Tiger Woods' Largest Margins of Victory

What is the most strokes by which Tiger Woods ever won a pro golf tournament? Woods' largest margin of victory is 15 strokes, and his two largest winning margins both happened in major championships.

Most Wins In a Single Season on the PGA Tour

What is the all-time PGA Tour record for most wins in a single season? You might already know the answer — 18 wins — because it is one of the most-famous records in golf. But do you know how many golfers have posted double-digit wins in a single PGA Tour season? How many times there have been 8-wins-or-better years in PGA Tour history?

Golfer Willie Turnesa: Winner of Amateur Majors

Willie Turnesa was the youngster in a family of golfing brothers, and the only one who didn't turn pro. He won the U.S. Amateur twice and the British Amateur once, along with multiple other significant amateur tournaments.

PGA Tour Record: Most Strokes Under Par, 72 Holes

How low can they go? How many strokes, that is, under par are PGA Tour players capable of scoring in a 72-hole tournament? It took until 2003 before any PGA Tour golfer finished at 30-under, but several more have since joined that club.

2021 World Golf Rankings: No. 1, Top 50 at End of Year

Which golfers finished the year 2021 in the Top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking? Who was No. 1? Below is the year-end list of 2021's top-ranked golfers.

The Bridgee (or Bridges) Bet in Golf

Have you ever caught a lucky break when your golf ball appeared headed for the water but instead bounced over a bridge, or ricocheted off a bridge and onto dry land? If you were playing the golf side bet called Bridgee or Bridges, you'd then have a chance to win some money.

2021 Women's World Golf Rankings: No. 1, Top 50 at End of Year

Who was the No. 1 player in women's golf at the end of 2021? Which golfers finished the year ranked the highest in the Rolex Rankings, the official world rankings of women's golf? Below is the year-end list of 2021's top-ranked golfers.

Estelle Lawson Page: Amateur Golfer, Champion

Estelle Lawson Page was a winner of the U.S. Women's Amateur in the 1930s, beating a future LPGA superstar in the championship match. But you might call her the queen of Carolinas golf of the era: From the 1930s into the 1950s, she won at least 20 tournaments, all of them, except that U.S. Amateur, in the Carolinas.

Golfers Who Finished 2nd in Majors Most Often Without Winning

Finishing second-place in multiple major championships is a pretty good indication of a very good golfer — even if the golfer never wins a major. That becomes obvious when you see the names of the golfers on the list of those with the most runner-up finishes in majors without winning one.