2027 U.S. Open Dates, Golf Course

The 2027 U.S. Open golf championship will be the 127th time this tournament is played. The U.S. Open is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf and is run by the United States Golf Association. Dating to 1895, it is the oldest golf tournament in America, and the second-oldest (after the British Open) of the majors.

Has a Golfer Ever Won a Tournament By Acing the Last Hole?

Imagine a golfer reaching the last hole of a tournament trailing the leader and, seemingly, out of it: His only chance to win is by making a hole-in-one. But then the golfer does exactly that! He aces the very last hole to win the tournament. Has it ever happened?

Biggest Final-Round Comebacks to Win U.S. Women's Open

What is the largest comeback after 54 holes to win the U.S. Women's Open? In the major championship's history, there are multiple golfers who began the final round five strokes off the lead, then rallied to win the tournament.

2024 Solheim Cup: Dates, Golf Course

The 2024 Solheim Cup will be the 19th time this three-day, United States-vs.-Europe team competition is played. Featuring top women professional golfers from the LPGA Tour and Ladies European Tour, the Solheim Cup is played every other year. Except in 2024, when it takes place just one year after the 2023 Solheim Cup .

U.S. Open Golf Courses: Where They've Played (and Will Play)

The U.S. Open is one of the four major championships in men's professional golf. Hosting a U.S. Open is a big deal — a feather in the cap — for any golf course chosen to do so.

Willie Macfarlane: Golfer Won 20+ Times on PGA Tour in 1920s, '30s

Willie Macfarlane was a Scottish golfer who went to the United States in the early 20th century as a club professional. From the 19-teens into the 1930s, he won more than 20 tournaments on the pro circuit, a total that still lands him on the list of golfers with the most PGA Tour wins. Macfarlane also beat Bobby Jones in a 36-hole playoff to win a U.S. Open championship.

Most Strokes Under Par (72 Holes) in a U.S. Open

What is the farthest below par any golfer has gotten to win the U.S. Open golf tournament? The record for lowest winning score in relation to par is 16-under-par, and two golfers share that record.

Lingo: Golf Clubs Are 'Sticks'

Hey, buddy, have you seen my new sticks? Those are some nice sticks you got there, friend. In golf, "sticks" is a slang term for golf clubs.

Who Has the Most Wins in the Women's PGA Championship?

One golfer in the history of the Women's PGA Championship (originally named the LPGA Championship) won it four times. Six other golfers posted three wins each in this major championship of women's professional golf . And a handful of other golfers also reached multiple victories.

Who Was the First American Winner of the U.S. Open?

The early history of the U.S. Open golf tournament was dominated by British golfers. The tournament was first played in 1895, but it wasn't until 1911 that an American golfer won it. That first American winner of the U.S. Open was Johnny McDermott.