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Gene Sarazen Jun Classic (Japan Golf Tour)

The Gene Sarazen Jun Classic was a men's professional golf tournament played for 23 years (beginning in the mid-to-late 1970s) as part of the Japan Golf Tour schedule. It honored Sarazen, the American golf star whose career began in the 1920s.

2022 Women's World Golf Rankings: No. 1, Top 50 at End of Year

Who was the No. 1 player in women's golf at the end of 2022? Which golfers finished the year ranked the highest in the Rolex Rankings, the official world rankings of women's golf? Below is the year-end list of 2022's top-ranked golfers.

Jack Nicklaus' 2nd-Place Finishes in Majors

Jack Nicklaus is the all-time record-holder for second-place finishes in the major championships of men's professional golf. He had 19 runner-up finishes combined between The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship. Only two other golfers have recorded at least 10 second-places in majors.

2022 World Golf Rankings: No. 1, Top 50 at End of Year

Which golfers finished the year 2022 in the Top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking? Who was No. 1? Below is the year-end list of 2022's top-ranked golfers.

How to Play the Golf Format Named 'Switch'

"Switch" is the name of a golf format whose twist is pretty straightforward: Following the drives, the two partners who form a side switch golf balls — each plays the other's drive.

Golfer Olin Dutra: 2-Time Major Champion

Olin Dutra is arguably one of the more underrated golfers in the history of pro golf: He won "only" 10 PGA Tour tournaments (in the 1920s and 1930s), but, then, he entered fewer than 100 PGA Tour events. Two of those wins were major championships, one of those victories being famous for what Dutra overcame to claim it. He was the first golfer born in California to win a U.S. Open.

Golfers Who Finished First or Second Most in Majors

Winning a major championship is the pinnacle achievement for most professional golfers. Those golfers who are in contention in a lot of majors might also record a few (or more) second-place finishes. If you can't win, you want to finish as high as possible, obviously. So which golfers have posted the most Top 2 finishes in majors?

What Is Perimeter Weighting in Golf Clubs?

In golf clubs, "perimeter weighting" refers to the distribution of the weight in a clubhead more evenly around the periphery of a club, as opposed to weight being more concentrated behind the clubface's center. The term can apply to any type of golf club, but is most commonly used when discussing irons.

Golfers With the Most 2nd-Place Finishes in Majors

Which golfers have finished in second place most often in men's major championships? The list appears below, and it is almost as full of all-time greats as is the list of golfers who won the most majors . You have to be a pretty good golfer, after all, to repeatedly come close to winning a major.

Syd Easterbrook: English Golfer, Ryder Cup Hero

Syd Easterbrook was an English professional golfer who played in two Ryder Cups in the early 1930s, and earned the winning point for his side in one of them. He also had several tournament victories in the 1930s.

How to Play the 'Pick Up Sticks' Golf Game

"Pick Up Sticks" is the name of a golf game in which the winner of a hole loses a club — the golfer cannot use that club the remainder of the match. As the match progresses, the golfers involved lose more and more clubs, forcing them to get creative in using the clubs they have remaining.

Rapiscan Systems Classic: Champions Tour Golf Tournament

The Rapiscan System Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour that was played from the early 2010s into the early 2020s. It was originally named the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic, and was always played in Mississippi.

The T-E-N Golf Format Explained

You're playing in a T-E-N golf tournament in a couple days. Great! Only one problem: You don't know how the T-E-N tournament works. Don't worry, it's very easy. And the key to it all is those letters: t, e, n.

What Is a Gilligan in Golf?

In golf, a "gilligan" is something you don't want your opponents to use. Because if they do, they'll be using it to make you replay a good shot.

The Golf Formats Known as 'Odds and Evens'

Odds and Evens is the name of a golf format that can be used for tournament play. Wait, it's actually name of two different formats. Both of them can be used for tournament play, one of them also makes good matches in a 2-vs.-2 setting.

Looking Back at Pro Golfer Mortie Dutra

Mortie Dutra was a notable pro golfer who played tournament golf from the 1920s into the 1950s, and was a club pro and golf instructor into the 1980s. His younger brother was a major championship winner, but although Mortie came close several times, he never won a PGA Tour title himself.

