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Gene Sarazen Jun Classic (Japan Golf Tour)

The Gene Sarazen Jun Classic was a men's professional golf tournament played for 23 years (beginning in the mid-to-late 1970s) as part of the Japan Golf Tour schedule. It honored Sarazen, the American golf star whose career began in the 1920s.

2022 Women's World Golf Rankings: No. 1, Top 50 at End of Year

Who was the No. 1 player in women's golf at the end of 2022? Which golfers finished the year ranked the highest in the Rolex Rankings, the official world rankings of women's golf? Below is the year-end list of 2022's top-ranked golfers.

Jack Nicklaus' 2nd-Place Finishes in Majors

Jack Nicklaus is the all-time record-holder for second-place finishes in the major championships of men's professional golf. He had 19 runner-up finishes combined between The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship. Only two other golfers have recorded at least 10 second-places in majors.

2022 World Golf Rankings: No. 1, Top 50 at End of Year

Which golfers finished the year 2022 in the Top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking? Who was No. 1? Below is the year-end list of 2022's top-ranked golfers.

How to Play the Golf Format Named 'Switch'

"Switch" is the name of a golf format whose twist is pretty straightforward: Following the drives, the two partners who form a side switch golf balls — each plays the other's drive.

Golfer Olin Dutra: 2-Time Major Champion

Olin Dutra is arguably one of the more underrated golfers in the history of pro golf: He won "only" 10 PGA Tour tournaments (in the 1920s and 1930s), but, then, he entered fewer than 100 PGA Tour events. Two of those wins were major championships, one of those victories being famous for what Dutra overcame to claim it. He was the first golfer born in California to win a U.S. Open.

Golfers Who Finished First or Second Most in Majors

Winning a major championship is the pinnacle achievement for most professional golfers. Those golfers who are in contention in a lot of majors might also record a few (or more) second-place finishes. If you can't win, you want to finish as high as possible, obviously. So which golfers have posted the most Top 2 finishes in majors?

What Is Perimeter Weighting in Golf Clubs?

In golf clubs, "perimeter weighting" refers to the distribution of the weight in a clubhead more evenly around the periphery of a club, as opposed to weight being more concentrated behind the clubface's center. The term can apply to any type of golf club, but is most commonly used when discussing irons.

Golfers With the Most 2nd-Place Finishes in Majors

Which golfers have finished in second place most often in men's major championships? The list appears below, and it is almost as full of all-time greats as is the list of golfers who won the most majors . You have to be a pretty good golfer, after all, to repeatedly come close to winning a major.

Syd Easterbrook: English Golfer, Ryder Cup Hero

Syd Easterbrook was an English professional golfer who played in two Ryder Cups in the early 1930s, and earned the winning point for his side in one of them. He also had several tournament victories in the 1930s.

How to Play the 'Pick Up Sticks' Golf Game

"Pick Up Sticks" is the name of a golf game in which the winner of a hole loses a club — the golfer cannot use that club the remainder of the match. As the match progresses, the golfers involved lose more and more clubs, forcing them to get creative in using the clubs they have remaining.

Rapiscan Systems Classic: Champions Tour Golf Tournament

The Rapiscan System Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour that was played from the early 2010s into the early 2020s. It was originally named the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic, and was always played in Mississippi.

The T-E-N Golf Format Explained

You're playing in a T-E-N golf tournament in a couple days. Great! Only one problem: You don't know how the T-E-N tournament works. Don't worry, it's very easy. And the key to it all is those letters: t, e, n.

What Is a Gilligan in Golf?

In golf, a "gilligan" is something you don't want your opponents to use. Because if they do, they'll be using it to make you replay a good shot.

The Golf Formats Known as 'Odds and Evens'

Odds and Evens is the name of a golf format that can be used for tournament play. Wait, it's actually name of two different formats. Both of them can be used for tournament play, one of them also makes good matches in a 2-vs.-2 setting.

Looking Back at Pro Golfer Mortie Dutra

Mortie Dutra was a notable pro golfer who played tournament golf from the 1920s into the 1950s, and was a club pro and golf instructor into the 1980s. His younger brother was a major championship winner, but although Mortie came close several times, he never won a PGA Tour title himself.

LPGA Mediheal Championship Golf Tournament

The Mediheal Championship was a women's professional golf tournament on the LPGA Tour schedule. It was played several times from the late 2010s to the early 2020s, but dropped off the schedule following the 2022 tournament.

How the 'No Alibis' Golf Game Works

You know those golfers who misplay a stroke and then immediately come up with an excuse for why it happend? "Oh, my foot slipped." "My shoulder is a little tight today." "Need to get my grips re-done." Yeah, whatever, give us another alibi.

Ben Hogan's Holes-in-One: How Many Aces Did He Make?

In the 1965 PGA Championship , George Knudson made a hole-in-one during the second round. Knudson's fellow-competitor that day was Ben Hogan, and after the round Hogan claimed it was the first ace he had ever witnessed. It wasn't, but that brings up a question: How many holes-in-one did Ben Hogan make ? Did he really have zero aces, as some sources claim?

Golf Joke: God's Just Punishment

A preacher who liked to play golf every Wednesday at a modest public golf course was standing on the elevated tee at the sixth hole of that course. He took a few practice swings, and looked across the river to the immaculate private country club nearby.

How to Play the Golf Game Named 'Nines'

Nines is the name of a golf game for foursomes (although it can be played by threesomes, too) in which nine points are at stake on each hole. The golfer who wins a hole earns five of those points, the golfer with the worst score on the hole gets zero.

Golfer Jean Gassiat: Early French Pro, Namesake of Famous Putter

Jean Gassiat (1883-1966) was born Louis Gassiat, but always known as Jean. He was an early French golfer in the same period as his more famous countryman Arnaud Massy . Gassiat is remembered as a early champion of the French Open, and for an eponymous putter he created whose blocky clubhead earned it the nickname, "the Grand Piano."

LPGA Kingsmill Championship (Pure Silk Championship) Tournament

The Kingsmill Championship was an LPGA Tour golf tournament played over nearly a 20-year period, into the 2020s. It was known by several different names, including, at the end, Pure Silk Championship. For part of its run, it was considered one of the higher-prestige events, outside of the majors, on the LPGA Tour.

The 'Mutt and Jeff' Golf Format

"Mutt and Jeff" is the name of a golf format or a side game within a group of golfers in which the focus is on longest holes and shortest holes. The format's name derives from a once-famous pair of comic strip characters.

Yearly Sand Save Leaders on the LPGA Tour

The statistical category all the major pro tours use to measure golfers' ability on bunker shots is sand save percentage — how good a golfer is at getting up-and-down from greenside bunkers. Following is the list of yearly leaders in sand saves on the LPGA Tour.