2013. It was the 19th season of the network's The Big Break franchise. The first episode aired on May 13, 2013. The cast included six men and six women.

Big Break Ka'anapali: Winner and Cast Members

Big Break Ka'anapali was a television series that aired on the Golf Channel in 2008. It was the ninth season of the network's The Big Break franchise. The first episode aired on April 15, 2008.

Homero Blancas, Golf's Mr. 55

Homero Blancas was a winner on the PGA Tour in the 1960s and 1970s, and on the Champions Tour in the 1980s. And he also once carded a round in competition of 55.

Youngest Golfer to Make the Cut on LPGA Tour

Who is the youngest golfer in the history of the LPGA Tour to make the cut in a tour event? The answer to that question is Michelle Wie. When Wie was 13 years old — 13 years, 5 months, 17 days old, to be exact — she made the cut in an LPGA major championship.

Quicken Loans National/AT&T National (PGA Tour)

The Quicken Loans National, previously called the AT&T National, was played from the mid-2000-aughts to the late 2010s on the PGA Tour.

The Vijay Singh Cheating Incident Explained

Vijay Singh has had a long and very successful career as a pro golfer, including three major championships and a 2004 season in which he won nine times on the PGA Tour. But there's also something in Singh's career that he'd like to forget, and that he'd prefer everyone else forget, too. Allegations of cheating at a tournament on the precursor to the Asian Tour in 1985. Actually, we don't even have to refer to the incident as being mere "allegations," since tournament officials concluded that Singh did, in fact, cheat, and the regional governing organization banned him from the tour (today's Asian Tour was not officially founded until 1995). (Related: The Colin Montgomerie cheating allegation explained) Here's what happened. Vijay Singh was 22 years old when he showed up at the 1985 Indonesian Open in Jakarta. Like most young pros in the first year as a tour player, Vijay was having his ups and downs — mostly downs. He badly needed a good s…

How to Play the Three Little Pigs Golf Format

Have you ever had a round of golf in which you mostly played well but had just a few holes that ruined the round? Of course you have — every golfer has those rounds. But the tournament format/betting game named Three Little Pigs (or 3 Little Pigs) can take care of those holes.

Biography of Record-Setting LPGA Golfer Sandra Post

Sandra Post is a Canadian golfer who had success on the LPGA Tour from the late 1960s into the early 1980s. In fact, she set two tour records that weren't broken for decades.

Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia Golf Tournament

The Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour in the 2010s. It was played eight times and boasted an impressive roster of winners.

Golfer Tony Manero: From Caddie to U.S. Open Champ

Tony Manero was a PGA professional who won Tour events in the 1930s. But he is best-known as the champion of the 1936 U.S. Open.

Youngest Winners of the PGA Championship Tournament

The youngest winner ever of the PGA Championship was only 20 years old when he won it. And he won it again the next year to appear on the youngest-winners list twice.

Colgate Hall of Fame Classic Golf Tournament (PGA Tour)

The Colgate Hall of Fame Classic was a golf tournament on the PGA Tour that was played 10 times in the 1970s and 1980s. And its roster of champions does, in fact, include multiple Hall of Famers.

Oldest Winners of the PGA Championship Tournament

The PGA Championship is the third-oldest of the four majors, first played in 1916. But what about old — or at least, older — champions? The tournament's history includes, so far, five golfers over the age of 40 who won. The oldest PGA Championship winner was nearly 50.

Oldest Winners of The Masters Tournament

In the history of The Masters Tournament, only one golfer older than 45 has won the Green Jacket. We bet you already know who that is. And seven golfers over the age of 40 have won the tournament.

Playing Pinnies: The Golf Bet Called the 'Pinnie'

In golf, a "pinnie" is a side bet within a group of golfers that automatically pays off when a golfer in the group achieves the pinnie objective. And what is that objective? The pinnie (or "playing pinnies") is defined differently by different groups, but there are two primary ways of playing pinnies:

Definition of Moving Day in Golf

We often hear golf announcers on tournament broadcasts, or just golfers in general, saying something along the lines of, "Today is moving day," or "Tiger Woods is making his move on moving day." What does "moving day" mean in this golf context?

2019 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

The 2019 Masters Tournament was the 83rd time this major championship of professional golf was played.

Pam Barton: Amateur Golf Champ Killed in World War II

Pam Barton was, as a trading card of the 1930s described her, "Great Britain's wonder golfer": In her teens she became just the second golfer ever to win both the British Ladies Amateur and U.S. Women's Amateur championships in the same year. When World War II broke out, Barton jumped into action, serving with distinction in several posts — until she was killed in an airplane crash.

The Oldest Golfer to Make a Hole-in-One

Who is the oldest golfer ever known to make an ace on a regulation golf course? That golfer was 103 years old when he set the record.