LPGA Mediheal Championship Golf Tournament

The Mediheal Championship was a women's professional golf tournament on the LPGA Tour schedule. It was played several times from the late 2010s to the early 2020s, but dropped off the schedule following the 2022 tournament.

How the 'No Alibis' Golf Game Works

You know those golfers who misplay a stroke and then immediately come up with an excuse for why it happend? "Oh, my foot slipped." "My shoulder is a little tight today." "Need to get my grips re-done." Yeah, whatever, give us another alibi.

Ben Hogan's Holes-in-One: How Many Aces Did He Make?

In the 1965 PGA Championship , George Knudson made a hole-in-one during the second round. Knudson's fellow-competitor that day was Ben Hogan, and after the round Hogan claimed it was the first ace he had ever witnessed. It wasn't, but that brings up a question: How many holes-in-one did Ben Hogan make ? Did he really have zero aces, as some sources claim?

Golf Joke: God's Just Punishment

A preacher who liked to play golf every Wednesday at a modest public golf course was standing on the elevated tee at the sixth hole of that course. He took a few practice swings, and looked across the river to the immaculate private country club nearby.

How to Play the Golf Game Named 'Nines'

Nines is the name of a golf game for foursomes (although it can be played by threesomes, too) in which nine points are at stake on each hole. The golfer who wins a hole earns five of those points, the golfer with the worst score on the hole gets zero.

Golfer Jean Gassiat: Early French Pro, Namesake of Famous Putter

Jean Gassiat (1883-1966) was born Louis Gassiat, but always known as Jean. He was an early French golfer in the same period as his more famous countryman Arnaud Massy . Gassiat is remembered as a early champion of the French Open, and for an eponymous putter he created whose blocky clubhead earned it the nickname, "the Grand Piano."

LPGA Kingsmill Championship (Pure Silk Championship) Tournament

The Kingsmill Championship was an LPGA Tour golf tournament played over nearly a 20-year period, into the 2020s. It was known by several different names, including, at the end, Pure Silk Championship. For part of its run, it was considered one of the higher-prestige events, outside of the majors, on the LPGA Tour.

The 'Mutt and Jeff' Golf Format

"Mutt and Jeff" is the name of a golf format or a side game within a group of golfers in which the focus is on longest holes and shortest holes. The format's name derives from a once-famous pair of comic strip characters.

Yearly Sand Save Leaders on the LPGA Tour

The statistical category all the major pro tours use to measure golfers' ability on bunker shots is sand save percentage — how good a golfer is at getting up-and-down from greenside bunkers. Following is the list of yearly leaders in sand saves on the LPGA Tour.

Qualifying for The Masters: How Golfers Earn Their Invitations

What does it take to make the field at The Masters Tournament? It takes meeting the qualifying criteria, which triggers Augusta National Golf Club to send an invitation to play.

George Duncan: Open Champion, Fastest Major Golfer Ever?

George Duncan was a Scottish golfer who won tournaments from the 1900-aughts into the late 1920s. Those wins included the British Open as well as the French, Belgian and Irish opens. He was deeply involved in the earliest years of the Ryder Cup (including the development of the competition) and was playing captain in Great Britain's first Ryder Cup win. Duncan was famous for being a very fast player.

The Money Ball Golf Format Explained

"Money Ball" is the name of a golf tournament format that starts with teams of four golfers. On each team, one player per hole is the designated "money ball" player, and that player's score will be counted as half the team's score on every hole. The other three players on the team contribute the other half of the team score. But there is often a very big catch in Money Ball: If the golfer who is playing the "money ball" loses it, the team is eliminated from tournament contention.

Golfers With the Most Wins in Major Championships

Which golfers have won the most titles in the four major championships of men's professional golf? The list below includes all golfers with more than one major victory.

Yearly LPGA Leaders in Top 10 Finishes

In this article we take a look at the golfers on the LPGA Tour who are most successful at recording Top 10 finishes. But there are two different ways to look at that stat.

Bio of Golfer Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas was a professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour in the 1940s and 1950s. He won eight tour events, and also played on Team USA in one Ryder Cup.

Kia Classic: LPGA Tour Golf Tournament

The Kia Classic, also called the JTBC Classic, was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour. It was played from the 2010s into the 2020s in Southern California.

