2003 Walker Cup: Third Win In a Row for Great Britain & Ireland

For the third consecutive Walker Cup, the winner was Team GB&I. (GB&I had never won consecutively prior to the 2001 Walker Cup.) Following this result, the overall standings were 31 wins by the United States, seven wins for GB&I and one tie.

Final Score: Great Britain & Ireland 12.5, United States 11.5

Dates Played: Sept. 6-7, 2003

Location: Ganton Golf Club in North Yorkshire, England

Team Captains: Bob Lewis (USA) and Garth McGimpsey (GB&I)

Team Rosters: USA — Bill Haas, Matt Hendrix, Trip Kuehne, Brock Mackenzie, Ryan Moore, Chris Nallen, Adam Rubinson, Casey Wittenberg, Lee Williams, George Zahringer. GB&I — Nigel Edwards, Noel Fox, Graham Gordon, David Inglis, Stuart Manley, Colm Moriarty, Michael Skelton, Oliver Wilson, Stuart Wilson, Gary Wolstenholme.

Notes: GB&I won the first foursomes session 3-1, but Team USA dominated the Day 1 singles, 6-2, and led by a 7-5 score following Day 1. The USA's 2-point margin held through the Day 2 foursomes, but in the final singles session Team GB&I won 5.5 to 2.5, giving them the final 1-point victory margin. In the final singles match, Stuart Manley defeated Trip Kuehne, 3-and-1, to secure the Cup.

Day 1 Results


  • Bill Haas/Trip Kuehne, USA, def. Gary Wolstenholme/Michael Skelton, GB&I, 2 and 1
  • Stuart Wilson/David Inglis, GB&I, def. Lee Williams/George Zahringer, USA, 2-up
  • Nigel Edwards/Stuart Manley, GB&I, def. Chris Nallen/Ryan Moore, USA, 3 and 2
  • Noel Fox/Colm Moriarty, def. Adam Rubinson/Casey Wittenberg, USA, 4 and 2
  • Bill Haas, USA, def. Gary Wolstenholme, GB&I, 1-up
  • Trip Kuehne, USA, halved with Oliver Wilson, GB&I
  • Brock Mackenzie, USA, def. David Inglis, GB&I, 3 and 2
  • Matt Hendrix, USA, halved with Stuart Wilson, GB&I
  • Nigel Edwards, GB&I, def. George Zahringer, USA, 3 and 2
  • Chris Nallen, USA, Colm Moriarty, GB&I, 2-up
  • Adam Rubinson, USA, def. Noel Fox, GB&I, 3 and 2
  • Casey Wittenberg, USA, def. Graham Gordon, GB&I, 5 and 4
Day 2 Results


  • Gary Wolstenholme/Oliver Wilson, GB&I, def. Bill Haas/Trip Kuehne, USA, 5 and 4
  • Brock Mackenzie/Matt Hendrix, USA, def. Noel Fox/Colm Moriarty, GB&I, 6 and 5
  • Casey Wittenberg/Adam Rubinson, USA, halved with Stuart Wilson/David Inglis, GB&I
  • Lee Williams/George Zahringer, halved with Nigel Edwards/Stuart Manley, GB&I
  • Oliver Wilson, GB&I, def. Bill Haas, USA, 1-up
  • Gary Wolstenholme, GB&I, def. Casey Wittenberg, USA, 3 and 2
  • Michael Skelton, GB&I, def. Adam Rubinson, USA, 3 and 2
  • Brock Mackenzie, USA, def. Colm Moriarty, GB&I, 3 and 1
  • Matt Hendrix, USA, def. Stuart Wilson, GB&I, 5 and 4
  • David Inglis, GB&I, def. Ryan Moore, USA, 4 and 3
  • Lee Williams, USA, halved with Nigel Edwards, GB&I
  • Stuart Manley, GB&I, def. Trip Kuehne, USA, 3 and 1

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