Tiger Woods' Worst Scores on the PGA Tour as a Pro

What's the worst score Tiger Woods has ever had on the PGA Tour since turning pro? That depends on what category of score you're talking about — 18 holes, 72 holes or 72 holes in relation to par. But that's OK, because we cover all three categories below.

Golfers With Most PGA Tour Wins Over Three Consecutive Years

One way of considering a golfer's peak is to look only at his single, best year. And we've done that in our list of golfers with the most PGA Tour wins in a single season . Another way to think of "peak" is not as a single year, but as a stretch of seasons. That's what we do here. The list below shows the PGA Tour golfers who won the most tournaments over three successive tour seasons.

U.S. Open Records: Tournament Bests and Mosts

The U.S. Open is the second-oldest major championship in men's golf, and the oldest of the three United States-based majors. It was first played in 1895. That's a long history, and many golfers have made their mark on that history.

Is There Any Reason Why Golf Hole Liners (the Cups) are White?

Picture the cup on the golf green. Inside the hole on the putting green you will find a cup, or liner, usually plastic these days but sometimes metal. Inevitably, it is either manufactured in the color of white, or painted white post-production. Why?

Carol Mann: LPGA Golfer Was Big Winner

Carol Mann was one of the giants of the LPGA Tour in the 1960s. Her playing career stretched into the 1980s, but she was also influential as an LPGA president and, for years after her retirement from tournament golf, as someone involved in women's sports on the administrative side. But it is as a golfer on the LPGA were Mann made her name, racking up win totals that still rank highly in the history of women's golf.

2024 PGA Championship Dates, Golf Course

The 2024 PGA Championship will be the 106th time this tournament is played. The PGA Championship, first played in 1916, is one of the four yearly "major championships" of men's professional golf. It is run by the PGA of America and also counted as a PGA Tour event.

Golfers Who Won 3 of the 4 Majors: Just Short of Career Grand Slam

In men's professional golf, there are four major championships: the British Open, U.S. Open, PGA Championship and Masters. Winning all four of them over the course of one's career is called the Career Grand Slam. There is no special phrase for winning three out of the four, but that is a rare achievement, too.

Oddball Local Rules at Willie Nelson's Golf Course

One name of the golf course in Spicewood, Texas, that is approximately 30 miles west/northwest of Austin, near Lake Travis, is Pedernales Golf Club. But it's much better known by it's other name: Willie Nelson's Pedernales Cut-N-Putt.

The Definition of 'Carry' in Golf

Do you know the meaning of "carry" in a golf context? Golfers use phrases such as, "I need 150 yards of carry," or "you carried that bunker, no problem," or "what's the carry over that water"? Let's go into it to under the golf definition.