Who Was the First Korean Winner on the LPGA Tour?

Korean golfers have made a huge impact on the recent history of the U.S.-based LPGA Tour, the top-level women's professional golf tour in the world. But who was the first golfer from South Korea to win on the American LPGA Tour? If you answered Se Ri Pak, you're wrong.

How Old Was Tiger Woods When He Had His First Hole-in-One?

Tiger Woods accomplished a lot in golf at a very young age, including making his national television debut before the age of three. But how old was he when scored his first hole-in-one?

Defining the Snap Hook in Golf

What is a "snap hook" in golf? A snap hook is a hook that goes even worse. It is a really bad hook shot. Even the best golfers in the world sometimes snap hook a shot. Here is Tiger Woods doing it on a drive:

How to Play the Lone Ranger Golf Format

Lone Ranger is the name of a golf tournament format for four-person teams. On each hole, one member of the team is designated as the Lone Ranger and plays the hole solo. The other three team members play the hole as a scramble. Those two scores are combined to create the team score.

Cyril Walker: U.S. Open Winner Who Died in a Jail Cell

Cyril Walker was an England-born golfer who won on the very young PGA Tour in the 1920s, including a victory in the U.S. Open. He is remembered as one of the slowest players in golf history, so slow he was once literally hauled out of a tournament by police. After his playing days ended, Walker went into a downward spiral fueled by drinking and a loss of investments, and he died in a jail cell.

Consecutive Rounds in the 60s: The LPGA Tour Record

Who holds the record on the LPGA Tour for longest streak of rounds in the 60s? The record for consecutive sub-70 scores on the LPGA is 14 rounds, and it is shared by two golfers. But one of those golfer's streaks is currently active, so she might, during her next tournament, claim this record by herself.

AT&T Champions Classic (Ralphs Senior Classic) Golf Tournament

The AT&T Champions Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour that was played for 30 years. One of several other names it was known by through the years was Ralphs Senior Classic. It was always played in Southern California, either in Los Angeles or just north.

Has Anyone Shot 57 on a Pro Golf Tour?

You know that there are pro golfers who have scored 59 in tournaments played on major pro golf tours. You might also know that there have even been some 58s recorded on pro tours . What about the score of 57 for an 18-hole round? Has any pro golfer, on any major pro golf tour, shot 57?

The Honest John Game and Golf Handicap Explained

There are two versions of Honest John in golf: There is a golf game (or, really, a honey pot ) called Honest John, and there is a one-day handicap estimate for tournament use called Honest John. Let's break down both of them now.

All the Golfers Who've Shot 58 on Pro Golf Tours

How many golfers have scored 58 on one of the world's major golf tours? So far, there are six such rounds in golf history, all of them since 2001.