How to Play the Mix and Match (Ransom) Game

The golf game called Mix and Match is one in which four golfers, playing 2-vs.-2, change formats every six holes. Over the course of the 18-hole round, then, three different competition formats are in use.

Mix and Match is also called Ransom, but its most-common name is probably 3 In 1.

There are two categories of golf games that involve switching things up every six holes:

  • Games in which the partners stay the same but the format changes every six holes.
  • Games in which the format stays the same but the partners change every six holes (such as Sixes/Round Robin).
Mix and Match, aka Ransom, is in the first category. What formats do the golfers play in Mix and Match? That is really up to your group. You can choose three match-play formats, or you can play three stroke-play formats.

Probably the most-common way to play Mix and Match is this:

  • First six holes (1-6): Best ball (the one low score between the two partners counts as the team score).
  • Middle six holes (7-12): Alternate shot (the partners play one ball, alternating playing the strokes).
  • Last six holes (13-18): Combined score of the two partners.
You can change up that order as your group prefers or, as noted, you can substitute any other formats your group likes.

You can also bet Mix and Match/Ransom a couple different ways. There can be one, overall bet based only on the teams' 18-hole scores. Or you can make each, 6-hole match a separate bet in addition to having a wager riding on the overall score.

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