Kroger Senior Classic on the Champions Tour

The Kroger Senior Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour for senior (50-and-over) pros. It was played in Ohio, was three rounds (54 holes) in duration, and took place 15 times beginning in the early 1990s.

First played: 1990

Last played: 2004

One of golf's all-time records was tied at the 1994 Kroger Senior Classic — fewest putts in a round. In the second round, Bob Brue needed just 17 putts to finish his round. That tied the all-time tournament record for fewest putts for 18 holes in a tour event.

Gil Morgan is the tournament's only 2-time champion; he also finished runner-up once. ... Tom Jenkins never won it, but was in playoffs in back-to-back-years: He lost to Jim Thorpe in 2001 and Bob Gilder in 2002.

The 54-hole tournament record was 195, set by Jay Sigel in 1997. The 18-hole tournament record of 62 was achieved by J.C. Snead in 1996, and Tom Jenkins and Bruce Lietzke in 2002.

Also known as: From 1990-2002 it was named the Kroger Senior Classic; its final two years the "Senior" was dropped and it was called the Kroger Classic.

Winners of the Kroger Senior Classic

2004 — Bruce Summerhays, 201
2003 — Gil Morgan, 200
2002 — Bob Gilder, 200
2001 — Jim Thorpe, 130 (shortened to two rounds by weather)
2000 — Hubert Green, 200
1999 — Gil Morgan, 198
1998 — Hugh Baiocchi, 133 (shortened to two rounds by weather)
1997 — Jay Sigel, 195
1996 — Isao Aoki, 198
1995 — Mike Hill, 196
1994 — Jim Colbert, 199
1993 — Simon Hobday, 202
1992 — Gibby Gilbert, 198
1991 — Al Geiberger, 203
1990 — Jim Dent, 133 (shortened to two rounds by weather)

Golf courses: From 1990 through 2001, the tournament took place at the Golf Center at Kings Island (which was originally named the Jack Nicklaus Sports Center) in Kings Island, Ohio. The final three years of the Kroger Senior Classic were played at TPC at River's Bend in Mainesville, Ohio.

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