1916 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1916 PGA Championship was the very first time this major was played.

Winner: Jim Barnes

Where it was played: Siwanoy Country Club in Bronxville, New York

Tournament dates: Oct. 10-14, 1916

Notable notes: The PGA Championship made its debut here, becoming the third of what we now call the professional majors to debut (after the British Open and U.S. Open). ... The inaugural PGA champion was Jim Barnes, who defeated Jock Hutchison in the championship match by a 1-up score. ... Barnes was 1-down to Hutchison following the morning 18, and was 1-down again with three holes to play. But Barnes won two of those final three holes to claim the trophy. ... Barnes eventually won four majors total and Hutchison won two. The first stroke in PGA Championship history was played by Tom Kerrigan, who was the head pro at the host club, Siwanoy. See also: What was the prize money at the first PGA Championship?

Late-Round Match Scores at the 1916 PGA Championship

Round of 16 (36 holes)
Tom Kerrigan def. George McLean, 2 and 1
Jim Barnes def. Alec Smith, 8 and 7
Willie MacFarlane def. Mike Brady, 3 and 2
Jack Dowling def. Emmet French, 1-up (37 holes)
J.J. O'Brien def. George Simpson, 3 and 2
Walter Hagen def. Bob MacDonald, 3 and 2
Jock Hutchison def. W. Brown, 11 and 9
Cyril Walker def. Jack Hobens, 5 and 4

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
Jim Barnes def. Tom Kerrigan, 3 and 1
Willie Macfarlane def. Jack Dowling, 2 and 1
Jock Hutchison def. Cyril Walker, 4 and 3
Walter Hagen def. J.J. O'Brien, 10 and 9

Semifinals (36 holes)
Jim Barnes def. Willie Macfarlane, 6 and 5
Jock Hutchison def. Walter Hagen, 2-up

Championship Match (36 holes)
Jim Barnes def. Jock Hutchison, 1-up

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