2013 Walker Cup Winner and Match Scores

An 8-point win was Team USA's largest since the 1997 Walker Cup. Following this result, the all-time standing in the tournament was 35 wins for Team USA, eight for Team GB&I, and one tie.

Final Score: United States 17, Great Britain & Ireland 9

Dates Played: September 7-8, 2013

Location: National Golf Links of America in Southampton, New York

Team Captains: Nigel Edwards (GB&I) and Jim Holtgrieve (USA)

Team Rosters: GB&I — Matthew Fitzpatrick, Nathan Kimsey, Gavin Moynihan, Max Orrin, Kevin Phelan, Garrick Porteous, Rhys Pugh, Neil Raymond, Callum Shinkwin, Jordan Smith. USA — Max Homa, Michael Kim, Patrick Rodgers, Justin Thomas, Cory Whitsett, Bobby Wyatt, Michael Weaver, Jordan Niebrugge, Todd White, Nathan Smith.

Notes: Team USA fell behind following the first session of the 2013 Walker Cup, but then won each of the next three sessions to claim the easy victory. That included winning the two singles sessions by a combined score of 13.5 to 4.5. ... Bobby Wyatt lead the USA with 3.5 points (3-0-1), and Michael Kim went 3-0-0. For GB&I the top performer was Matthew Fitzpatrick with a 3-1-0 record.

Day 1 Results


  • Nathan Kimsey/Max Orrin, GB&I, halved with Cory Whitsett/Bobby Wyatt, USA
  • Matthew Fitzpatrick/Neil Raymond, GB&I, def. Jordan Niebrugge/Nathan Smith, USA, 1-up
  • Garrick Porteous/Rhys Pugh, GB&I, def. Michael Weaver/Todd White, USA, 3 and 1
  • Patrick Rodgers/Justin Tomas, USA, def. Gavin Moynihan/Kevin Phelan, GB&I, 2 and 1
  • Bobby Wyatt, USA, def. Neil Raymond, GB&I, 2-up
  • Max Homa, USA, def. Max Orrin, GB&I, 5 and 3
  • Michael Kim, USA, def. Callum Shinkwin, GB&I, 2 and 1
  • Cory Whitsett, USA, def. Jordan Smith, GB&I, 1-up
  • Jordan Niebrugge, USA, def. Garrick Porteous, GB&I, 1-up
  • Michael Weaver, USA, def. Matthew Fitzpatrick, GB&I, 3 and 1
  • Nathan Kimsey, GB&I, halved with Justin Thomas, USA
  • Gavin Moynihan, GB&I, def. Patrick Rodgers, USA, 2 and 1
Day 2 Results


  • Bobby Wyatt/Cory Whitsett, USA, def. Nathan Kimsey/Max Orrin, GB&I, 2 and 1
  • Matthew Fitzpatrick/Neil Raymond, GB&I, def. Michael Weaver/Todd White, USA, 3 and 2
  • Max Homa/Michael Kim, USA, def. Garrick Porteous/Rhys Pugh, GB&I, 1-up
  • Gavin Moynihan/Kevin Phelan, GB&I, def. Patrick Rodgers/Jordan Niebrugge, 2-up
  • Bobby Wyatt, USA, def. Neil Raymond, GB&I, 4 and 3
  • Justin Thomas, USA, def. Max Orrin, GB&I, 6 and 4
  • Matthew Fitzpatrick, GB&I, def. Michael Weaver, USA, 3 and 2
  • Todd White, USA, def. Rhys Pugh, GB&I, 4 and 3
  • Nathan Smith, USA, def. Nathan Kimsey, GB&I, 4 and 3
  • Callum Shinkwin, GB&I, def. Cory Whitsett, USA, 2-up
  • Michael Kim, USA, def. Garrick Porteous, GB&I, 4 and 2
  • Kevin Phelan, GB&I, def. Max Homa, USA, 2 and 1
  • Jordan Niebrugge, USA, def. Jordan Smith, GB&I, 6 and 5
  • Patrick Rodgers, USA, def. Gavin Moynihan, GB&I, 1-up
Players' W-L-T Records

Matthew Fitzpatrick, 3-1-0
Kevin Phelan, 2-1-0
Gavin Moynihan, 2-2-0
Neil Raymond, 2-2-0
Callum Shinkwin, 1-1-0
Rhys Pugh, 1-2-0
Garrick Porteous, 1-3-0
Nathan Kimsey, 0-2-2
Max Orrin, 0-3-1
Jordan Smith, 0-2-0

Bobby Wyatt, 3-0-1
Michael Kim, 3-0-0
Justin Thomas, 2-0-1
Cory Whitsett, 2-1-1
Max Homa, 2-1-0
Jordan Niebrugge, 2-2-0
Patrick Rodgers, 2-2-0
Nathan Smith, 1-1-0
Todd White, 1-2-0
Michael Weaver, 1-3-0

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