The Low Putts Golf Game and Side Wager

The golf game named Low Putts is exactly as its name suggests: The golfer with the lowest number of putts needed over the full round is the winner. If you required 31 putts to play 18 holes, while your playing partners took 32, 33 and 34 putts, respectively, you win the Low Putts bet.

What Is a Blended Set or Combo Set of Irons?

Have you heard the golf club terms "blended set" or "blended irons"? What about "combo set" or "combo irons"? They mean essentially the same thing, and those terms are referring to a way of building an iron set that involves mixing-and-matching clubs taken from several different sets.

The Philadelphia Open Championship's PGA Tour Winners

The Philadelphia Open Championship was a golf tournament on the PGA Tour for much of a two-decade period in the early part of the 20th century. The tournament is still played today and is an important regional event, but has not been considered a PGA Tour tournament since 1937.

What Is a Score of 4 on a Golf Hole Called?

You just completed the third hole of the golf course and it took you four strokes to do so. You write down a "4" on the scorecard. But what is the golf scoring term that applies to that score of 4? Well, it could be a birdie, a par, a bogey — maybe even an eagle.

Leonard Dodson: Pro Golf Character of 1930s, '40s

Leonard Dodson was a golf pro and legendary golf gambler who also happened to be good enough to win several times on the PGA Tour in the 1930s and 1940s. And three of his tournament wins came in playoff victories over future Hall of Famers.

How to Play the 'Hog' Golf Game

"Hog" is the name of a golf betting game in which one golfer in a group of four, on each hole, has the option to play against the other three, or to partner up with one of the other three. Is it very similar to other games known as Wolf and Defender , although Hog is typically a points-based game rather than having money directly riding on the outcome of each hole. (Sometimes the Hog and Wolf names are used interchangeably, however.)

Golf Joke: Senior Caddies

Carlos showed up at his golf club one day to discover that the club had begun a program using seniors as caddies. One day a week, the club replaced all its regular caddies with senior citizens.

Golfers With the Most Wins in Senior Majors

Which golfers have won the most senior majors ? In senior (50-and-over) golf, there are five major championships recognized by the Champions Tour (officially named PGA Tour Champions), which is the pre-eminent tour for professional, 50-and-over golfers. The list below includes every golfer with at least two victories in those senior majors.

Explaining the Three Blind Mice Golf Format

Three Blind Mice is the name of a golf game that comes in two versions. Both versions involving tossing out three scores at the end of the round, and both versions can be played either as a tournament format, or as a betting game within one group of golfers.

How Many Par-4 Holes Are on a Golf Course?

Is there a standard number of par-4 holes used on golf courses? No — but a very high percentage of all full-length, 18-hole golf courses contain either 10, 11 or 12 par-4 holes.

Leo Diegel: Golfer Had Weird Putting Style, Lots of Wins

In terms of tournament wins, Leo Diegel is one of the Top 20 golfers in PGA Tour history. He won two major championships in the 1920s. And he was regarded in his own time as one of the greatest iron players ever. Today, he is little-remembered. But his name still comes up when a current golfer adopts a strange putting method. Because Diegel's greatest fame came from "Diegeling," the eponymous name given to his putting stance, which one observer compared to "a car with both doors open."

Most Wins in Women's Major Championships

Which golfers have won the most major championships in women's golf ? Annika Sorenstam, Kathy Whitworth and Nancy Lopez are all on the list below, but none of them is No. 1.

How to Play 'The Train' Golf Game

The Train is the name of a golf game in which golfers earn points for scores that are par or better. But they lose all their points if they make too many bogeys — or any double bogey.

Just How Fat was 'Fat Jack'?

They called him Fat Jack. Ohio Fats. Another nickname for Jack Nicklaus when he first hit the pro ranks was "Baby Beef." But just how much did Jack Nicklaus weigh when his fellow pros — and newspaper headline writers — were calling him those names?

The T&F (T and F) Golf Format Explained

T&F (or "T and F") is the name of a golf format that counts nine holes out of your 18-hole round to determine winners. Which nine holes count? The ones that begin with a "T" and an "F."

Australian Ladies Masters Golf Tournament

The Australian Ladies Masters golf tournament was played under various names for nearly 30 years. For some of those years it was an LPGA Tour tournament, and others it was part of the Ladies European Tour schedule. Karrie Webb won it eight times.

