1920 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1920 PGA Championship was the third time this major was played.

Winner: Jock Hutchison

Where it was played: Flossmoor Country Club in Flossmoor, Illinois

Tournament dates: Aug. 17-21, 1920

Notable notes: Jock Hutchison defeated J.D. Edgar in the championship match by a 1-up score. Hutchison went on to win the 1921 British Open, too, but this was his first major. ... Hutchison didn't get into the field until two other golfers withdrew. ... Hutchison held a 3-up lead over Edgar in the final with five holes to play, but Edgar won the next two holes to close the gap. But an untimely three-putt on the following hole by Edgar helped Hutchison secure the title. ... Jim Barnes, winner of the two previous PGA Championships (the only ones played prior to this) was knocked out in the second round of match play.

Late-Round Match Scores

Round of 16 (36 holes)
Peter O'Hara def. Alex Cunningham, 5 and 4
George McLean def. Tom Kennett, 8 and 7
J.D. Edgar def. Joe Sylvester, 11 and 9
Bob MacDonald def. Bill Mehlhorn, 1-up
Harry Hampton def. George Thompson, 5 and 4
Clarence Hackney def. Jim Barnes, 5 and 4
Louis Tellier def. Charles Mayo, 4 and 2
Jock Hutchison def. Laurie Ayton, 5 and 3

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
George McLean def. Peter O'Hara, 1-up (38 holes)
J.D. Edgar def. Bob MacDonald, 5 and 4
Harry Hampton def. Clarence Hackney, 4 and 3
Jock Hutchison def. Louis Tellier, 6 and 5

Semifinals (36 holes)
J.D. Edgar def. George McLean, 8 and 7
Jock Hutchison def. Harry Hampton, 4 and 3

Championship Match (36 holes)
Jock Hutchison def. J.D. Edgar, 1-up

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