1919 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

Following a two-year break, the PGA Championship returned in 1919 for just its second playing.

Winner: Jim Barnes

Where it was played: Engineers Country Club in Roslyn Harbor, New York

Tournament dates: Sept. 16-20, 1919

Notable notes: Jim Barnes successfully defended the title he won at the inaugural PGA Championship in 1916 by defeating Fred McLeod in the final, 6 and 5. The tournament skipped 1917 and 1918 due to World War I. ... This pairing had one of the largest height discrepancies ever for a final pairing in a major: Barnes was 6-foot-3, very tall for the time, while McLeod was 5-foot-4.

Late-Round Match Scores

Round of 16 (36 holes)
Jim Barnes def. Otto Hackbarth, 3 and 2
Emmet French def. Tom Kerrigan, 2-up
Bob MacDonald def. George Fatheringham, 2 and 1
Jock Hutchison def. Tom McNamara, 8 and 6
J.D. Edgar def. Harry Hampton, 7 and 6
Fred McLeod def. George Gordon, 2-up
James West def. Wilfred Reid, 2 and 1
George McLean def. Mike Brady, 6 and 5

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
Jim Barnes def. Emmet French, 3 and 2
Bob MacDonald def. Jock Hutchison, 3 and 2
George McLean def. James West, 9 and 7
Fred McLeod def. J.D. Edgar, 8 and 6

Semifinals (36 holes)
Jim Barnes def. Bob MacDonald, 5 and 4
Fred McLeod def. George McLean, 3 and 2

Championship Match (36 holes)
Jim Barnes. def. Fred McLeod, 3 and 2

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