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Definition: Emergency Nine (or E9)

Have you ever played an "emergency nine" at the golf course? That is a term that originated in the world of golf gambling, but has come more generally to refer to an extra nine holes, or a squeezed-in nine holes, or any 9-hole round that you play because you just couldn't stand another day without golf.

Ed Furgol: U.S. Open Champ, PGA Tour Victor

Ed Furgol was a PGA Tour golfer from the 1940s into the 1960s, winning a half-dozen times. And one of those wins was a U.S. Open. To have his successful golf career, he had to overcome the permanent and shattering effects of a childhood accident that left one of his arms withered, crooked and shorter than the other.

Denver Open Invitational Golf Tournament (Ex-PGA Tour)

The Denver Open Invitational was a pro golf tournament on the PGA Tour that was played six times over a 16-year period from the 1940s to the 1960s. Although sporadically played, and played over three time periods, those tournaments are considered one continuous event in PGA Tour recordkeeping. The Denver Open is best-remembered as the site of Chi Chi Rodriguez's first tour victory.

U.S. Amateur Future Sites and Dates

The U.S. Amateur is the national championship of amateur golf in the United States. It rotates each year to a different golf course and its current spot on the calendar is mid-August.

Consecutive Birdies in a Round: PGA Tour Record

What is the PGA Tour's all-time record for most consecutive birdies during a round in an official tournament? Nine birdies in a row is that record. Two golfers share the record.

U.S. Women's Open Future Sites and Dates

The U.S. Women's Open is one of the five major championships in women's professional golf , and is the biggest tournament in women's pro golf. Below is a list of golf courses that are already scheduled as the future sites of this major.

Have Any Amateur Golfers Won on the PGA Tour?

Has an amateur golfer ever won a tournament on the PGA Tour against the world's best professionals? Yes! It hasn't happened very often since 1945, but it has happened very recently.

Val Skinner: Profile of LPGA Golfer

Val Skinner was an LPGA Tour golfer whose biggest successes happened during a three-year stretch in the 1980s and another three-year stretch in the 1990s. After her playing days ended, she had a career as a broadcaster. Skinner also, in memory of a fallen friend and through charitable efforts, raised millions of dollars to support breast cancer research organizations.

Senior Tour's NFL Golf Classic Tournament

The NFL Golf Classic was a professional golf tournament on the Champions Tour played from the early 1990s into the early 2000s. Its field included, competing along with the senior golfers, professional football players, hence the tournament name.

U.S. Senior Open Future Sites

The U.S. Senior Open is the biggest tournament in senior (ages 50 and over) professional golf. Played annually, it is staged by the United States Golf Association. But where and when are future U.S. Senior Opens scheduled?

Defining the 'Chip-In' in Golf

The "chip-in" is type of golf shot that sometimes results purely from luck, but the odds of scoring a chip-in increase dramatically as one's short game improves. A golfer makes a "chip-in" by, natch, chipping the golf ball into the hole; by playing a chip shot that ends with the ball in the cup.

British Open Future Sites and Dates

When and where will the British Open golf tournament be played in coming years? Future dates and golf courses are listed below for this event, which is formally named The Open Championship (often shortened to The Open).

Rod Funseth: Golfer Who Won After He Was Supposed to Be Dead

Rod Funseth was a PGA Tour golfer from the early 1960s into the late 1970s, winning three times and coming close at The Masters. Then he burst onto the senior circuit in his 50s. But in his early 50s, Funseth succumbed to an asbestos-caused cancer. He still managed to win a senior tournament, though, after doctors had already predicted he'd be dead.

PGA Championship Future Sites (Courses) and Dates

When and where are future PGA Championships going to be played? Below is the list of those coming PGA Championship tournaments for which the site (golf course) has been announced and, in most instances, also the future dates.

Old Golf Lingo: 'Bolt' and 'Bolt the Hole'

Once upon a time, it was common in golf (at least in the U.K.) to hear golfers talking about needing to "bolt" a stroke, or to brag about "bolting the hole." The old golf lingo is mostly gone from the game, but let's find out what it meant. Maybe you'd like to bring it back to your group of golf buddies.

The Bird's-Nest Lie Explained

Golfers have lots of different terms to describe lots of different ways the golf ball sits on the ground (the ball's "lie"). One of those terms is "bird's-nest lie." Do you know what it means?

U.S. Open Future Sites (Golf Courses) and Dates

When and where will future U.S. Open golf tournaments be played? The "when" is known for future U.S. Opens a few years in advance; there "where" is known for U.S. Open several decades into the future.

Profile of Golfer Emmet French

Emmet French was an American professional golfer who played during the early years of the PGA Tour, from the 1910s into the 1930s. He lost to Gene Sarazen in the finals of a PGA Championship, but won several tour tournaments. French also was the captain of an American team in one of the events that inspired the Ryder Cup.

Golf Joke: Small World

Manny and Darvin were two singles who showed up at the golf course on a slow day and were paired together in a twosome. It was the favorite golf course for both, and they were enjoying the round. There was only one problem:

LPGA Tour's ADT Championship Tournament

The ADT Championship was a high-dollar, season-ending "tour championship" golf tournament on the LPGA Tour from the mid-1990s into the late 2000-aughts. For its final three years, it boasted the first "playoff format" in professional golf and the highest first-place prize money in women's golf history to that point.

Future Masters Golf Tournament Dates

The Masters Tournament takes place annually in April. But when, specifically, are future Masters Tournaments scheduled? Let's see what the dates are for upcoming Masters golf tournaments.

Doug Ford: Profile of Hall-of-Fame Golfer

Doug Ford was a professional golfer who won nearly 20 times on the PGA Tour, mostly in the 1950s. A fast player with a great short game, Ford was the winner of multiple major championships. At one time he held the record for most starts in The Masters, and he also ranks among the most prolific players in combined PGA Tour/Champions Tour starts.

Looking Back: Finnair Masters on LET

The Finnair Masters, originally named the Ladies Finnish Masters, was a 54-hole golf tournament on the Ladies European Tour (LET) from the mid-2000s to the early 2010s. It took place annually in the capital city of Finland.