Out-In-Total Golf Match Explained

"Out-In-Total" is the name for a type of golf match that is really three matches in one. It is usually played by two golfers going head-to-head, but it can also be played by a group of four golfers pairing off for 2-vs.-2 team play.

What Is the Golf Score Called a Dolly Parton?

Do you know what a "Dolly Parton" is in golf? It's a specific score on a hole. But, despite Parton herself being wonderful, a Dolly Parton golf score is one you don't want to make.

The Meaning of 'Off the Deck' in Golf

"Off the deck" is a bit of golf slang that refers to hitting a golf ball off the ground, as opposed to off a tee. Since teeing the ball is only allowed on the teeing area, most shots in golf are played "off the deck." But this golf lingo is really only used in two specific instances:

Fizzo and FISA: Golfer's Slang Explained

"Fizzo" and "FISA" are two slang terms used by some golfers that mean the same thing. And that meaning implies that a golfer needs to work or her putting.

Jimmy Hitchcock: Profile of English Golfer

Jimmy Hitchcock was an English golfer who played on the British and European circuits from the mid-1950s into the early 1970s. Never a big winner, he did claim a couple of important titles. His biggest claim to fame is playing in the Ryder Cup.

Sextuple Bogey Golf Meaning and Example Scores

Have you ever made a score of a sextuple bogey? Chances are you have at some point in your golf journey, no matter how good a player you might be now. But, make no mistake, a sextuple bogey is a terrible score in golf.

Golfers Who Won British Amateur and British Open Championships

The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (the R&A) stages both The Amateur Championship and The Open Championship, also known as the British Amateur and British Open. These are the two biggest R&A titles for amateur golfers and professional golfers, respectively. How many golfers have won them both?

What Is the Golf Score Called the 'Abominable Snowman'?

Maybe you've heard of the Abominable Snowman , the mythical beast of Mount Everest and the Himalayas. Did you know there is also an "abominable snowman" in golf? And just like the Himalayan monster, the golf version is one you very much want to avoid.

The 'Odd Fellows' Golf Game Explained

Odd Fellows is the name of a golf game that can be played between two golfers, or between all the golfers in a group of three or four. In this game, the players get to toss out three of their worst scores.

Golfers Who Won British Open in 3 Different Decades

Winning the same tournament — any tournament — in three different decades is a sign not just of a great golfer, but of a golfer who maintained that greatness over a long period of time. In the history of The Open Championship, dating to 1860, only three golfers have won the Claret Jug in three separate decades.