Dave Ragan: Bio of the PGA Tour Winner

Dave Ragan was a PGA Tour golfer who won several tournament in the 1950s and 1960s, and also challenged Jack Nicklaus at a PGA Championship. He then spent many years as a highly regarded golf instructor.

How to Play the 2-1-1 Golf Game

2-1-1 is the name of a golf game for a group of four golfers who pair off into two-player teams. The 2-1-1 in the title of the game refers to the number of points available to be won on each hole.

Roger Wethered, the Golfer Who Almost Skipped a British Open Playoff

Roger Wethered was a top amateur golfer in Great Britain in the 1920s and 1930s, one who won the British Amateur and made the championship match two other times. But he's probably best-known today as the golfer who almost chose playing in a cricket match to playing in a playoff for the British Open.

Can Golf Clubs Spark Fires? Study Shows It's Possible

In 2010, a fire broke out on Shady Canyon golf course in Irvine, Calif. Another fire hit Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, Calif. Investigators could find no cause for the fires, but had a suspicion that the fires may have started due to sparks caused by a golf club hitting rock.

Meaning of 'Bomb and Gouge' in Golf

What is the bomb-and-gouge style of golf? What kind of golf is a bomb-and-gouge golfer playing? Basically, the term means paying more attention to distance off the tee, and less to accuracy: Hit it as far as you can (bomb it) and then, if necessary, muscle the ball out of the rough (gouge it).

Longest Time Between First and Last Wins on PGA Tour

What is the biggest gap — the longest amount of time — in tour history between a golfer's first PGA Tour win and that same golfer's last PGA Tour win? The all-time record is very close to 29 years. Meaning the record-holder's last win happened nearly 29 years after his first win.

The Only Golfers Who Won the U.S. Open in Their First Try

Have any golfers won the U.S. Open the very first time they played the tournament? Yes, it has happened five times. But it's been more than 100 years since the last time it happened.

Golfer Joe Lloyd: The Most-Obscure U.S. Open Champ

One of the most obscure U.S. Open champs, Joe Lloyd was an English golfer who came to America part-time and became what we now call a major champion in 1897. He also has the distinction of being the first golf professional in France.

Lowest Back-to-Back Rounds in U.S. Open History

Which golfer has posted the lowest scores in back-to-back rounds in a U.S. Open golf tournament? And how low did he go?

2020 U.S. Open Winner and Scores

The 2020 U.S. Open was the 120th time this major championship of men's professional golf was played. And the champion was the only golfer who finished under par.