What Is the Dance Floor in Golf?

A golf course putting green, also known as the dance floor
In golf, the term "dance floor" is a slang term that means the putting green. If your ball is on the green, on the putting surface, you are "on the dance floor."

The expression stems from the fact that the putting green is a cleared area, a specially prepared area, a slick-surfaced area (relative to the rest of the golf course, anyway). It is also the area, and putting is the activity, that leads to all eyes on you. So dance, um, we mean putt, like nobody is watching.

We recommend against any actual dancing while on the putting green — unless you have a chance to do a birdie dance, of course.

How do golfers use the expression "dance floor" in conversation? A golfer who hits the green with an approach might exclaim, "I'm on the dance floor!" Or one of his buddies might yell out, "You hit the dance floor."

Variations of the term are also sometimes heard. "You're dancing" is sometimes used by one golfer to tell another her golf ball is on the green.

"Green Hill Golf Course Worcester" by Destination Worcester is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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