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Most Strokes Under Par (72 Holes) in a U.S. Open

What is the farthest below par any golfer has gotten to win the U.S. Open golf tournament? The record for lowest winning score in relation to par is 16-under-par, and two golfers share that record.

Lingo: Golf Clubs Are 'Sticks'

Hey, buddy, have you seen my new sticks? Those are some nice sticks you got there, friend. In golf, "sticks" is a slang term for golf clubs.

Who Has the Most Wins in the Women's PGA Championship?

One golfer in the history of the Women's PGA Championship (originally named the LPGA Championship) won it four times. Six other golfers posted three wins each in this major championship of women's professional golf . And a handful of other golfers also reached multiple victories.

Who Was the First American Winner of the U.S. Open?

The early history of the U.S. Open golf tournament was dominated by British golfers. The tournament was first played in 1895, but it wasn't until 1911 that an American golfer won it. That first American winner of the U.S. Open was Johnny McDermott.

2026 U.S. Open: Tournament Dates, Golf Course

The 2026 U.S. Open golf championship will be the 126th time this tournament is played. The U.S. Open, run by the United States Golf Association (USGA), dates to 1895. It is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf, and the second-oldest (after the British Open).

Alex Smith: Golfer Won 2 Early U.S. Opens

Alex Smith was one of a trio of famous golfing brothers from Scotland who made their names as pros in America. In the early 1900s, Smith compiled one of the most-impressive U.S. Open records, including winning that major championship twice. He had other big wins, and also became famous as an instructor: Three of his pupils later joined the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Biggest Final-Round Comebacks to Win the U.S. Open

What is the largest-ever come-from-behind win in the U.S. Open? If we qualify that to mean that most strokes made up by a golfer in the final round, the answer is seven strokes. And one of the giants of the game set the record.

2024 U.S. Women's Open Dates, Golf Course

The 2024 U.S. Women's Open will be the 79th time this major championship is played. The tournament, run by the United States Golf Association (USGA), is the pre-eminent tournament in women's professional golf. It was first played in 1946.

How Golfers Qualify to Play in the U.S. Open

There are 156 golfers in the field at the U.S. Open each year. But how do those players make the field? Some of them qualify automatically by meeting selection criteria (such as winning majors, ranking high in the world rankings, and so on). Others play their way in through qualifier tournaments.

Back-to-Back Winners of the U.S. Open

How many golfers have won back-to-back U.S. Open titles? So far the number is seven. Neither Jack Nicklaus nor Tiger Woods did it, but there is one golfer who won this tournament three times in a row.

Golfer Ken Still: 1960s-70s PGA Tour Winner

Ken Still was a professional golfer on the PGA Tour in the 1960s and 1970s. All of his PGA Tour wins, though, happened in the two-year stretch of 1969 and 1970. He also made the American Ryder Cup team during that time.

Golfers Who Won the British Open and PGA Championship in Same Year

The PGA Championship and the British Open (Open Championship) are two of the four "major championships" in men's professional golf. That makes them two of the most important tournaments on the schedule every year. Winning just one of them earns a golfer a place in history. Winning them both? That is an uncommon achievement. Winning them both in the same calendar year? That's something that has happened well under 10 times in golf history.

2026 PGA Championship Dates, Golf Course

The 2026 PGA Championship will be the 108th time this golf tournament is played. The PGA Championship was first played in 1916. It is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf and is run by the PGA of America.

2025 Ryder Cup: Dates, Golf Course, Schedule

The 2025 Ryder Cup will be the 45th time this competition is played. One of the most-watched golf tournaments of the year in the years it is played (it is an every-other-year competition), the Ryder Cup pits teams representing Europe and the United States. The teams are comprised of the top male professional golfers from each region.

2025 PGA Championship Dates, Golf Course

Thw 2025 PGA Championship will be the 107th time this golf tournament is played. The PGA Championship, run by the PGA of America, is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf. It was first played in 1916.

54-Hole Scoring Record (Fewest Strokes) on LPGA Tour

What is the best score in LPGA Tour history for 54 holes? Multiple golfers have recorded a total of 192 over three rounds of tournament play to share that record. But Annika Sorenstam was the first to do it.