12 Best Golfers Who Never Won a Major Championship (Men)

Winning a major championship is the crowning achievement of many professional golf careers. For a select few golfers, it was even a habit. But there are many good to great golfers in the game's history who never won a major. Below is our ranking of the 12 best golfers who never won a men's major.

How to Play the Win, Place and Show Golf Game

"Win, Place and Show" is the name of a golf game played by a group of four golfers. The golfers in the group compare their scores on each hole, and the golfers with the lowest, second-lowest, and third-lowest scores earn points. In other words, the win, place and show (first, second, third) finishers earn points.

How the 'Street Price' of a Golf Club Compares to MSRP, MAP

If you are shopping for new golf clubs and reading articles and reviews, or if you are just an equipment junkie and enjoy reading manufacturers' news releases about new gear, then you've probably run across the term "street price." Do you know what "street price" represents when equipment companies cite it? Is it higher or lower than the MSRP?

Buying 'Skirts' at a Golf Tournament: What It Means

Have you ever signed up to play in charity golf tournament, association playday, company tournament or the like, and been told that players can buy "skirts"? Or read a flyer in the clubhouse that says something like, "Teams are allowed to buy one skirt per player"? What does that mean? Just what are these "skirts"?

How Many Par-5 Holes Are on a Golf Course?

How many par-5 holes does a typical golf course have? Four is the most-common number of par-5 holes golfers encounter on a standard-length golf course. But three such holes, and two par-5s, are also common numbers.

The Shazam Betting Game: Putts Under Pressure

Is one of your fellow-competitors facing a very long putt on the green, a putt you doubt they'll get down in two? Shazam them! "Shazam" is the name of a golf betting game played on putting greens in which one golfer (or more) bets against another golfer's ability to avoid 3-putting.

Bio of English Golf Champ Gladys Ravenscroft

Gladys Ravenscroft was an English golfer who won both the British Women's Amateur Championship and U.S. Women's Amateur in the early 1900s, at a time when those were, by far, the two biggest tournaments available to women golfers. Ravenscroft was one of the first golfers to hold both of those titles.

Winners of the du Maurier Classic, Former LPGA Major

The du Maurier Classic was an LPGA Tour golf tournament that was, for 22 years, one of the major championships of women's golf. Its time as a major spanned from the late 1970s to the early 2000s, and many of the LPGA's biggest stars were winners during that period. During the earliest years of that run, the tournament was named the Peter Jackson Classic.

Explaining the Golf Scoring Phrases 'Go Out In,' 'Come Home In'

In golf, the players (and announcers on broadcasts) sometimes talk about "going out in" a certain number, or "coming in" in 33 or 35 or whatever score. What do those terms mean? And why do golfers use that convention — going out, coming in — to talk about scoring?

Which Golf Tournaments are the 'Major Championships'?

Professional golfers and golf fans alike often talk about "major championships." But do you know which golf tournaments have that title? The men's major championships are the most-famous, but here we'll also go over which tournaments make up the major championships in women's professional golf and senior pro golf.

Yearly Scoring Leaders on Korn Ferry Tour

The Korn Ferry Tour is the developmental tour run by the PGA Tour — the second-level men's profressional golf tour in the United States. And below is the list of every golfer who has led the Korn Ferry Tour in scoring.

Golfer Johnny Dawson: Amateur Champ, Father of California Desert Golf

Johnny Dawson was an amateur golf champion, winning tournaments from the 1920s into the 1960s. But there is one glaring omission from his body of work: No victories in USGA championships, despite the fact that some years he was considered the best amateur in America.

Most Wins on Champions Tour: The All-Time Leaders

The Champions Tour (formally named PGA Tour Champions) is the top professional golf tour for senior (50-and-over) golfers. It was founded in 1980. The all-time leader in Champions Tour wins is Bernhard Langer.

The 'Back Nine' of a Golf Course

"Back nine" is a golf term that refers to a section of a golf course, to one-half of an 18-hole golf course. The "back nine" is the second set of nine holes on an 18-hole course — Hole No. 10 through Hole No. 18.

The 'Front Nine' of a Golf Course

What is the "front nine" in golf? It's a very common term in the game and it means the first nine holes of an 18-hole golf course.

Yearly Scoring Leaders on the Epson Tour

The list below of the Epson Tour's yearly scoring leaders includes many familiar names. It even includes some golfers who went on to win major championships, and one (so far) who became a Hall of Famer.

