Explaining the 'Ringer Score' ('Ringer Round')

Do you have a favorite golf course that you love to play as often as you can? Do you know what your "ringer score" is on that course? A ringer score, also called a "ringer round," is the total score a golfer makes counting only his lowest scores on each hole of a golf course that is played multiple times within a given time period.

Golfers With Most Ryder Cups and Matches Played

Which golfer has played in the most Ryder Cups? And which golfer has played the most matches in his Ryder Cup appearances? Phil Mickelson holds one of those records and shares the other.

Johnny Revolta: Profile of 1930s PGA Tour Star

Johnny Revolta was a PGA Tour golfer who was a consistent winner through the 1930s. He won enough to rank among that decade's best, and those victories included a PGA Championship. He later became a top instructor, called a "genius of the short game" by Ben Hogan, and wrote multiple books with his teachings.

Looking Back: Inverness Invitational Four-Ball (PGA Tour)

The Inverness Invitational Four-Ball was a tournament on the PGA Tour during the 1930s to 1950s. It was a short-field, 2-man team event, with golfers in the field playing after receiving invitations in the mail from the host club, Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio.

Definition of 'Pitch Mark' in Golf

The golf term "pitch mark" most commonly refers to a small depression in the surface of the putting green that is sometimes made by a golf ball as it strikes the green. "Pitch mark" can also refer to a depression in the sand within a bunker, also made by a descending golf ball.

Golfers With Most Solheim Cups and Matches Played

In the history of the Solheim Cup, which golfer has made the most appearances as a player? And which golfer has played in the most combined singles, fourballs and foursomes matches? In both cases, the record-holder is Laura Davies.

Most Career Wins on the Ladies European Tour

Who has the most career wins on the Ladies European Tour? That golfer who is No. 1 on the list below is Laura Davies, and she has more than twice at many LET victories as the golfer in second place.

Mickey Walker: Golf's Only 4-Time Solheim Cup Captain

Mickey Walker is an English golfer who was one of the most prominent members of the Ladies European Tour in the years immediately after that tour's founding in the late 1970s. Before that, Walker had a brief but spectacular amateur career, including reaching the championship match three years running in the British Women's Amateur and winning two of them. After her LET success, Walker was selected as the captain for Team Europe in each of the first four Solheim Cups.

British Women's Matchplay (Original LET Tourney)

The British Women's Matchplay Championship was a golf tournament in the early years of the Ladies European Tour. In fact, the tournament debuted in the LET's very first season.

Explaining the Umbrella Game in Golf

"Umbrella" is the name of golf game or side bet played within a quartet of golfers who have paired off into 2-person teams. In the Umbrella Game, there are points at stake on each hole for achieving one of five goals. How many points depends on the hole being played, because in Umbrella the points match the hole number.