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Golfers With the Most Singles Wins in Solheim Cup

Which golfer holds the record for most wins in singles matches at the Solheim Cup? The all-time Solheim Cup record for most wins in singles matches is six, and that record is shared by Juli Inkster (pictured above/Team USA) and Catriona Matthew (Team Europe).

Bio of English Golfer Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward was an English golfer who began winning pro tournaments in the 1930s, and had his biggest wins from the mid-1940s through the early 1950s. He also represented Team Great Britain & Ireland in three Ryder Cups and was the first back-to-back winner of the Harry Vardon Trophy.

The Golfer Who Was Punished By the Military for Winning a Tournament

In 1945, British pro golfer Charlie Ward won a tournament. And for his efforts, he was punished by the Royal Air Force.

2022 Curtis Cup Winner and Match Scores

The 2022 Curtis Cup was the 42nd time this international, amateur team competition was played. A team of women amateurs representing Great Britain & Ireland plays a team of women amateurs representing the United States every two years in the Curtis Cup. The event is jointly run by the USGA and R&A. The all-time standings after the American sides' victory in 22 was 31 wins for Team USA, 8 wins for Team GB&I, plus three ties.

What 'All Square' Means in Golf Scoring

"All square," sometimes shortened to just "square," means that a golf match is tied. The term is used in match play, in which a golfer or team is playing against another golfer or team, rather than trying to achieve a lower stroke total than the full field of golfers (which is stroke play).

Tiger Woods' PGA Tour Finishes As An Amateur

Tiger Woods appeared in multiple PGA Tour tournaments before he turned pro, beginning when he was 16 years old. How did he do in those tournaments? Below, we list them — all the PGA Tour events Woods played as an amateur, including his scores and where he finished.

Solheim Cup Captains: Full List (Plus Assistants)

The list of Solheim Cup captains goes back to 1990, the year the competition was first played. It was launched that year to give the world's best women golfers a competition modeled after the Ryder Cup, with teams representing Europe and the United States.

Who Is the Curtis Cup Named After?

The Curtis Cup is the name of the biennial golf tournament that pits teams of women amateurs representing Great Britain & Ireland and the United States. It has been played since 1932. ( View the results of every Curtis Cup match ever played .) But who put the "Curtis" in Curtis Cup? Why is the competition named that?

Harvie Ward: Bio of the Amateur Golf Great

Harvie Ward was one of the greatest amateur golfers of the 1950s, winning both the U.S. and British amateur championships. He played in the Walker Cup several times and posted a perfect record, and achieved Top 10 finishes in two of the four professional majors (he didn't play the other two). Ward also was one of the four golfers who played what has become one of the most-famous matches in golf history.

Mobile Bay LPGA Classic Golf Tournament

The Mobile Bay LPGA Classic (known by multiple names, including Airbus LPGA Classic in its last year) was an LPGA Tour golf tournament in Mobile, Alabama. It was played six times in the early years of the 2000s.

Explaining the 'Back It Up' Skins Game Variation

"Back It Up" is the name of a variation of a skins game in which a golfer who wins a hole can then double the value by winning the next hole as well — by, in other words, backing up the first win with a second.

Do Golf Courses Paint the Grass?

Do golf courses paint their fairways and greens to make them that perfect shade of green? Some do! Many do, in fact, and it is a groundskeeping tactic that is growing in use.

PGA Tour Golfers Who Went the Longest Time Between Wins

Elsewhere, we've told you about those golfers with the longest time between their first and last wins on the PGA Tour . In this article, we're talking about the biggest gap between consecutive wins: Which golfers won a tournament, then won another tournament, and had the longest gap between those two wins?

Definition of 'Lunch Ball' in Golf

What is a "lunch ball"? It's a mulligan — a do-over. Yes, in golf, "lunch ball" is another term (one of many) for the mulligan, which is a stroke that a golfer replays without penalty when his or her group has agreed to allow it. But there are some interesting nuances to the lunch ball.

Golfer Al Watrous Biography

Al Watrous was a professional golfer who won multiple PGA Tour tournaments in the 1920s and 1930s, and played in the first two Ryder Cups. He was a long-serving pro at a famous golf club, and continued winning as a senior golfer, including three senior majors.

Low Amateurs at the Women's British Open

The Women's British Open dates to 1976, when the Ladies Golf Union created it to carry on what had previously been the Ladies Amateur Stroke Play Championship. There were only a handful of women professionals in Britain at the time, so amateurs had very strong showings (including a few wins) for years to come.

Golfers Who Won Both the U.S. Amateur and British Amateur Championships

How many golfers have won both the U.S. Amateur Championship and the British Amateur Championship? Not many! It's tough to win just one of these prestigious amateur golf titles, after all, much less both of them. But 13 golfers have managed to pull off this feat. Some of those who did it are very big names in golf history, and others are ... not.

Most Top 10 Finishes in Single Season on the PGA Tour

What is the PGA Tour record for most Top 10 finishes by a golfer in a single season? That record is 31 — one golfer in PGA Tour history finished in the Top 10 in 31 tournament during a single season. And that golfer was named Jug.

The Real Story of Tommy Armour's Single-Hole Score of 23

In the 1927 Shawnee Open golf tournament, played one week after he won the U.S. Open, Tommy Armour set a record that is still cited today. He made a score of 23 on a single hole. If you are a student of golf history or a fan of unusual golf records, you've probably heard about Armour's 23 many times. It's a score that shows up on lots of lists of the highest single-hole scores in PGA Tour history , usually regarded as the all-time record for that stat.

Shawnee Open, Early PGA Tour Golf Tournament

The Shawnee Open was part of the PGA Tour for a couple decades during the earliest years of the professional tour's existence. Its roster of winners includes many of the biggest names from that era in American golf.

DeWitt Weaver: Profile of PGA Tour, Champions Tour Winner

DeWitt Weaver was a PGA Tour golfer primarily in the 1970s, then had a second career on the Champions Tour primarily in the 1990s. He was never a big winner, but did snag several tour wins and was particularly known as a strong match player.

How to Play the Rotation Golf Game

In the golf game named Rotation, a group of four golfers takes turns playing each stroke: Golfer A plays, then B, then C and D, then back to A. But there's a twist: Each golfer has only one club, and must use that club for every stroke played.

What Ever Happened to Briana Vega of 'The Big Break'?

Where is Briana Vega today? Vega (who also goes today by her married name, Bri Vega Blakefield) was a competitor on two different seasons of the Golf Channel television series The Big Break . And she was the champion on one of those seasons, The Big Break VI: Trump National . Today, Vega is a PGA Professional at a golf club in Florida.

Defining the Private Course in Golf

What is a private course, or private golf course? If you said, "it's the opposite of a public course ," you are right. Private golf courses are those golf courses that are (mostly) inaccessible to the general public and are played (mostly) only by those who have paid money for membership and access privileges.

'Big Break VI: Trump National' Winner, Cast

The Big Break VI: Trump National was the sixth season of the Golf Channel's reality/competition television series, in which golfers competed in challenges and matches for prizes including money and exemptions into tour events. Big Break VI: Trump National , unlike earlier seasons of The Big Break franchise, featured a mixed cast of men and women, and also had the largest number of cast members.

Betty Hicks: Amateur Champ and Women's Pro Golf Trailblazer

Betty Hicks was an early professional in the women's game in the United States. But only after she had won a U.S. Women's Amateur Championship in the early 1940s, the biggest golf title available to women at that time in America.

Catalan Open Golf Tournament on the European Tour

The Catalan Open was a European Tour golf tournament that was played from the late 1980s into the mid-1990s. It took place at different golf courses in the Catalonia region of Spain.