Golf Joke: The Genie

A husband and wife head out to the golf course to play golf together for the first time. In fact, Howard has been teaching Rosie to play, and this is going to be her first full 18 holes of golf. Things are going pretty well until they reach the 7th hole.

Fred Daly: Bio of Irish Golf Trailblazer

Although the period of his biggest successes was brief, Northern Ireland golfer Fred Daly was a big star of the British circuit of the late 1940s and early 1950s. He also was a trailblazer for Irish golfer: first Irish winner of the Irish Open, first Irish winner of the British Open, first Ireland-born golfer to play in the Ryder Cup.

Irish Dunlop Tournament Winners, History

The Irish Dunlop Tournament was a golf tournament on the Irish professional circuit, played over five decades from the 1930s into the 1980s. Most of the Irish golf stars of the day are among its roster of champions.

Active Wins Leaders on the LPGA Tour

Which active golfers have the most career wins so far on the LPGA Tour? The following list includes all active players with six or more LPGA victories. The active leader among LPGA players is Karrie Webb, with 41 wins.

How to Play the 'Honors' Golf Game

Have you heard of the golf game named Honors? We're going to learn how it's played, and the first thing to know is this: Honors is entirely based on who tees off first on each hole during the round — on which golfer or which side has the honor, in other words.

LPGA Tour Career Wins: The All-Time Leaders

In the history of the LPGA Tour, there have so far been fewer than 40 golfers who have won at least 15 official tour events. In this article, we list the career LPGA Tour wins leaders, including all those who've hit the 15-win plateau.

Definition: The Driving Iron in Golf

What is a "driving iron"? It's a golf club ... or, rather, several golf clubs, because "driving iron" can be used to refer to several different things. We'll go over those definitions in this article, but keep this is mind: driving irons, the club, are rarely used today; and "driving iron," the term, is used far less often today, too.

Most Second-Place Finishes on the PGA Tour

Finishing second in a PGA Tour tournament is a very good accomplishment. It's not the goal — winning is the goal. But golfers who finish second a lot also tend to be among the tour's best. In the history of the PGA Tour, which golfers have finished second the most? The list of those golfers contains a few surprises.

Marcel Dallemagne: French Golfer Won Many National Opens in 1930s

Marcel Dallemagne won numerous national Opens across Continental Europe, mostly in the 1930s. He was a long hitter and a straight talker. Dallemagne was arguably the best French golfer of the inter-war period.

What Is a 'Cross Bunker' in Golf?

A "cross bunker" on a golf course is a bunker that crosses the line of play. A cross bunker is, in other words, a bunker that the golfer has to play his shot over — a bunker a golfer has to carry to advance the golf ball to the target.

Active Wins Leaders on the PGA Tour

Which active golfers have the most wins on the PGA Tour? The list below includes all currently playing golfers with seven or more career PGA Tour victories. You won't be surprised by the top names. But there might be a few players farther down the list who do surprise you.

Golf Joke: Dear Abby

(The following joke was submitted by a reader. For obvious reasons — the joke is in the form a letter to an advice columnist — we have named this joke "Dear Abby.") Dear Abby, I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice.

PGA Tour Career Wins: The All-Time Leaders

Fewer than 70 golfers in the history of the PGA Tour have won 15 or more tournaments. But Sam Snead and Tiger Woods both won 82, and they share the record for most all-time wins on the PGA Tour. Jack Nicklaus is the only other golfer to reach 70.

Bobby Cruickshank: Pro Golfer's Amazing Life, Career

Bobby Cruickshank was a Scottish golfer who immigrated to America in the early 1920s and then enjoyed a very successful career as both a tournament player and club pro. He won enough PGA Tour tournaments to rank in the Top 50 on that tour's career wins list. Although he never won a major championship, he came close, including a playoff loss to Bobby Jones.

The PGA Tour Golfer Who Won Big Betting on Bobby Jones

Did a PGA Tour golfer foresee Bobby Jones' Grand Slam in 1930, and place a bet that paid off huge? He sure did. And did a reporting mistake in the New York Times cause the Internal Revenue Service to come knocking, seeking way more in taxes than the lucky golfer actually owed? That's a popular legend, but one that doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

How to Play the Golf Bet Called 'Uglies'

Winning a bet on the golf course is a beautiful thing, even if you are playing the game named Uglies. In Uglies, any hole-out from off the green wins one unit of the bet, or, if you are playing it as a points game, wins the assigned point value.