U.S. Women's Amateur Golf Courses: Where They've Played

The U.S. Women's Amateur Championship is the premiere women's amateur golf tournament on the schedule every year, and is run by the United States Golf Association. If you want to play where the future champions of women's golf have played, then you need to know all the golf courses that have hosted the tournament. And that list is here.

What Is An Opposite-Field Tournament in Golf?

When a pro golf tour has two different tournaments scheduled on the same dates, the lesser of the two events is called an "opposite-field tournament."

Monday Qualifiers Who Won on the PGA Tour

"Monday qualifiers" is the term for the 18-hole qualifying tournament played on (you guessed it) the Monday prior to a PGA Tour event. For golfers who are not already in the field for the week's PGA Tour stop, the Monday qualifier is the last-chance opportunity to claim a spot. It is very rare for a golfer to get into a PGA Tour tournament through Monday qualifying and then win that tournament. But it does happen!

Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge Golf Tournament

The Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge was a golf tournament played from the early 1990s into the 2010s that had a small field of golfers representing the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and LPGA Tour. How small was the field? Each tour was represented by three golfers, so only nine golfers total played.

2nd Hole at Augusta National: Pink Dogwood

Par: Par 5 Length: 575 yards Name: Pink Dogwood Hole No. 2 at Augusta National Golf Club is the first par-5 golfers encounter. It is the longest hole on the course both for member play and during The Masters.

How Chi Chi Rodriguez Wound Up on a Devo Album Cover

Do you remember or know the band Devo, one of the new wave innovators of the 1970s and 1980s? Crazy outfits, silly hats, weird and sometimes wonderful music. They even had a few hit songs on the radio: "Whip It" is probably their best-known. But why are we talking about Devo on a golf site? Because the cover of Devo's first album (pictured above) consisted of a rendering of Chi Chi Rodriguez.

16th Hole at Augusta National: Redbud

Par: Par 3 Length: 170 yards Name: Redbud The final par-3 hole at Augusta National Golf Course, No. 16 is set up for birdies in the final round of Masters Tournaments and typically produces roars from the crowd. But it's a full carry over water, so there are usually some groans, too.

Royal Caribbean Classic (Champions Tour) Golf Tournament

The Royal Caribbean Classic was a golf tournament on the PGA Champions Tour played from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. It always took place in Key Biscayne, Fla., and typically in the earliest part of the senior tour's yearly schedule.

Longest Sudden-Death Playoffs Ever on the Champions Tour

Sudden-death playoffs are supposed to end quickly. That's why they are called "sudden death," after all. But in the history of the Champions Tour, there have been several sudden-death playoffs that were anything but over suddenly. Playoffs that lasted a lot longer than such playoffs typically last. And the golfer who won the longest such playoff in Champions Tour history is David Graham.

13th Hole at Augusta National: Azalea

Par: Par 5 Length: 510 yards Name: Azalea Hole No. 13 at Augusta National Golf Club is the first par-5 on the back nine and the last of the three holes that comprise "Amen Corner." It is a birdie hole and one of two great eagle opportunities (along with the 15th hole) for Masters Tournament golfers on the back nine.

15th Hole (Firethorn) Is Augusta National's Easiest

Par: Par 5 Length: 530 yards Name: Firethorn The answer to the question, "What is the easiest hole at Augusta National Golf Club?" is this one, Hole No. 15 — at least, as measured by Masters Tournament scoring averages.

Champions Tour Record for Most Consecutive Birdies

Do you know what the Champions Tour record is for making the most birdies in a row? Now you do: The longest birdie streak in senior tour history is eight birdies in a row. And eight consecutive birdies is a streak that has happened five times, by five different golfers. Here's the list.

The Hogan Bridge at Augusta National: Photos, Facts and History

The Hogan Bridge at Augusta National Golf Club. It's one of the most-famous landmarks on arguably the world's most-famous golf course, and it is located on one of the most picturesque holes in golf: the 12th hole, named "Golden Bell." The Hogan Bridge crosses Rae's Creek, which flows in front of the 12th green.

How to Play the Perfecto Golf Game

Perfecto is the name of a golf game that a group of golfers can use to put a little money — or just pride — on the line. Perfecto rewards golfers who hit greens and fairways and make their putts. Easy, right? To earn a point in Perfecto (or to win the wager amount), a golfer must do all three of these things on a hole:

8th Hole at Augusta National: Yellow Jasmine

Par: Par 5 Length: 570 yards Name: Yellow Jasmine The No. 8 hole at Augusta National golf club is the second par-5 hole on the front nine. It is the second-longest hole on the course, made longer by the fact that it plays uphill. (Yet it plays as one of the easier holes at Augusta.)

Butler Cabin at Augusta National: Facts, History and Secrets

Butler Cabin is the name of one of the many landmarks at Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters Tournament. Golf fans know it as the place from which the post-tournament interview with the winner takes place. But not much is know about it to outsiders. So let's go over some of the Butler Cabin details.

LPGA Cosmopolitan Open Golf Tournament