Most Years With a Win on LPGA Tour (All-Time Record)

Which LPGA Tour golfer holds the record for the most individual years posting a victory on tour? You won't be surprised to learn that the record-holder is the LPGA's all-time winningest golfer. And her record? She posted LPGA victories in more than 20 different years.

The Record: Wins in 22 Different Years by Kathy Whitworth

Kathy Whitworth won more tournaments than any other golfer in LPGA Tour history — 88 of them. Her first win happened in 1962, and her final LPGA victory wasn't until 1985. Whitworth won every year from 1962 through 1978, then won again each year from 1981 through 1985. Win No. 1 for Whitworth was the 1962 Kelly Girls Open. And win No. 88 was the 1985 United Virginia Bank Classic.

Whitworth claimed this record when her number of winning seasons reached 19. And the golfer whose record Whitworth surpassed is still No. 2 on the list. Which brings us to ...

The List: LPGA Golfers With the Most Winning Years

  • 22 years with a win: Kathy Whitworth, first in 1962, last in 1985
  • 18 years: Betsy Rawls, first in 1951, last in 1972
  • 16 years: Sandra Haynie, first in 1962, last in 1982
  • 16 years: Nancy Lopez, first in 1978, last in 1997
  • 16 years: Juli Inkster, first in 1983, last in 2006
  • 15 years: Amy Alcott, first in 1975, last in 1991
  • 15 years: Patty Sheehan, first in 1981, last in 1996
  • 15 years: Mickey Wright, first in 1956, last in 1973
These golfers are all Hall of Famers, all among the biggest names in LPGA history. Which, given the nature of this record, is to be expected. Among them, the lowest number of career wins is 29, by Alcott.

What about Annika Sorenstam? She won 72 times, and had victories in 13 different years.

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