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Laurie Auchterlonie, Early U.S. Open Winner

Laurie Auchterlonie was part of a famous St. Andrews golf family, and also part of the wave of late 19th/early 20th century Scottish golfers who moved to the United States as golf was growing there. He was a winner of the U.S. Open in that tournament's first decade.

PGA Tour Record: Consecutive Years in Top 10 on Money List

Which golfer holds the all-time PGA Tour record for finishing in the Top 10 on the money list the most consecutive years? If you've narrowed your guesses down to Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, you're closing in on the answer. The golfer who holds this record finished in the Top 10 on the PGA Tour money list 17 years in a row.

Biography of Golfer Ben Arda

Ben Arda was a Filipino pro golfer whose biggest successes were in the 1960s and 1970s. He played on the Japan Tour and on the precursor to the Asian Tour. Along the way, he became the first golfer from the Philippines to play in two of the majors.

How to Play the Golf Game Named 'Hard Work'

"Hard Work" is the name of a golf game that is a variation on the standard skins game format. That variation? In Hard Work, the easier holes on the golf course are worth less, and the more difficult holes are worth more.

34 Slang Terms Golfers Have for Bunkers and Sand

Dang it, you just hit into the sand again. Another bunker. If it's been one of those days on the golf course, you might follow such a shot with a few choice words. Yes, those kinds of words, but also the kinds of words that follow: Slang germs for golf bunkers and sand.

Golfer George Archer: Bio of the Masters Winner

George Archer won more than a dozen times on the PGA Tour from the 1960s into the 1980s, including The Masters. Then he won nearly 20 more times on the Champions Tour. His is remembered as one of the tallest pros to be that successful, and as one of his era's best putters.

Turtle Bay Championship Golf Tournament (Champions Tour)

The Turtle Bay Championship, originally and for many years called the Kaanapali Classic, was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour. It was played for more than 20 years in Hawaii, usually in January as one of the earliest events on the Champions Tour schedule.

Most Years With a Win on LPGA Tour (All-Time Record)

Which LPGA Tour golfer holds the record for the most individual years posting a victory on tour? You won't be surprised to learn that the record-holder is the LPGA's all-time winningest golfer. And her record? She posted LPGA victories in more than 20 different years.

McCall's LPGA Classic, Former Tour Event

The McCall's LPGA Classic was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour that was played a half-dozen times in the 1990s. It took place in Vermont. It was 72 holes for all but its last playing, when it was shortened to 54 holes.

Golfer Carolyn Hill: Holder of All-Time LPGA Record

Carolyn Hill won only once on the LPGA Tour. But that one victory got this U.S. Women's Amateur champ into the pro record books: When she won in 1994, she set an LPGA Tour record for most starts before earning one's first victory.

LPGA Record: Most Starts Before Winning

You play on one of the world's best golf tours for years ... and years ... without winning. Then, finally, that first win comes. It was a long wait, but it sure was worth it.

Study Confirms Importance of Confidence in Putting Success

Many experiments over the years have been done to test the psychology of putting and, specifically, whether confidence in one's putting has a quantifiably positive effect on a golfer's putting success. One of our favorites was done back in 2011 and reported on by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Largest Margin of Victory in a Golf Major

Which golfer recorded the largest margin of victory in one of the major championships of men's professional golf? Who won a major by the most strokes? Below you'll find the answer to that question, along with a longer list of the largest margins of victories in majors.

What It Means to 'Air Mail' a Golf Shot

"Oh, buddy, you air mailed that one," one golfer says to another. Is that a good or a bad thing? What, in a golf context, does "air mail" mean?

The 'Dawn Patrol': Golf's Early Risers

Have you ever heard one golfer refer to other golfers as being part of "the dawn patrol"? What does that mean, anyway? It means those golfers are very early risers.

Eastern Women's Open (Early LPGA Tournament)

The Eastern Open, also called the Eastern Women's Open, was a golf tournament that debuted before the LPGA Tour existed, then became part of the LPGA Tour in 1950. It was played eight times from the late 1940s into the early 1960s.

Beverly Hanson, 3-Time LPGA Major Winner

Beverly Hanson was a very successful (three major wins) player in the first decade of the LPGA Tour's existence, and, owing to her colorful personality, one of the tour's most popular players of the 1950s.

Looking Back at Those Nike/Tiger Woods Ball Bouncing Commercials

It's been more than 20 years since one of the most-iconic and well-remembered golf television commercials of all-time first appeared on TV screens. I'm talking about the ball-bouncing commercial with Tiger Woods by Nike Golf.

Golfers Who Led the LPGA Tour in Wins Each Year

Below in the list of annual victory leaders on the LPGA Tour; that is, the golfer who, each year, led the world's top women's golf tour in wins. You'll see many names that you probably expected to see. But perhaps a few surprises, as well.

How to Play a Miami Scramble Golf Tournament

What is the "Miami scramble" golf tournament format? It's a traditional scramble with a twist: the golfer whose drive is selected has to skip the following strokes until the team reaches the green.

Golfer Henry Picard: Major Champion, Hogan's Hero

Henry Picard was a quiet but highly respected pro — both as a touring pro and as a club professional — who won a pair of major championships and 26 PGA Tour tournaments total, most of them in the 1930s. He was a major influence on golfers across multiple generations, from Sam Snead and Ben Hogan to Beth Daniel.

Gary Player in The Masters: Wins, Yearly Scores and Finishes

Gary Player played in The Masters Tournament 52 times, more than any other golfer. And he won three of those years — he was just the fifth golfer to win The Masters at least three times . Below you'll find a recap of Player's three victories, plus his yearly scores and finishes in every Masters Tournament he played.

LPGA Record: Most Strokes Under Par in a Women's Major

The LPGA Tour has five major championships, and the golfers who win those majors go down in women's golf history. And the ones who win them with the lowest scores in relation to par? They go down on the list below.

Oldest Golfer to Make the Cut on the PGA Tour

Who is the oldest golfer to make the cut in a PGA Tour tournament? For more than 40 years, the answer to that question was Sam Snead. But in 2022, another golfer claimed the record for himself: Jay Haas. Haas broke Snead's record in a team tournament, so we'll discuss both efforts. We'll also take a look at the very short list of golfers at least 64 years old who've made a cut since 1970.