All the Amateur Golfers Who've Won LPGA Tour Tournaments

How many amateur golfers have won on the LPGA Tour? That number currently stands at five. But they won six tournaments between them, because one of those amateurs claimed two LPGA Tour events.

Yearly GIR Leaders on the Champions Tour

Which golfers have led the Champions Tour (today officially named the PGA Tour Champions) in GIR? That's what the list below shows: Every golfer on the senior circuit who has topped the tour in this statistical category, going back to 1988, the first year the tour officially kept this stat.

Ellsworth Vines: The Tennis Legend's Pro Golf Career

In the 1930s, Ellsworth Vines built a career in tennis that caused some tennis observers to rank him among the best ever to play that sport. But then, before he turned 30, Vines changed careers: He became a pro golfer and joined the PGA Tour. In this profile, we'll explore the golf career of the tennis legend Ellsworth Vines.

Philadelphia Inquirer Open: 1940s PGA Tour Golf Tournament

The Philadelphia Inquirer Open was a golf tournament on the PGA Tour that launched during wartime. It ended after only six years, but produced a series of notable champions.

The Eisenhower Tree at Augusta National Golf Club

The first thing you need to know about the Eisenhower Tree at Augusta National Golf Club is that it no longer exists. But once upon a time, it was one of the best-known — one could argue it was the most-famous — tree on any golf course anywhere. And why is easy to see in our very first sentence above: Dwight Eisenhower and Augusta National.

Driving Accuracy Leaders By Year on Champions Tour

Hitting fairways? That's something a lot of "older" golfers are better at than younger golfers. At least on the golf courses that you and I play. What about at the pro level? Which golfers have led the Champions Tour in driving accuracy over the years?

Arnold Palmer's Holes-in-One: Career Total, Aces on Tour and More

How many holes-in-one did Arnold Palmer make over the course of his lifetime in golf? Quite a few! And some of them happened on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. Two of them even happened in back-to-back rounds of a pro tournament.

Champions Tour Putting Leaders By Year

Which golfers have been the best putters on the Champions Tour over that tour's history? One way of answering that question is to check the senior tour's putting statistical leaders. Below, you'll find the annual leaders in the Champions Tour's two main, traditional putting stats: putts per GIR, and putts per round.

George Von Elm: Bio of the Amateur Golf Champ

George Von Elm was one of the great amateur golfers of the 1920s, a decade that was chock full of them. He beat Bobby Jones in a U.S. Amateur championship match, but lost to Jones in other big events including several professional majors. Von Elm turned pro in the 1930s and almost won a U.S. Open (it took 72 playoff holes for him to lose), but his pro career didn't live up to his amateur success.