Velcro Greens In Golf

"Velcro," when used as a slang term in golf, refers to the speed of the putting greens on a golf course. "Velcro greens" are ones that are very slow.

Usage examples: "These greens are so slow, they're like Velcro." "These are Velcro greens, so give your putt a good rap."

The key to putting on Velcro greens is to remember that slow greens break less than fast greens. So you must be aggressive in choosing a straighter line to the hole and hitting the ball firmer. A visualation that can help is to tell yourself the hole is a couple feet farther away than it is — this can help you avoid coming up way short, a common problem on slow greens.

The golf slang term "Velcro greens" derives, of course, from the Velcro brand hook-and-loop fastening system. The putting surface is the like Velcro surface, grabbing at the ball and slowing it down. Velcro was first patented in 1955 and introduced commercially in the late 1950s.

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