Jay Hebert: PGA Championship Winner, Ryder Cup Captain

Jay Hebert had a short period of PGA Tour success, but it was productive: From 1957-61, he won seven tournaments, including a PGA Championship. His brother was also on tour at that time, and the Heberts were one of the most-successful brother duos in PGA Tour history. Jay played in two Ryder Cups and also served as a captain of Team USA.

LPGA Scoring Record for Lowest 72-Hole Stroke Total

What is the lowest stroke in LPGA Tour history for a four-round, 72-hole tournament? That record is 257, established by a golfer who played four rounds of 65 and lower to win her tournament.

How to Play the Murphy Golf Game

In golf, "Murphy" is the name of a side bet that can be invoked by a golfer who is chipping to the green. When a group of golfers agrees to play Murphys, any golfer who declares a "Murphy" is betting that he can get up and down (get her ball into the hole in two or fewer strokes) when chipping from off the green.

Youngest Winners on the Epson Tour

The youngest-ever winner on the Epson Tour was 16 years old at the time, and she is the only golfer younger than 17 to win on that tour. Several other golfers won at the age of 17, and three of the golfers on the list below were amateurs at the times of their victories.

Big Break Florida Winner and Cast Members

Big Break Florida was the 21st season of the Golf Channel reality/competition series The Big Break . As with several earlier seasons of The Big Break , this series featured an all-women cast of golfers. It aired weekly beginning on Monday, February 24, 2014.

Lionel Hebert: Bio of Major-Winning Pro Golfer

Lionel Hebert was a PGA Tour winner in the 1950s and 1960s who also played in the Ryder Cup. He won one major championship, and his older brother won the same major several years later.

500 Festival Open Invitation (PGA Tour Tournament)

The 500 Festival Open Invitation was a golf tournament in Indiana that was part of the PGA Tour for much of the 1960s. It had some big-name winners. The tournament promoted the Indianapolis 500 auto race and was played on the Speedway Golf Course, which, at that time, had nine holes inside the race track. (The tournament is sometimes referred to as the Indianapolis 500 Festival Open.)

Most Strokes Under Par in a PGA Championship

What is the PGA Championship tournament record for lowest winning score in relation to par? That record is 20-under-par and it was set at the 2015 PGA Championship played at Whistling Straits.

All of Arnold Palmer's Scores, Finishes in PGA Championship

Arnold Palmer first played in the PGA Championship in 1958, and last played in this major in 1994. He played in the PGA Championship a total of 37 times. And while Palmer recorded good finishes in the PGA, it is the only one of the four professional major championships that he never won.

Golf Joke: The Cursing Nun

A nun was sitting with her Mother Superior, chatting, when she felt the need to unburden herself: "I used some horrible language this week and feel absolutely terrible about it," the nun said.

Rocky Thompson: Pro Golfer Who Waited Decades for First Tour Win

Rocky Thompson was a PGA Tour player in the 1960s and 1970s who was particularly skilled at playing his way into events through qualifiers. In fact, that's the only way he got into tournaments: He was never exempt. And Thompson never won ... until joining the Champions Tour, where he not only won multiple tournaments but also set some senior tour records.

Most 2nd-Place Finishes in the PGA Championship

Which golfers have finished second the most times in the PGA Championship? So far, there are five golfers with three runners-up finishes each. But the PGA Championship tournament record for most seconds is four.

How to Play the Dunce Cap Golf Game

Dunce Cap is the name of a game for a group of golf buddies who love giving each other the needle. Because in Dunce Cap, one of your group is likely to suffer a little embarrassment on each hole.

What Is a 'Wire-to-Wire' Winner in Golf?

A "wire-to-wire winner" is a golfer who wins a tournament by holding the lead following each round of play. Winning a tournament wire-to-wire is considered an impressive achievement in the golf world.

All of Ben Hogan's Scores, Results in PGA Championship

Ben Hogan played in the PGA Championship only 10 times in his career. Why so few? The after-effects of his near-fatal car crash early in 1949. But he did win the PGA Championship twice before that accident.

How Golfers Qualify to Play in the PGA Championship

How do golfers qualify to play in the PGA Championship? By meeting one of 13 "exemption criteria." The PGA of America, which runs this men's major championship, sets down the qualification requirements that golfers must meet to earn a spot in the tournament field.

