The Cart Jockey in Golf

"Cart jockey" is a term applied to golf course staff members whose job it is to assist golfers with their carts and golf bags, and to help maintain the course's fleet of golf carts. The actual job title might be cart attendant, bag attendant, golfer services attendant, client services attendant or even just customer service representative. But golfers know them as cart jockeys.

41 Slang Terms Golfers Have for the Rough

No golfer tries to hit it into the rough, and maybe that's why we have so many different ways to referring to the rough. We need to get creative to describe something we are trying to avoid.

Dallas Reunion Pro-Am Tournament on the Champions Tour

The Dallas Reunion Pro-Am was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour that was played under various names but always in the Dallas area. It was played 11 times from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s.

Here Is Every Time the 'Big 3' (Nicklaus, Palmer, Player) Finished 1-2-3

Golf's "Big 3." There have been other big threes in golf history (even famous ones, such as the Great Triumvirate), but none is more famous or more accomplished than the Big 3: Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. Between them, they won 159 PGA Tour titles and 34 major championship titles. But how often did they finish first, second and third in the same golf tournament?

What It Means to Sclaff a Golf Shot

"Sclaff" is an old golf term, rarely used today, that is a synonym for a fat shot. If you hit it fat, caught it fat, chunked it, chili-dipped it, laid the sod over it, then you sclaffed it.

The Golf Score Called a 'Buzzard' (With Examples)

Buzzard is a slang term in golf that means a score of 2-over par on a hole. Buzzard, in other words, is a synonym for a double bogey.

Has Any Golfer Won the U.S. Junior, Amateur, Open and Senior Open?

There are four, individual USGA championships for men that stand out from the rest, four tournaments that span a golfer's competition lifetime: the U.S. Junior Amateur, the U.S. Amateur, the U.S. Open and the U.S. Senior Open. Have any golfers won all four of these championships?

Ossie Pickworth: Bio of Australian Golfer

Ossie Pickworth was one of the winningest golfers in the Australian pro ranks in the late 1940s, early 1950s, but he almost never played outside of his home country. He was also one of the most colorful players, a super-fast-playing, smooth-swinging man from Manly with a cigarette dangling and a colorful (sometimes off-color) quip at the ready.

Explaining the Golf Game Named 'Bridge'

Bridge is the name of a golf game that, like the card game bridge, begins with an opening bid. There ends the similarity between card bridge and golf Bridge, however. In the golf game Bridge, golfers bid on the number of strokes they think they can play each hole in.

Oldest Winners in PGA Tour History

Who are the oldest winners in the history of the PGA Tour? So far, only seven golfers in tour history over the age of 50 have won an official PGA Tour tournament. There are several Hall of Famers on that list, too, and the oldest of them all was also one of the greatest of them all.