About GolfCompendium.com

GolfCompendium.com was founded early in 2013. We write about golf, obviously, but mostly articles of the historical, encyclopedia, and almanac type. Articles about golfers and tournaments of yore, the greatest (and sometimes worst) achievements in golf history, or any other stories that catch our interest. We strive to use only the best sources for our articles as well as going deep with our own research.

Editor/writer: David Williams
Contributors: James "Bogey" McDuff, Stewart Mulligan, Greg Fieg, Nita Selby

A few questions and answers:

Who writes the articles that appear on GolfCompendium.com? Our founder, editor and head writer is David Williams, whose experience in sports journalism goes back to the 1980s. Williams worked as an editor and writer for newspapers, magazines and online publications before retiring. Then retirement got boring, so he began writing GolfCompendium.com.

I'm a freelance writer, can I write for you? Can I query you? Unfortunately, we do not have a budget for freelancers, and cannot reply to story proposals.

I'm an internet marketer, can I pay you to run my client's "guest post"? No.

Can my company send you a product for review? We do not do product reviews on GolfCompendium.com.

How can I contact GolfCompendium.com? Send an email to golfcompendium -- at -- yahoo dot com. (Yahoo? Really? Hey, we ain't fancy around here.) We are also on Twitter: @GolfCompendium

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