2022 Curtis Cup: Dates, Location, Schedule

The 2022 Curtis Cup will be the 42nd time this international, amateur team competition is played. A team of women amateurs representing Great Britain & Ireland plays a team of women amateurs representing the United States every two years in the Curtis Cup. The event is jointly run by the USGA and R&A.

Dates played: June 10-12, 2022
Golf course: Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Defending champion: Team USA won the 2021 Curtis Cup by a score of 12-8
All-time standings: In the previous 41 Curtis Cups, Team USA has won 30 times and Team GB&I has won eight times. There have been three ties. (For the scores of all previous competitions and outcomes of every match ever played, see the list of Curtis Cup results.)

Even though this is a biennial tournament, the 2022 Curtis Cup will take place less than a year since the 2021 Curtis Cup concluded. That's because the 2021 competition was originally scheduled for 2020, but was delayed a year due to the COVID pandemic.

Team Selection

Both sides are comprised of eight golfers. For Team GB&I, two of those are automatic selections: The two highest-ranked GB&I golfers in the World Amateur Golf Ranking as of a predetermined cutoff date make the team. The remaining six players are selected by the R&A Women's Selection Committee. For Team USA, the Top 3 American golfers, as of the predetermined cutoff date, in the WAGR are automatic selections; five more golfers are selected by the USGA's International Team Selection Committee.

Team Captains

Each team is led by a captain, selected by the R&A and by the USGA, respectively. That captain is always someone with a long career in amateur golf who has previously competed in the Curtis Cup.

Team captains for the 2022 Curtis Cup have not yet been announced. Those announcements should soon follow the completion of the 2021 Curtis Cup. See the list of all Curtis Cup captains for previous selections.

2022 Curtis Cup Schedule

The tournament is always (unless weather interferes) played over three days, with doubles formats (foursomes, fourballs) the first two days and singles match play on the final day.
  • Wednesday, June 9: Opening ceremony
  • Thursday, June 10: Three morning foursomes followed by three afternoon fourballs
  • Friday, June 11: Three morning foursomes followed by three afternoon fourballs
  • Saturday, June 12: Eight singles matches followed by the closing ceremony

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