What Happens If the Presidents Cup Ends in a Tie?

All the matches are over at the USA-vs.-International golf competition called the Presidents Cup, and the score is tied, 15 points to 15 points. What happens? In the Presidents Cup, unlike at the Ryder Cup, a tie really is a tie, and the two sides are co-champions and share the cup until the next competition in two years.

Reg Whitcombe, British Open Winner From Famous Golfing Family

Reg Whitcombe (also known as R.A. Whitcombe) was part of a trio of English brothers who were big stars in the U.K. from the 1920s into the 1940s. But of the three, Reg was the only one who won the British Open.

2020 Ryder Cup: When, Where, Qualification, Format

The 2020 Ryder Cup will be the 43rd time the tournament is played. Team United States and Team Europe face off, each comprised of 12 male professional golfers. The all-time standing of the matches is 26 wins for Team USA, 14 for Team Europe, two ties.

2021 Solheim Cup: When, Where, Dates, Qualifying

The 2021 Solheim Cup will be the 17th time the competition is played. The all-time standings are 10 wins for Team United States, six wins for Team Europe.

How Players Qualify for the Presidents Cup Teams

The Presidents Cup teams — United States and International — are made up of 12 golfers per side. How are those golfers selected? What are the qualifying criteria? For both teams, it's a combination of points lists and captain's choice.

Invesco QQQ Championship Winners

The Invesco QQQ Championship was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour, the U.S.-based circuit that is the world's top-level tour for 50-and-over golfers.

Yearly Driving Distance Leaders on the Champions Tour

Who are the longest drivers in the history of the Champions Tour? Let's take a look at the list of golfers who've led the senior circuit in driving average each year. The Champions Tour has kept this statistic since 1988, so that is how far back the list below goes.

Golfer Gardner Dickinson: PGA Tour Champion and Hogan Devotee

Gardner Dickinson won tournaments on the PGA Tour from the 1950s into the 1970s. But he is best-known for his devotion to Ben Hogan and his stellar Ryder Cup record.

All the Golfers Who've Gone 5-0-0 In a Presidents Cup

What is the best possible record a golfer can have in the Presidents Cup? Five wins, zero losses, zero draws: 5-0-0. For individual golfers playing the USA vs. International event, five matches is the maximum. So going 5-0-0 is Presidents Cup perfection. And in the history of the tournament, which goes back to 1994, only five golfers (so far) have achieved that perfection:

Largest Margins of Victory at the Presidents Cup

Which team, and which golfers, have won by the biggest margins in the Presidents Cup? The team record for margin of victory is 11 points, and the golfers' record for margin of victory in a match is 7-and-6.