What Is a Score of 3 on a Golf Hole Called?

Did you just play a hole of golf using only three strokes? Write down a "3" on your scorecard and give yourself a pat on the back. A "3" is always a good score on a single hole. But is there any special term, any golf terminology, that applies to a score of three?

Looking Back: Adelaide Advertiser Tournament in Australia

The Adelaide Advertister Tournament was a professional golf tournament played in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, from the 1940s into the 1960s. Many of the top Australian golfers of the period won the tournament. The tournament was named after its title sponsor, the local newspaper.

All the Golfers Who Went 0-5-0 in a Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup is played every other year between Team International and Team USA. It uses a match-play format, with five matches being the maximum that any golfer can play during a single Cup. Elsewhere we told you about all the golfers with perfect 5-0-0 records . But have any golfers gone 0-5-0 in the Presidents Cup? Yes, two. And both were superstars.

Eric Cremin: Bio of the Australian Golfer

Eric Cremin was an Australian golfer, noted for his great putting, who played and won pro tournaments from the 1930s to the 1960s. He was one of the top Australian golfers in the immediate post-World War II years, but rarely played outside of his home country. Cremin was later known as a top teacher who helped young pros, and for playing a role in the development of the first Asian pro golf tour.

Golfers Who Won the Most Presidents Cup Matches

The Presidents Cup dates to 1994. Since that debut, which golfers have posted the most match wins in the every-other-year competition? The list below includes multiple Hall of Famers. But the golfer on top is the biggest name of all.

Golfers Who Lost the Most Presidents Cup Matches

Which golfers, in the history of the Presidents Cup, have lost the most matches? We're talking about their overall losses — their career losses — in the Team International vs. Team USA tournament. Combined losses across the three competition formats: foursomes, fourball and singles. Multiple Hall-of-Famers are among those biggest losers.

How to Play the Golf Game Named 'Let It Ride'

"Let It Ride" is a golf game that tests not just your ability to avoid big numbers on the golf course, but also your confidence in that ability. In Let It Ride, a golfer accumulates points by running off streaks of holes without any net-double bogeys . Sound easy? Maybe not when money is on the line. And there are, naturally, some catches to consider.

'Inside the Ropes,' 'Outside the Ropes' and 'Roping and Staking'

If you watch professional golf tournaments on television, you've probably heard the terms "inside the ropes" and "outside the ropes." Do you know what they mean? We'll explain the terms here, plus a third term — the one from which both derive — "roping and staking."

Most Singles Matches Lost in the Presidents Cup

Which golfers have lost the most singles matches in Presidents Cup play? The record for most singles losses is five, and it is shared by three golfers.

Lighthorse Harry Cooper: Famous Golfer's Career, Biggest Wins

The figures most-often cited online for Harry Cooper's PGA Tour win total are 30 and 31, but the Tour itself credits Cooper with 29 official wins. That total (29) is tied for 17th best in tour history . Or, to put it another way, in the history of the PGA Tour only 16 golfers have won more official tour titles than Harry Cooper.

Looking Back: Silver King Tournament in England

The Silver King Tournament was, during its run from the 1930s into the 1950s, one of the big events on the British PGA circuit. Many of the top British golfers of the era claimed the trophy. It was played at Moor Park Golf Club in Hertfordshire, England.

Who Is the Youngest Golfer to Shoot His Age on the PGA Tour?

Even for the world's best golfers, shooting one's age — scoring 65 at age 65, for example — is something that, for most of them, isn't all that common. It's especially not common on the professional tours. But it has happened on the PGA Tour, and the youngest-ever golfer who shot his age in a PGA Tour tournament was 67 years old.

Golfers With the Most Singles Wins in Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup was first played in 1994, and since that time there have been only seven golfers who've won four or more singles matches. Only three of those have won five or more singles matches. And Tiger Woods is the all-time leader in Presidents Cup singles victories.

What Is the 'Cover Number' in Golf?

Do you know what your "cover number" is? If you're a golfer, you should. Because "cover number" is one term golfers use for the specific yardage, or general yardage range, needed to play a shot over a hazard or onto the green.

