How to Play the Triples Game for Threesomes in Golf

Triples is the name of a golf game played by a group of three golfers. On each hole, each golfer earns points based on his or her score. The golfer with the best score of the three earns the most points; the golfer with the worst score of the three gets the fewest points.

The way most groups pass out points works like this:

  • The golfer with the low score on a hole gets six points;
  • The golfer with the middle score gets four points;
  • The golfer with the highest score gets two points.
Triples is pretty simple. At the end of the round, add up the points.

But what about ties? After all, with three players in a group there are going to be many holes on which two or even all three golfers have the same score.

In that case, add the points together and divide by the number of golfers who are tied. For example, let's say that on Hole 1 Golfer A and B each score 4 while Golfer C scores 6. Obviously, C is the high score and so only gets two points in the Triples game. A and B tied for first/second, so add six and four together (10), divide by two golfers, and A and B both get five points.

If all three golfers tie on a hole, all three earn four points (6+4+2=12, divided by 3 equals 4 points).

How is the Triples game usually bet? There are two options. One is that at the start of the round the three golfers each put the agreed-upon amount into the pot. And at the end of the round, the golfer with the most points wins that pot.

The other option is to give each point a monetary value, add up the points at the end, and pay out the point differences between each player.

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