2024 Curtis Cup

The 2024 Curtis Cup Match will be the 43rd time this tournament is played. The Curtis Cup is a team, match-play tournament contested by two squads of amateur women golfers, one representing the United States (USA), one representing Great Britain & Ireland (GB&I).

The Curtis Cup is played every other year in even-numbered years. It was first played in 1932. The tournament is jointly run by the USGA and R&A.

Dates: Not yet available, but the Curtis Cup is typically played in summer months, usually June.
Location: Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire, England
Captains: Meghan Stasi for Team USA; Catriona Matthew for GB&I
Record: Through the 2022 Curtis Cup (won by Team USA, 15.5 to 4.5), Team USA leads Team GB&I in the all-time standings with 31 wins to 8 (there have been three ties).

How Captains and Teams are Selected

The USGA chooses the Team USA captain and players; the R&A chooses the Team GB&I captain and players. The team captains are typically lifelong amateurs who won amateur championships staged by their respective associations, and who played in the Curtis Cup themselves. The 2024 captain for Team USA is Meghan Stasi, a four-time champion of the U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur Championship, and who played in the 2008 Curtis Cup. The 2024 captain for GB&I is Catriona Matthew, who becomes the biggest-name golfer in decades to serve as a Curtis Cup captain. Matthew played on the GB&I Curtis Cup teams in 1990, 1992 and 1994. As a pro she played for Team Europe in nine Solheim Cups, captained Team Europe in two Solheim Cups, won four times on the LPGA Tour include one major championship, the 2009 Women's British Open.

See the list of all Curtis Cup captains for previous selections.

Each team has eight players. For Team GB&I, two of those are automatic selections: The two highest-ranked GB&I golfers in the World Amateur Golf Ranking as of a predetermined cutoff date make the team. The remaining six players are selected by the R&A Women's Selection Committee. For Team USA, the Top 3 American golfers, as of the predetermined cutoff date, in the WAGR are automatic selections; five more golfers are selected by the USGA's International Team Selection Committee.

See the scores of all previous Curtis Cup matches — you can click on a year to view the team rosters for all Curtis Cups.

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2024 Curtis Cup Format

Four-ball, foursomes (alternate shot) and singles matches are played over the course of three days, a total of 20 matches — six matches (three four-ball, three foursomes) each of the first two days, eight singles matches the final day.

A team that wins a match receives one point; if the match is halved, both sides get a half-point. The defending Curtis Cup champion needs 10 points to hold the cup; the challenging side needs 10.5 points to take the cup.

Big Tournaments at Sunningdale

Sunningdale is a historic, heathland golf course near London. The 2024 Curtis Cup will be the first time the Curtis Cup is played there. But the club has hosted the Women's British Open four times:
  • 1997 Women's British Open: Karrie Webb, 268
  • 2001 WBO: Se Ri Pak, 277
  • 2004 WBO: Karen Stupples, 269
  • 2008 WBO: Jiyai Shin, 270
Sunningdale was also the site of the 1987 Walker Cup plus multiple Senior British Opens, along with many other significant amateur and professional tournaments.

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