How to Play the Sixes Golf Format

Sixes is a game for groups of four golfers, who pair off for 2-vs.-2 play. The catch: Players rotate partners after every six holes so that each member of the group, over the course of the round, partners with every other member.

For example, when the round starts A and B partner against C and D. That arrangement covers Holes 1-6. On the seventh hole, the partners switch. Now it's A and C against B and D. That lasts for Holes 7-12. And for Holes 13-18, it's A and D playing against B and C.

Any scoring format for the 6-hole matches can be used, and each 6-hole segment is a separate wager. So at the end of the 18 holes you've been on two winning sides and one losing side, you come out ahead.

Sixes is best played by partners of similar skill levels, or by golfers using full handicaps.

Does this format sound familiar? It should, it's a very common choice among golfers with a regular foursome. You might know it as Hollywood, one of its alternate names. But the most common name for this format is Round Robin.

Photo credit: "Trefdraeth/Newportgolf club withcheerful golfers" by ceridwen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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