Oldest Golfers Ever in the Presidents Cup

In the history of the Presidents Cup, no golfer aged 50 or over has ever played. But multiple golfers have been almost 50: Five 49-year-olds so far have played in the Presidents Cup.

Dorothy Germain Porter: Profile of Amateur Golf Champ

Dorothy Germain Porter was a competitive tournament golfer from the 1930s into the 1990s, from her mid-teens into her 70s. She won the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship, but eschewed turning professional even after the creation of the LPGA Tour.

Most Consecutive Years Leading the Money List on PGA Tour

What is the PGA Tour record for consecutive years leading the season-ending money list? That record is four years in a row finishing as the tour's money leader. Two golfers share that record.

2024 Presidents Cup

The 2024 Presidents Cup will be the 15th time this tournament is played. Played on an every-other-year basis, it was first contested in 1994. The competition is a team, match-play event, with two squads: Team USA and Team International.

How Many Par-3 Holes Are on a Golf Course?

The number of par-3 holes on typical golf courses ranges from two through six, but by far the most common number is four. However, in the end it is up to the golf course designer (and the tournament set-up crew, in the event of a course hosting a tournament) how many par-3 holes are on a golf course.

Youngest Golfers Ever in the Presidents Cup

Who is the youngest golfer to play in the Presidents Cup? The golfer who holds that record was only 18 years old when he played for Team International in the 2009 event.

2013 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 2013 U.S. Women's Open was the 68th time this major championship was played. For the winner, it was her second victory in the U.S. Women's Open, but her third major championship win of the year.

Pete Cooper: Golfer Won on Tour in 1940s, 1950s

Pete Cooper was a PGA Tour winner in the 1940s and 1950s, and the winner of a senior major in the 1970s. His tournament playing career extended from the 1940s into the 1990s. He was also a noted teacher of the game and had a major influence on Chi Chi Rodriguez.

West Palm Beach Open Invitational

The West Palm Beach Open Invitational was a PGA Tour tournament in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but both before and after it was a 54-hole, non-tour event. Arnold Palmer was its biggest-name champion.

Who Was the First Left-Handed Major Championship Winner?

The four major championships of men's professional golf are The Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and British Open. And none of them was won by a left-handed golfer until 1963. The lefty who finally broke through in a major was the same one who had, just several months earlier, become the first-ever lefty winner on the PGA Tour .

2012 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 2012 U.S. Women's Open was the 67th time this major championship was played. It was the second time it was played at Blackwolf Run, and the winner followed in the footsteps of her hero, who won the same tournament on the same golf course 14 years earlier.

Payne Stewart Award Winners — The Full List

What is the Payne Stewart Award? It's an award given annually to a golfer who upholds the traditions of the game and who has a focus on charity. The award was founded in 2000, shortly after Payne Stewart, an 11-time PGA Tour winner and three-time major champion, perished in a plane crash the week of the 1999 Tour Championship.

Presidents Cup Golf Courses: Where They've Played

The Presidents Cup is played every other year as one of the marquee events in the world of men's professional golf. But where has it been played? Below we take a look at the golf courses where the Presidents Cup has taken place.

Archie Compston: Bio of English Golfer, Teacher of Royalty

Archie Compston once beat Walter Hagen in a challenge match by the almost-impossible-sounding score of 18-and-17. He was an instructor to royalty; won tournaments on the PGA Tour and more in Britain in Europe; and played in the earliest Ryder Cups.

How to Play the St. Andrews Foursomes Golf Format

St. Andrews Foursomes is the name of a modified alternate shot golf format for 2-person teams. Both golfers tee off on all holes during the round and select the best drive, but they equally divide who plays the second strokes. And there's a catch: They have to decide before the round begins which of them plays the second strokes on odd-numbered holes, and which plays the second strokes on even-numbered holes.

What Is a Score of 2 on a Golf Hole Called?

You just had the pleasure of writing down a "2" on your golf scorecard. What is that score called? We'll tell you what it's called: great! But we'll also tell you what the golf scoring terms are for playing a golf hole in just two strokes.

2011 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 2011 U.S. Women's Open was the 66th time this tournament was played. It came down to a 3-hole playoff between two Korean golfers who were very fresh-faced on the LPGA Tour. The winner was so fresh she wasn't even yet an LPGA member.