Golfer Jimmy Thomson: Huge-Hitter and PGA Tour Winner

Jimmy Thomson was a pro golfer who played on the PGA Tour from the late 1920s into the 1940s. But he was famous for longer than that because of his huge drives. Thomson is often considered among the longest-drivers in PGA Tour history, and was arguably the biggest hitter of the first half of the 1900s.

Bell Atlantic Classic (Instinet Classic) on Champions Tour

The Bell Atlantic Classic, also known as The Instinet Classic among other names, was a professional golf tournament on the Champions Tour. Fifty-four holes in length, it was played from the mid-1980s into the early 2000s mostly in Pennsylvania.

Golfers Who Won the PGA Championship and U.S. Open in Same Year

The U.S. Open dates to the late 19th century and the PGA Championship to the early 20th century. Since 1916 it has been possible for a golfer to win them both in the same calendar year. But how many golfers have actually pulled off that feat?

How to Play 'Three Club Monte' (3-Club Challenge) in Golf

Three Club Monte is a golf format that requires golfers to pick just three golf clubs to use during their round. That's it: Three clubs (with one typical exception—more on that below) is all you can carry.

Definition: Fly the Green/Flew the Green

Many recreational golfers tend to share a certain phobia when playing approach shots: the fear of flying the green. And because of that — also because the terms are used often during television and streaming broadcasts of golf tournaments — most golfers quickly become familiar with the phrases "fly the green," "flew the green," and "flying the green."

Golfer Fay Crocker: Achieved LPGA Firsts, Records in 1950s

Fay Crocker was a South American golfer who, in the 1950s, was the first star on the LPGA Tour not born in the United States. She had a brief LPGA career — just seven years — because she was already 39 years old by the time she arrived on the LPGA scene. But Crocker made the most of that short span:

Most Career Cuts Made on the PGA Tour

Which golfer holds the record for making the most cuts on the PGA Tour? The answer is Jay Haas, and Haas made the cut in more tournaments than Sam Snead or Jack Nicklaus even played in.

Golfers Who Won The Masters and U.S. Open in Same Year

The Masters and the U.S. Open are two of the four major championships in men's professional golf. Winning just one of them in a given year makes that a great year for any golfer. But how many times has a golfer won them both in the same year?

Explaining the Automatic 2-Putt Rule

Sometimes a golf course or golf tournament will let players know that something called an "automatic 2-putt rule" is in place. It can also be called an "auto 2-putt." If you encounter the auto 2-putt, what does that mean for you on the greens? It essentially means that you will actually be stroking only one putt per green, and adding a maximum of two putts to your score for the hole.

Golfers Who Won The Masters and PGA Championship in the Same Year

How many times has a golfer won both The Masters Tournament and the PGA Championship in the same calendar year? That double-major combo has been achieved only four times.

How to Play a Get Out Scramble

Have you heard of the team golf tournament format called Get Out? Get Out is a type of scramble in which teams that fail to meet the scoring standard are told to get out of the tournament.

Golfer Bill Nary: Set PGA Tour Records That Stood for Decades

Bill Nary was a professional golfer from California who played on the PGA Tour from the early 1940s into the mid-to-late 1950s. He then spent decades as a teaching pro, working with pupils into his 90s. Nary never won a PGA Tour tournament. But he did play one historic round in a tour event in 1952 in which he set multiple, all-time PGA Tour records — one of which stood for 50 years.

Wire-to-Wire Winners of the PGA Championship

How many golfers have won the PGA Championship wire-to-wire? A " wire-to-wire win " is one is which the golfer holds the lead after each round of the tournament (is the first-round leader, second-round leader, third-round leader and winner). In the history of the PGA Championship, only five golfers are on the list of wire-to-wire champs.

Back-to-Back Winners of the PGA Championship

How many golfers, in the history of the PGA Championship, have repeated as winners in consecutive years? Since the tournament switched to stroke play, only two golfers have been back-to-back PGA Championship winners.

2027 Masters Tournament Dates and Schedule

The 2027 Masters Tournament will be the 91st time this golf tournament is played. The Masters is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf (along with the PGA Championship, U.S. Open and British Open). It is the first of the four played each year, and the only one played at the same golf course every year. In 2027, The Masters will take place April 8-11.

What Is a Pro Golfer's "A-Game"?

When a pro golfer (or any golfer, for that matter) refers to his "A-game," he or she simply means "playing the best I can play." In other words, the golfer is saying that on the A-B-C-D-F grading scale used in many schools, his or her game, that day, deserved an A.

2026 Masters Tournament Dates and Schedule

The 2026 Masters Tournament will be the 90th time this golf tournament is played. The tournament dates to 1934 and is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf — the first one played each year. In 2026, The Masters will take place April 9-12.

Golfer Cyril Tolley: Profile of 1920s British Amateur Champ

Cyril Tolley was an English amateur golfer who won multiple big titles in the 1920s. His first really big win was the British Amateur, and his last really big win was the British Amateur. In-between, he also won a pair of national opens against the pros, and gave Bobby Jones one of the toughest tests of Jones' Grand Slam year.

Fewest Putts for 18 Holes on the PGA Tour: All-Time Record

What is the fewest putts any golfer has needed to play a round in a PGA Tour tournament? That PGA Tour record is 18 — just 18 putts to finish 18 holes. And who holds that record? Quite a few golfers.

What Do You Call a Mulligan for a Mulligan?

Sometimes in golf (well, often, actually), things don't go as planned. Such as when, with your golf buddies watching, you hit a terrible opening drive to the round. Luckily, in your group, mulligans are allowed off the first tee. So you hit your do-over. But, yikes, that one is terrible, too! Now what?

Rainbow Foods LPGA Classic (Northgate Classic)

The Rainbow Foods LPGA Classic, as it was named when it was last played (it was the Northgate Classic at the beginning), was an LPGA Tour golf tournament during the 1990s. It was 54 holes of stroke play, and it was played in Minnesota.

Most Wins in WGC Tournaments (And All of Tiger's WGC Wins)

The golfer who holds the record for most wins in WGC tournaments is, no surprise, Tiger Woods. But you might be at least a little surprised at just how far out ahead of all other golfers he is.

Golfer Mike Fetchick: Set 'Old' Champions Tour Record

Mike Fetchick played on the PGA Tour in the 1950s, winning several tournaments including a playoff victory in one of the biggest non-majors. Decades later, he played the Champions Tour and set an age-related tour record that stood for more than 35 years.

How to Play the Trifecta Golf Game

Hitting the trifecta at the race track pays off for the bettor, and hitting the trifecta in the golf game named Trifecta pays off for the golfer. This is a game for golfers in a group in which three points are at stake for each on each hole of the game — and a golfer who earns all three points (who hits the trifecta) earns a bonus point.

WPGA Championship of Europe/Wales Ladies Championship

The WPGA Championship of Europe, also called the Wales Ladies Championship of Europe, was a golf tournament played on the Ladies European Tour for about 15 years starting from the mid-1990s. (The tournament is also sometimes referred to as the Wales Ladies Open, although it never officially had that title.) Its roster of champions includes some of the LET's star golfers.

Wire-to-Wire Winners of The Masters Tournament

How many golfers have won The Masters Tournament wire-to-wire? That is, won it by leading after the first round, second round, third round and at the end? Not many! So far, only five golfers have won wire-to-wire in The Masters.

Do You Know What a Shiperio Is In Golf?

Don't worry, if the answer is no, you are not alone. There are many golfers who've never heard of the shiperio, either. What is it? Something related to a mulligan — or you can think of it as a type of mulligan, a mulligan with options.

PGA Tour Record for Fewest Putts, 72 Holes

If a golfer takes 25 putts in a round, that's a pretty good day on the greens. Four rounds of 25 putts is 100 putts. But the PGA Tour record for fewest putts in a 72-hole tournament is quite a bit lower than that. One golfer once played a PGA Tour event in just 92 putts.

Golfer Felice Torza: Club Pro Almost Won a Major

Felice Torza was a professional golfer who rarely played in tour events, dedicating most of his career to the club pro life. But he did come close once to winning a major championship, making it to the title match of a PGA Championship during that major's match-play era.

Back-to-Back Winners of The Masters Tournament

Has any golfer won consecutive Masters Tournaments? Yes, so far there have been three back-to-back winners (none of whom made it to three in a row). Not surprisingly, they are three of the best Masters players ever. But the first back-to-back Masters champion didn't happen until the tournament had been around for more than 30 years.

Gleneagles Hotel Foursomes Golf Tournament

The Gleneagles Hotel Foursomes tournament was a match-play golf tournament in Scotland from the early 1950s through the mid-1960s. It paired a professional tour golfer with a top amateur player.

What Is a 'Plus Handicap' or 'Plus Golfer'?

The terms "plus handicap" and "plus golfer" are ones that apply to very few golfers around the world — golfers who are so good and have handicap indexes so low that they would have to give strokes even to a scratch golfer. A plus-handicapper or plus-golfer is a golfer whose handicap index is lower than zero.

Brothers-Sisters, Husbands-Wives Who Played Walker Cup/Curtis Cup

The Walker Cup and Curtis Cup are, by far, the highest-profile competitions for male and female amateur golfers, respectively, in the golf world. Have a brother and sister ever both played in them? What about a husband and wife — are there any married couples in which the husband was a Walker Cup player and the wife was a Curtis Cup player? In both cases, the answer is yes.

72-Hole Scoring Record in The Masters Tournament

What is the best score ever posted in The Masters Tournament for 72 holes? The lowest winning score ever is 268, and that total was recorded recently — breaking one of Tiger Woods' records.

Profile of Golfer Jerome 'Jerry' Travers

Jerry Travers was one of the giants of the American golf scene in the first two decades of the 1900s. He won the U.S. Amateur championship four times, but also added a victory in the U.S. Open. His rivalry with Walter Travis was legendary in its time, and, in earlier times, Travers was often considered among the best-ever putters.

18-Hole Scoring Record in The Masters Tournament

What is the best round ever scored at The Masters Tournament? Only two times in tournament history has a golfer scored 63 for 18 holes. So that is The Masters course record: 63. But we'll also take a look at how that 18-hole scoring record progressed over the years.

Longest Gap Between Successive Wins: LPGA Tour Record

Imagine you are a golfer on the LPGA Tour and you win a tournament. Great! Congratulations! Your next win will hopefully come soon. But then it doesn't ... for a very long time. You do eventually win again, but only many years later. What is the longest such gap between wins? The longest span between successive wins on the LPGA Tour?

How to Play 'Supplemental Bets' on the Golf Course

What are supplemental bets in golf? "Supplemental Bets" is actually an umbrella term for a whole group of side wagers that golfers can engage in during a round of golf. You can also think of "Supplemental Bets" as a synonym for more-commonly used terms such as Junk, Trash, Garbage, Dots — all names used by golfers for a collection of small side bets that are running concurrently during a golf game.

Largest Margins of Victory on the PGA Tour: The All-Time Record

What is the PGA Tour record for largest margin of victory? A whopping 16 strokes. In the tour's history, which traces back to 1916, there are four golfers who won a tournament by 16 shots.

What Does the Winner of The Masters Tournament Get?

Winning The Masters Tournament is an achievement that brings the winner all kinds of prestige plus a place in golf history. But what about the more tangible benefits of winning The Masters — what about the prizes?

Golfer Johnny Farrell: Beat Bobby Jones in U.S. Open Playoff

Johnny Farrell was a regular winner on the PGA Tour from the early 1920s into the mid-1930s, including one year with seven wins on tour. He's most-famous for beating Bobby Jones in a 36-hole playoff to win the U.S. Open. Farrell later became a very highly regarded teaching pro, working with celebrities, presidents and royalty. Throughout his golf career, he was known as one of the "nice guys" of the game.

Portland Open Invitational (Old PGA Tour Tournament)

The Portland Open Invitational was a professional golf tournament on the PGA Tour that was played beginning in the last years of World War II and ending in the mid-1960s. It was played in Portland, Oregon, and was the site of some record-setting performances, plus one of Jack Nicklaus' earliest wins.

What Is the Oldest Golf Course in the World?

Where on Earth can you play golf where golf has been played the longest? Let's rephrase the question: What is the oldest golf course still in existence? The world-record holder for oldest golf course is — no surprises here — The Old Course at St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Golf Joke: The Water Ball and the 17th Hole

Like many recreational golfers, Jason always did one thing before attempting to play a shot over water: He switched to a water ball . He replaced the nice, newer ball he was using with a beat-up, older ball — a golf ball he didn't care about losing if he hit it into the water.

The Masters Trophy: Facts, Figures and History

The Green Jacket is the most-famous prize handed out to the winner of The Masters Tournament , but the winner also receives a more traditional trophy. The Masters trophy, though, comes in two sizes: big and small.

The 'Herman and Sherman' Golf Practice Game

Do you know Herman and Sherman? They are the namesakes of a practice game for golfers. One of them can only hit draws, and the other can only hit fades. And if you play the practice game named "Herman and Sherman," that's what you'll be practicing: hitting draws and fades.

Sandra Palmer, LPGA Star of the 1970s

Sandra Palmer won 16 times from 1971-77, including two majors, and earned one LPGA Player of the Year Award during that time. She added a few more wins in the 1980s. Her greatest achievement was victory in the U.S. Women's Open.

Brickyard Crossing Championship (Champions Tour Golf Tournament)

The Brickyard Crossing Championship was a professional golf tournament on the Champions Tour (for golfes 50-and-over) that was played from the late 1980s into the 2000s. It was best-known for the part of its history during which it was played on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway golf course.

Family Winners in USGA Championships (Brothers, Sisters, Parent-Child)

The United States Golf Association runs more a dozen national championships, the most-famous of which are the men's and women's U.S. Opens and the men's and women's U.S. Amateurs. Have any family members — e.g., a pair of brothers, or a mother-and-daughter — each won a USGA championship? Yes, it has happened ... but not very often.

'Get On in Two': The Golf Expression Explained

If you are a beginner in golf, or someone completely new to the game who watched a few minutes of a television broadcast, you might have heard he expression "get on in two." But did you understand what it means?

Most Masters Wins: All the Multiple Champions in The Masters Tournament

Winning The Masters Tournament once is a great achievement. Winning it twice is spectacular. Winning it three times is special and rare — only eight golfers in tournament history have won it at least three times.

Who Was the First Golfer to Win The Masters Three Times?

After its founding in 1934, it didn't take long for The Masters Tournament to produce its first two-time winner : Horton Smith won in 1934 and 1936. But it was another 14 years until The Masters' first three-time champion emerged.

Bio of Scottish Pro Golfer John Fallon

John Fallon was a Scottish professional golfer who won tournaments both before and after World War II, and who came close a couple times in the Open Championship. He also played in and served as a team captain in the Ryder Cup.

How to Play the Golf Game Named 'On In Two'

What do you want to do on a par-5 hole ? Well, among other things, every golfer wishes they can get "on in two ." That means reaching the green with your second shot, setting up a putt for eagle and the expectation of, at least, birdie. The golf game called "On In Two" rewards golfers who hit the green with their second shot on a par-5 —

What Are the Senior Majors in Pro Golf?

In golf, "senior" usually refers to golfers who are at least 50 years old. When a professional tour golfer turns 50, he becomes eligible to play "senior tournaments." (In women's pro senior golf, some events use 45 as the minimum age.)

What Is a Score of 7 on a Golf Hole Called?

You just finished the first hole of your round of golf and wrote down a "7" on the scorecard. That means you used seven strokes to complete the preceding hole. But is there a specific name for a score of 7 in golf? What do golfers call a 7?

Who Was the First Golfer to Win The Masters Twice?

The Masters Tournament was founded in 1934, and it didn't take long for the championship to crown its first 2-time winner. Horton Smith was the first golfer to win The Masters twice, by winning two of the first three Masters played.

Bio of English Golfer Lionel Platts

Lionel Platts was an English professional golfer who won tournaments in the 1960s and 1970s. Twice he finished in the Top 10 of the Order of Merit, and once he earned a place on the British Ryder Cup team. Platts was also known as a great money-match player who thrived in match play.

WGC Championship Tournament Winners, History

The WGC Championship was one of the World Golf Championships tournaments, existing from the late 1990s into the early 2020s. It had many title sponsors over its run and was known by many different names. Those names (and the years it was called that), plus where it was played, are:

The 'Nobble' (Nobbler) Golf Shot Definition

Let's nibble on "nobble": What type of golf shot does that slang term describe? We'll bite. When a golfer nobbles the ball, he makes contact above the equator of the golf ball, or merely with the very top of the ball. Nobble, in other words, is another term for a "top" or topped shot.

Phil Mickelson's Record in Playoffs (With Scores)

What kind of playoff record does Phil Mickelson have over his professional golf career? A pretty good one: Mickelson has won twice as many PGA Tour playoffs as he's lost.

Arnold Palmer's U.S. Open Wins, Playoffs and Yearly Finishes

Arnold Palmer played the U.S. Open 32 times, the first time in 1953 and the last time in 1994. Both his first and last appearances happened in years the tournament was played at Oakmont Country Club in Palmer's native Pennsylvania.

Chipping Drill: Accelerate Through Impact to Avoid Mis-Hits

By Karen Palacios-Jansen Here's a simple practice drill that will help you learn to keep the clubhead accelerating through the impact area when chipping — something you must do to avoid mis-hits (such as chunk shots and skulled shots ) on chip shots.

Bio of Golfer Tommy Jacobs (PGA Tour 1950s-70s)

Tommy Jacobs was an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour from the 1950s into the 1970s on a full-time basis, with occasional later appearances. He won four times in the late 1950s/early 1960s. Jacobs also twice finished second in a major championship, including once after a playoff against Jack Nicklaus at The Masters.

Explaining 'the Fifth Major' in Golf

"The fifth major" is an expression sometimes used by golfers, golf media, golf fans. What does it mean? The phrase has two meanings — one very specific, and also a more general usage.

Triple Bogey, Quadruple Bogey ... What Scores Come Next?

All golfers know that if you are 1-over par on a golf hole, you made a bogey. And that 2-over par is a double bogey. And the names of the bogeys continue on after that, depending on how many strokes over par one's score is. So what we want to know is, what comes after triple bogey , quadruple bogey, and so on? What are the terms for scores that are a lot over par?

Worst Scores Ever on 17th Hole (Island Green) in Players Championship

What is the highest score ever made on the notorious island-green 17th hole of TPC Sawgrass during The Players Championship? A whopping 12, which, on the par-3 hole , is 9-over par.

What Is the Golf Score Called a Grouse?

If you make a grouse on a golf hole, well, that's a score you'll probably be grousing about. "Grouse" is a slang term some golfers use for a triple bogey .

Players Championship Holes-in-One: 17th Hole and Others

The 17th hole of the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass, home of The Players Championship on the PGA Tour, is one of the most-famous in golf: the island green . Have any golfers scored a hole-in-one on that hole during The Players Championship? Yes, several have. And there have been quite a few aces overall during the tournament's history.

Barbara McIntire, American Amateur Golf Champ

Barbara McIntire was an American amateur golf star of the 1950s and 1960s. She won three major championships of amateur golf, and came close to winning a U.S. Women's Open, as well. McIntire was a frequent player in the Curtis Cup and also captained Team USA.

LPGA Sprint Championship/Mercury Titleholders Championship

This golf tournament on the LPGA Tour was known by various names during its existence in the 1990s, including Sprint Championship and, at the end, as the Mercury Titleholders Championship. During its run, it was one of the highest-paying and most prestigious tournaments on the LPGA.

Winners of The Players Championship: Full List Plus Playoffs

The Players Championship is the pre-eminent tournament in golf that is run by the PGA Tour. It is considered just a notch below the four major championships of men's professional golf in importance. Below is the list of all the golfers who've won The Players Championship, plus the playoff participants and scores in years when playoffs were necessary.

Who Has the Most Wins in The Players Championship?

The Players Championship is often called " the fifth major " of men's professional golf. It's an important tournament, and winning it is a big feather in one's cap for the golfers good (and lucky) enough to do so. Which golfer has the most wins in The Players?

What Is the Golf Score Called a Turkey?

You scored a turkey on the last hole. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? In golf, the scored called a turkey is a bad thing — "turkey" is a term applied to a specific high score.

Golfers Who Made Two Aces in Same Tournament on PGA Tour

Have any golfers in PGA Tour history made two holes-in-one in the same tournament? Yes, that is something that has happened a handful of times in the tour's history.

Remembering Golfer Abe Espinosa, PGA Tour Winner

Abe Espinosa was a professional golfer in the United States in the first half of the 20th century. Although not as famous as his little brother Al Espinosa , Abe was also a winner on the PGA Tour. They were one of the earliest brother combos to both post victories on tour.

The Blackjack Golf Game Explained

Blackjack is the name of a golf side game that pays off to any golfer in your group who strings together scores that add up to 21. Sounds simple, and it is simple. It's also a game in which lousy golfers have exactly the same odds of winning as great golfers, because golf's Blackjack is entirely about luck.

What Is a Score of 6 on a Golf Hole Called?

If it takes a golfer six strokes to go from the teeing area on a hole into the cup on the putting green of that hole, the golfer writes "6" down on the scorecard. But in the lexicon of golf scoring terms — birdies, bogeys, etc. — what is a score of 6 called?

The Octogenarian (Golf Joke)

An 80-year-old man moved to a new city and joined a new country club. When he first showed up at the club, a lot of its members looked at him eagerly: an old man, someone we can win some money from!

Ben Hogan's Major Championship Wins, 2nds, Playoffs and Records

Ben Hogan has one of the best records in major championships of any golfer. He won nine of them and came close numerous other times, and still holds a few records today. And that's despite playing the British Open only once and playing the PGA Championship rarely after his life-threatening 1949 auto accident.

Golfer Wes Ellis: 1950s/1960s PGA Tour Winner

Wes Ellis was an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour in the 1950s and 1960s. He got off to a hot start on the tour, but quickly decided he'd rather work as a club professional. Still, Ellis won three big tournaments and had some good showings in majors.

Roehampton Invitation Golf Tournament

The Roehampton Invitation Tournament was a British golf tournament played for 15 years in England, from the 1920s into the 1930s. The tournament was match play in all but its first year.

What Is a Sand Trap on a Golf Course?

A "sand trap" is a depression or hollowed-out area on a golf course that has been filled with sand. A sand trap, in other words, is a bunker.

LPGA Majors: The 5 Major Championships of Women's Pro Golf

Today there are five golf tournaments that make up the LPGA majors, the major championships of women's professional golf. Those five tournaments are the U.S. Women's Open, Women's PGA Championship, Chevron Championship, Women's British Open and Evian Championship. But the identities of the women's majors have changed frequently through the years.

What Is a Score of 5 on a Golf Hole Called?

Let's say a golfer is playing the first hole on her local golf course. And when the ball rolls into the cup on the green, she tallies up her strokes and has a score of 5. Among the scoring terms used in the game — for example, birdies and bogeys — what is a score of 5 called?

What Hardpan Is on the Golf Course

Do you know what hardpan is on a golf course? It's an area of very hard, bare ground, and most golfers will rue their luck if their golf ball comes to rest on it.

Golfer Chandler Egan: Early American Amateur Champ

Chandler Egan was an American amateur golfer who won the U.S. Amateur Championship twice in the first years of the 20th century. He was one of the first championship golfers to come out of the college golf scene. And Egan played an important role in the growth of golf in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

What Golfers Mean When Discussing 'Water Holes'

"Water hole" is a term that many golfers use to indicate that the hole under discussion includes a water feature — pond, stream, lake, river, ditch, whatever — somewhere on the hole. When recreational golfers are talking "water holes," we are usually doing so because we believe that water feature is a water hazard .

Yearly Birdie Leaders on the LPGA Tour

Which golfers on the LPGA Tour have been best at racking up birdies? One way to look at the question is through the LPGA's Total Birdies statistic. That stat ranks golfers each year based on their total number of birdies recorded during official tournament rounds.

Threesomes in Golf: Fun! (But Not Like That)

The term "threesomes" has a couple of meanings in golf. Commonly, "threesomes" refers to any group of three golfers playing together. But it is also the name of a specific competition format in which one golfer plays against two others.

'Outward Nine' and 'Inward Nine' Definitions

As golfers we sometimes hear the phrases "outward nine" and "inward nine." Some golfers even use those phrases. Do you know what they mean? They are golf course terms that refer to the front nine and back nine, respectively.

Improving Confidence, Fundamentals With Circle Putting Drills

Do your putting fundamentals break down under pressure? Do confidence problems on short putts lead to a surplus of three-putts? What if we told you that there are putting drills you can do that will specifically target your under-pressure fundamentals and confidence on short putts? It starts by arranging your golf balls in a circle.

Golfer Jessie Valentine: Scottish Amateur Great

Jessie Anderson Valentine was a Scottish golfer who won numerous tournaments throughout Great Britain but also in Continental Europe. Most of her titles were in the 1930s and 1950s, on either side of World War II. Valentine is considered by many golf historians the greatest Scottish woman golfer of the pre-professional era in Britain.