Curtis Cup Family Acts: Sisters, Mother-Daughter Pairs Who've Played

Have there ever been two golfing sisters who both played in the Curtis? Have there been any mother-and-daughter pairs who both played in the Curtis Cup? The answers are yes and yes. But it's rare.

The Curtis Cup is a tournament played every other year by amateur women golfers, one team from Great Britain & Ireland, one team from the United States. It is the pinnacle of national team golf for women amateurs from those countries.

And the Curtis Cup has been played since 1932, so there have been many decades for sisters, for mothers-and-daughters, to make their marks. But, so far, only three pairs have done so: one pair of sisters, two mother-and-daughter duos.

Sisters Who Played in the Curtis Cup

So far, the only golfing sisters who both played in the Curtis Cup are the Maguire twins of Ireland, Leona Maguire and Lisa Maguire. You might be wondering about the American Korda sisters, since they are in another rare group, sisters who both won on the LPGA Tour. Jessica Korda did play in the Curtis Cup, but Nelly Korda did not.

Leona Maguire played in three Curtis Cups, Lisa Maguire played in one. The were both on Team Great Britain & Ireland for the 2010 Curtis Cup, which is when they became not the just first sisters to be teammates in the event, but the first sisters to both play in the event at all. And they were 15 years old, making them the youngest-ever GB&I team members.

The Maguire twins played as partners in just one out of four doubles matches, and lost. But both won their singles matches, Lisa over Kimberly Kim and Leona over Tiffany Lua. Leona went on to play in the 2012 and 2016 Curtis Cups, too.

Mothers-and-Daughters Who Played in the Curtis Cup

There have so far been two mother-daughter duos who played in the Curtis Cup, both for Team USA: the Booths (mom Jane Bastanchury Booth and daughter Kellee Booth) and Kuehns (mom Brenda Corrie Kuehn and daughter Rachel Kuehn).

The Booths were the first when Kellee played in the 1996 Curtis Cup. Her mother, Jane Bastanchury, played in three cups, 1970, 1972 and 1974. Kellee also played in the 1998 Curtis Cup. In her three cups, mother Jane went 4-2 in foursomes, 5-1 in singles, for an overall record of 9-3. Daughter Kellee, in her two appearances, went 2-1 in foursomes and 3-1 in singles, an overall mark of 5-2. In terms of winning percentage, mother slightly beats daughter, 75-percent to 71.4-percent. But each lost only one match per appearance.

The Kuehns became the second mother-daughter pair to play in the Curtis Cup when Rachel participated in the 2021 Curtis Cup. Her mother played as Brenda Corrie in the 1996 and 1998 cups (where she was teammates with Kellee Booth both times), and Rachel went on to play in the 2022 Curtis Cup.

Mother Brenda was 2-2 in foursomes, 2-1 in singles, 4-3 overall. Daughter Rachel was 1-1 in foursomes, 1-0 in fourballs and 1-0 in singles in 2021, 3-1 overall. In that 2021 Cup, Rachel earned the winning point for Team USA.

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