All of Ben Hogan's Scores, Results in PGA Championship

Ben Hogan played in the PGA Championship only 10 times in his career. Why so few? The after-effects of his near-fatal car crash early in 1949. But he did win the PGA Championship twice before that accident.

Hogan first played the PGA Championship in 1939, and last in 1965. That's a long span. But he played the tournament only three times after 1948, which is the year he claimed his second victory. Early in 1949, driving to Texas from the West Coast swing, Hogan's car and a bus collided in thick fog.

At that time, the PGA Championship was a match-play tournament. The golfers played two matches per day in early rounds, and 36-hole matches in later rounds. Although Hogan recovered well enough from severe leg injuries to play regularly again in The Masters and U.S. Open, he didn't feel his legs (which caused pain for the rest of his life) could take the 36-hole grinds of the PGA Championship.

So Hogan never entered the PGA again during its match-play era. He did play it three more times after 1958, when the tournament switched to stroke play.

Ben Hogan's Yearly PGA Championship Finishes

Match Play

  • 1939 — def. Steve Zappe and Abe Espinosa; lost in Round of 16 to Paul Runyan, 3 and 2
  • 1940 — def. Frank Champ, Harry Nettlebladt and Al Brosch; lost in quarterfinals to Ralph Guldahl, 3 and 2
  • 1941 — def. Frank Walsh, Bud Oakley and Horton Smith; lost in quarterfinals to Byron Nelson, 2-down
  • 1942 — def. Ben Loving and Ky Laffoon; lost in quarterfinals to Jim Turnesa, 2 and 1
  • 1943 — Tournament not played due to World War II
  • 1944 — Hogan did not play (military service)
  • 1945 — Hogan did not play (military service)
  • 1946 — def. Charles Weisner, William Heinlein, Art Bell, Frank Moore, and, in semifinals, Jimmy Demaret. Won championship match (and tournament) with 6-and-4 win over Ed Oliver.
  • 1947 — Lost in the first round to Toney Penna, 3 and 1
  • 1948 — def. Jock Hutchison Jr., Johnny Palmer, Gene Sarazen, Jimmy Demaret, and, in semifinals, Art Bell. Won championship match (and tournament) with 7-and-6 win over Mike Turnesa.
  • 1949 — did not play
  • 1950 — did not play
  • 1951 — did not play
  • 1952 — did not play
  • 1953 — did not play
  • 1954 — did not play
  • 1955 — did not play
  • 1956 — did not play
  • 1957 — did not play

Stroke Play

  • 1958 — did not play
  • 1959 — did not play
  • 1960 — 74-73-78—225 (+15), missed 54-hole cut
  • 1961 — did not play
  • 1962 — did not play
  • 1963 — did not play
  • 1964 — 70-72-68-72—282 (+2), tied 9th
  • 1965 — 72-75-70-72—289 (+5), tied 15th

Hogan's first two major championship wins were the 1946 and 1948 PGA Championships. He also won the 1948 U.S. Open, but the PGA Championship preceded the U.S. Open that year. After 1949, Hogan continued playing nearly every year in the The Masters and U.S. Open through the 1950s, and part of the 1960s. He played the British Open only one time in his career, but he won it that one year (1953).

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