Youngest and Oldest Winners of the U.S. Amateur Championship

The United States Amateur Championship dates to 1895. In that long history, who are the oldest and youngest winners of the U.S. Amateur? The oldest was almost 50, the youngest hadn't yet reached 18. There is a 30-year age gap between the youngest and oldest winners.

The Chapman System Golf Format Explained

Chapman System is the name of a 2-person team golf format in which both golfers play two strokes, then the team finishes the hole playing alternate shot. The twist is that the golfers switch balls after the drives.

Dick Chapman: Golfer Won 5 National Amateurs, Invented Format

Richard "Dick" Chapman was an American amateur golf champion who was winning tournaments from the 1930s into the 1960s. He won national opens in five countries, and was the very first golfer to win the U.S., British and Canadian amateur championships. He also created a competition format, the Chapman System, that is still popular today.

Youngest and Oldest Winners of the U.S. Women's Amateur

Who are the youngest and oldest golfers to win the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship? The oldest is one of the giants in the early history of women's golf. The youngest was only 14.

Who Tees Off First on the First Hole? (And Methods of Deciding)

On the second hole through the last hole of a round of golf, golfers traditionally tee off based on "honors" — the golfer with the best score on the preceding hole goes first, and golfers follow in the order of their finish on the preceding hole(s). But what about on the first hole — how is the order of play on the first hole determined? Who tees off first, second and so on?

Tallahassee Open, Former PGA Tour Tournament

The Tallahassee Open was a PGA Tour golf tournament played from the late 1960s to the late 1980s. It was typically played late in the schedule. It was named the Centel Open at the end, and the tournament was discontinued when that title sponsor dropped out.

The Fensomes Golf Format Explained

Fensomes, or Fensome, is the name of golf competition format that is a variation on alternate shot. Fensomes is for 2-person teams and can be played as match play (tournament bracket or just a way for a group of four golfers to pair off into teams and compete) or used for a stroke-play tournament.

LPGA Golfers Who Won 2 (or More) Majors in the Same Year

How many times has a golfer won two or more women's major championships in the same calendar year? It has happened quite a bit, especially in the first couple decades of the LPGA Tour's existence. The incidence has slowed down somewhat in recent decades, but there are still plenty of LPGA golfers pulling off a single-season major-double — a few have even won three in a year.

Joe Carr, Irish Amateur Golf Great

Joe Carr is generally regarded as the greatest Irish amateur golfer of all-time. He won the British Amateur three times, the Irish Amateur four times. And he won around 35 other significant amateur championships. He was praised for his sportsmanship and his dedication to "the spirit of the game," and given awards for those very things by golf organizations around the world, including the USGA. A Walker Cup record-setter, he also captained the R&A.

Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic/Michelob Championship at Kingsmill

This PGA Tour golf tournament was played 36 times from the late 1960s into the early 2000s. It is probably best-remembered as the Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic, the name under which it was most-often played. But the last name the tournament carried was Michelob Championship at Kingsmill.

What Does the 'LIV' in 'LIV Golf' Mean?

LIV Golf burst onto the pro golf landscape in 2022, challenging the PGA Tour and creating controversy around the world. But what about that name: "LIV Golf"? What does the "LIV" stand for? And how is it pronounced?

Explaining the Golf Term 'Ladies Playday'

The term "ladies playday" refers to a tournament day for a golf course's women's golf association or other group of women golfers. When a women's golf association has a regular game — say, a 9-hole twilight tournament every other Tuesday — that is called a "ladies playday."

Golfers With the Most PGA Tour Wins in Back-to-Back Years

Which golfers, in PGA Tour history, won the most tournaments in consecutive seasons? We're talking about cumulative wins over two PGA Tour seasons in a row. There have been seven times in tour history when a golfer won at least 17 tournaments over two years, and four golfers account for all seven.

Henry Ciuci: Golfer Won on PGA Tour in 1920s, 1930s

Henri Ciuci was a professional golfer from his teens, both a touring pro and a club pro. Always associated with New York, Ciuci won several tournaments on the PGA Tour in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

The Island Green in Golf: What It Is, Where to Find Them

"Island green" is a term golfers use for a putting green that is surrounded by water. Island greens are not common in golf course design, but they are more common than they used to be. The reason is the popularity — the notoriety — of the island green at TPC Sawgrass, home of The Players Championship.

Winners of the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship