Let's Get Stony (Definition of the Golf Term)

What does the golf slang term "stony" mean? It means you've hit a great shot: When your golf ball comes to rest in close proximity to the hole on the green, you are "stony."

So "stony" is a golf expression that means basically the same thing as other terms such as "stick" or "stuck" ("stick this one close," or "you stuck that one"), "tight"; "stuffed it"; and "hit it stiff."

Stony as a golf expression is probably more common in the U.K., where one might hear golfers saying things such as "you need to stony this one if you want to make birdie," "great shot, that one's stony," or "you stonied (or just stoned) that one."

The expression probably originated in England, where variations on the word "stone" — referring to weight, used in expressions such as "stone dead" and "stone cold" — are common. One theory: The golf usage of "stony" derives from "stone dead." As in, "that golf ball is stone dead (completely stopped and resting) next to the flagstick."

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