34 Slang Terms Golfers Have for Bunkers and Sand

Golfers use many different slang terms and nicknames for bunkers

Dang it, you just hit into the sand again. Another bunker. If it's been one of those days on the golf course, you might follow such a shot with a few choice words. Yes, those kinds of words, but also the kinds of words that follow: Slang germs for golf bunkers and sand.

What types of euphemisms and lingo do golfers apply to sand traps? A whole panoply, from the witty to the goofy, from the creative to the just plain dumb. Take a look.

  • Sandbox
  • Sand bucket or sand pail
  • Beach: Going to the beach is usually a lot more fun than going into the bunker. A golf ball that lands on the beach is called a "beach ball."
  • Beach party: And when two ore more golfers in the same group hit into the same bunker, there's a beach party up in here.
  • Grout or mortar: Two terms for sand that is particularly thick, grainy or sticky.
  • Bogey hole: A particularly deep bunker. "Sorry, dude, you're in a bogey hole."
  • Bogey dust: What you find inside a bogey hole (or any bunker).
  • Crab shack or crab house: Because crabs live in sandy areas, of course. Golfer Beth hits into a bunker? The other golfers might rib her: "Welcome to Beth's crab shack, open 24 hours."
  • Cat box
  • Kitty litter: What you find inside the cat box, of course.
  • Archie or Edith: From the TV series All In the Family (affiliate link), on which said family was named the Bunkers. These names can apply to the bunker itself, or to a ball hit into a bunker.
  • Bunk in the trunk: "You're carrying a little too much bunk in the trunk today, my dude."
  • Penalty box
  • Clunker: Shot that hits the sand — "you put another clunker in the bunker."
  • Pothole
  • Duffer National Seashore: One of our favorites. "Ooooo, enjoy your visit to Duffer National Seashore, Bunky." And "Bunky" is a nickname for a golfer who hits into a lot of bunkers.
  • Take a seat in the dugout: Said to a golfer who hit into the sand, the "dugout" being the bunker.
  • Dust bowl, dust bucket or dust buster
  • Powder puff
  • Can
  • Hopper
  • Sand emporium: Golfer Chuck to golfer Gary after Gary hits into a bunker: "Welcome to Gary's Sand Emporium, bogeys on sale today!"
  • Looking for Pamela Anderson/David Hasselhoff: A male golfer who hits into a lot of sand bunkers is looking for Pamela Anderson (from the TV series Baywatch). Such a female golfer is "looking for David Hasselhoff."
  • Rommell: A golfer who takes several strokes to get out of a bunker. "Nice work, Rommell."
  • Sahara: A particularly large bunker.
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Photo credit: by Martin Magnemyr from Pexels

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