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1995 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The U.S. Women's Open was played for the 50th time in 1995, and it was won for the first time by Annika Sorenstam. But Sorenstam, who had never before won on the LPGA Tour, had to come from five strokes back in the final round to get the win.

1996 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 1996 U.S. Women's Open was the 51st time this major championship was played. The winner was Annika Sorenstam, still early into her professional career but, with this win, a 2-time USWO champ.

1997 U.S. Women's Open Winners and Scores

Alison Nicholas held off fan favorite Nancy Lopez to win this, the 52nd playing of the U.S. Women's Open. The 1997 tournament was Lopez's last charge at a trophy she never won.

Clayton Heafner: Golfer Won on Tour, Renowned for Temper

Clayton Heafner was a PGA Tour player from the late 1930s into the early 1950s. A four-time winner on tour, he twice came close in U.S. Opens before settling for second. Many stories are told about his on-course temper. One of Heafner's sons also was a PGA Tour winner.

1998 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 1998 U.S. Women's Open was the 53rd edition of this major championship. Se Ri Pak was the winner but only after an epic showdown with a college amateur that ended with 20 playoff holes.

Golfers Who Won Both the PGA and Senior PGA Championships

The PGA of America's major championship is the PGA Championship, of course. And its major for golfers 50-and-over is the Senior PGA Championship, the oldest of all the senior majors . Have any golfers won both of those titles? Yes, but the number is still fewer than a dozen.

Largest Margins of Victory in Senior PGA Championship

Which golfer holds the record for largest winning margin in the Senior PGA Championship? One of the giants of the game: Sam Snead.

Lowest 18-Hole Scores in Senior PGA Championship

What is the best score any golfer has posted for one round in the Senior PGA Championship? The tournament's 18-hole scoring record is 62 and, so far, two golfers have achieved that record round.

72-Hole Scoring Record at Senior PGA Championship

What are the lowest total scores in the history of the Senior PGA Championship? The best 72-hole total any golfer has yet achieved in this oldest of the senior majors is 265. That's a record shared by two golfers.

Bio of Golfer Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes was the first golfer to score lower than 65 in a British Open, and won a Players Championship title. Always associated with Oklahoma, Hayes played on the PGA Tour from the mid-1970s into the 1990s.

2028 PGA Championship Dates, Golf Course

The 2028 PGA Championship will be the 110th edition of this major championship, which is staged by the PGA of America. This is the third-oldest of the men's majors, dating to 1916.

2027 PGA Championship Dates, Golf Course

The 2027 PGA Championship will be the 109th time this golf tournament is played. Founded in 1916, the PGA Championship is run by the PGA of America. It the only one of the four major championships of men's professional golf that was once match play (it has used a stroke-play format since 1958).

22: Practice Game for Your Short Game

Does your short game need a little work? Whose doesn't? Grab nine golf balls and head to your favorite practice green to work on it with the practice game named 22 (or Twenty-Two).

Up-the-Hill Drill Fights Slice, Grooves Inside-to-Outside Swing Path

Do you fight a slice in your golf game? Most recreational golfers do. Or, at least, they suffer from a weak fade they'd prefer to turn into a draw. A common cause of both issues is the over-the-top swing that produces an outside-to-inside swing path, leading your club to swipe across the face of the golf ball. The "Up the Hill Drill" can help correct these issues.

How to Play the Middle Twelves Golf Game

Middle Twelves (or Middle 12s) is the name of a side game for golfers to play within their quartet over a round of golf. It's actually two games, because there are two common ways to play it.

Profile of Golfer Fred Hawkins

Fred Hawkins was a solid competitor on the PGA Tour in the 1950s and 1960s whose talent never squared, his peers thought, with his number of victories: just one win on the tour. But he was on leaderboards often, came close in majors and did play in the Ryder Cup, and piled up a large number of second-place finishes. In fact, Hawkins was runner-up in Arnold Palmer's first major victory, in Ben Hogan's final win and in the first-ever win by a lefthander on the PGA Tour.

How to Play the Mix and Match (Ransom) Game

The golf game called Mix and Match is one in which four golfers, playing 2-vs.-2, change formats every six holes. Over the course of the 18-hole round, then, three different competition formats are in use.

23 Fun Facts About the Wanamaker Trophy (PGA Championship)

Do you know the name of the PGA Championship trophy? It's right there in our headline: Wanamaker Trophy. Because of its very large size (and the fact it is awarded at a major championship), it is one of the better-known trophies in golf. And it has an amazing history, which we'll tell you about now — including how one of the biggest stars in golf history lost the trophy and kept that fact hidden from the PGA!

Golf Joke: Beware What You Ask

A wife and husband are sitting around one evening, just talking, when the wife suddenly asks, "If I died, would you re-marry?"

Golf Game: 'Random Club Challenge'

The golf game named Random Club Challenge requires golfers to play holes using only one golf club. And they don't even get to decide which club to use.

Golfer E.J. 'Dutch' Harrison Biography

Dutch Harrison had a 19-year span of winning on the PGA Tour that stretched from 1939 to 1958. He won nearly 20 tour titles, nearly 30 pro tournaments total. But Harrison never won a major, and today is usually included high on rankings of golfers without a major championship title. He was famous in his time for his prowess in gambling matches.

LPGA Swinging Skirts Taiwan Championship

The LPGA Taiwan Championship was a women's professional golf tournament on the LPGA Tour and the first-ever LPGA tournament played in Taiwan. The term "Swinging Skirts" was part of the tournament's name for the second half of its run.

Golfers Who Won PGA Championship in First Attempt

The PGA Championship, one of the four major championships of men's professional golf, has been played since 1916. Over the tournament's history, how many golfers have won it when playing this major for the very first time? Debut victories aren't common, but they do happen. And in the PGA Championship, these are the players who won in their inaugural appearance:

Best Match Play Records in the PGA Championship

Once upon a time, the PGA Championship was a match play tournament. From the year it was first played, 1916, through the 1957 tournament, this major championship used a match-play format. Which golfers during that era of the tournament were the best match players?