Record for Most Times Playing the Masters Tournament

Which golfer holds the record for playing in the most Masters tournaments? How many golfers have played this major championship 40 or more times? Gary Player is the answer to the first question, and all the golfers with 40 or more Masters appearances are listed below.

How to Play the Flagsticks Golf Game

In the golf game known as Flagsticks, golfers are using the flagstick on each green as a unit of measurement. Winning a "stick" in this game means the golfer has accomplished one of two things:

Wiffi Smith: LPGA Star's Career Ended Too Soon

Wiffi Smith's story is a great what-if in LPGA history. After a stellar amateur career during which her personality and booming drives made her a star, Smith was expected to become a big star at the pro level, too. And she did: Over four seasons on the LPGA Tour in the late 1950s to 1960, Smith had eight wins and challenged in multiple majors. Her on- and off-course personality endeared her to fans and led one LPGA Hall of Famer to call her "a daring, mischievous angel." But at age 24, her career was ended by injury.

LPGA Volunteers of America Classic Golf Tournament

The Volunteers of America Classic was an LPGA Tour golf tournament that was played in the Dallas, Texas, area 11 times from the early 2010s into the early 2020s. The tournament name often included "Texas Shootout" or "North Texas Shootout," and sometimes was shortened by fans and media to "VOA Classic."

Lowest Final-Round Scores in Masters History

The 18-hole scoring record in The Masters is 63. But, so far, nobody has scored a 63 in the fourth and final round of the tournament. A score of 64 is the best-ever in the tournament's final round.

Golf Joke: Not Trying That Shot Again!

Barney and his friend Hector were playing a round of golf with their wives early on a Sunday. It was a four-ball, better-ball format with a little bit of cash on the line.

Brothers Who Won Major Championships in Golf

Have there been any pairs of brothers in golf history who both won major championships? Yes, there have been several. But they are all in the distant past: The most-recent brothers to join the following list did so in 1960.

How Much Money Does the Masters Winner Get?

Winning The Masters Tournament mean writing one's name in golf's record books. It means the winner's name goes down in history. It also mean someone just banked a whole lot of money.

Johnny Fischer: Profile of Prominent Golfer

Johnny Fischer was a prominent amateur golfer in the 1930s whose biggest victory was in the U.S. Amateur. He was famous for pulling off come-from-behind victories. Fischer was also one of the first golfers to win both the NCAA and U.S. Amateur championships, and he was one of the last golfers to win a big tournament playing clubs with wooden shafts.

Do Golfers Who Miss the U.S. Open Cut Get Paid?

The U.S. Open is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf. And like all of those majors, it has a cut at the midway point — following the second of four rounds. The golfers who contend in the U.S. Open make a lot of money. But what about the golfers who miss the cut? Do they receive any payout from the U.S. Open prize fund? If so, how much?