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Dick Chapman: Golfer Won 5 National Amateurs, Invented Format

Richard "Dick" Chapman was an American amateur golf champion who was winning tournaments from the 1930s into the 1960s. He won national opens in five countries, and was the very first golfer to win the U.S., British and Canadian amateur championships. He also created a competition format, the Chapman System, that is still popular today.

Youngest and Oldest Winners of the U.S. Women's Amateur

Who are the youngest and oldest golfers to win the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship? The oldest is one of the giants in the early history of women's golf. The youngest was only 14.

Who Tees Off First on the First Hole? (And Methods of Deciding)

On the second hole through the last hole of a round of golf, golfers traditionally tee off based on "honors" — the golfer with the best score on the preceding hold goes first, and golfers follow in the order of their finish on the preceding hole(s). But what about on the first hole — how is the order of play on the first hole determined? Who tees off first, second and so on?

Tallahassee Open, Former PGA Tour Tournament

The Tallahassee Open was a PGA Tour golf tournament played from the late 1960s to the late 1980s. It was typically played late in the schedule. It was named the Centel Open at the end, and the tournament was discontinued when that title sponsor dropped out.

The Fensomes Golf Format Explained

Fensomes, or Fensome, is the name of golf competition format that is a variation on alternate shot. Fensomes is for 2-person teams and can be played as match play (tournament bracket or just a way for a group of four golfers to pair off into teams and compete) or used for a stroke-play tournament.

LPGA Golfers Who Won 2 (or More) Majors in the Same Year

How many times has a golfer won two or more women's major championships in the same calendar year? It has happened quite a bit, especially in the first couple decades of the LPGA Tour's existence. The incidence has slowed down somewhat in recent decades, but there are still plenty of LPGA golfers pulling off a single-season major-double — a few have even won three in a year.

Joe Carr, Irish Amateur Golf Great

Joe Carr is generally regarded as the greatest Irish amateur golfer of all-time. He won the British Amateur three times, the Irish Amateur four times. And he won around 35 other significant amateur championships. He was praised for his sportsmanship and his dedication to "the spirit of the game," and given awards for those very things by golf organizations around the world, including the USGA. A Walker Cup record-setter, he also captained the R&A.

Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic/Michelob Championship at Kingsmill

This PGA Tour golf tournament was played 36 times from the late 1960s into the early 2000s. It is probably best-remembered as the Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic, the name under which it was most-often played. But the last name the tournament carried was Michelob Championship at Kingsmill.

What Does the 'LIV' in 'LIV Golf' Mean?

LIV Golf burst onto the pro golf landscape in 2022, challenging the PGA Tour and creating controversy around the world. But what about that name: "LIV Golf"? What does the "LIV" stand for? And how is it pronounced?

Explaining the Golf Term 'Ladies Playday'

The term "ladies playday" refers to a tournament day for a golf course's women's golf association or other group of women golfers. When a women's golf association has a regular game — say, a 9-hole twilight tournament every other Tuesday — that is called a "ladies playday."

Golfers With the Most PGA Tour Wins in Back-to-Back Years

Which golfers, in PGA Tour history, won the most tournaments in consecutive seasons? We're talking about cumulative wins over two PGA Tour seasons in a row. There have been seven times in tour history when a golfer won at least 17 tournaments over two years, and four golfers account for all seven.

Henry Ciuci: Golfer Won on PGA Tour in 1920s, 1930s

Henri Ciuci was a professional golfer from his teens, both a touring pro and a club pro. Always associated with New York, Ciuci won several tournaments on the PGA Tour in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

The Island Green in Golf: What It Is, Where to Find Them

"Island green" is a term golfers use for a putting green that is surrounded by water. Island greens are not common in golf course design, but they are more common than they used to be. The reason is the popularity — the notoriety — of the island green at TPC Sawgrass, home of The Players Championship.

Winners of the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship

The U.S. Junior Amateur Championship is the top tournament for junior boy golfers. Some great names in golf history have won the tournament, including the only two golfers who've won it more than once: Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth.

What Is a Score of 1 on a Golf Hole Called?

If you get to write down a "1" on your scorecard, you've achieved one of the biggest thrills in golf: making a hole-in-one. A score of 1 on any golf hole is called a hole-in-one, or, alternatively, an ace.

11 Golfers Who Won Both the British and U.S. Women's Amateurs

How many golfer have won both the U.S. Women's Amateur and the British Women's Amateur championships? Not many! Those two tournaments, the pre-eminent events for amateur women golfers, both date to the 1890s. And in that very long history, only 11 golfers so far have captured both trophies. But no golfer has done it since 1996.

These Were the 13 Original Rules of Golf

There must have been generally accepted practices known to and followed by golfers dating back close to the origins of the game. Otherwise, how could players have met in competition? But those very first glimmers of a golf rule book are lost to history — at least until the mid-18th century.

What Is the Golf Score Called 'Hangman'?

Do you know what a "hangman" is in golf? A hangman is always something you want to avoid, and it's no different in golf: Hangman is a slang term some golfers use for a score of 9 on a single golf hole.

Senior LPGA Championship Winners

The Senior LPGA Championship was created in 2017 as the first "senior major" in women's professional golf. (It pre-dated the launch of the U.S. Senior Women's Open by one year.)

Golfer Pat O'Sullivan: Amateur Champ, LPGA Major Winner

Pat O'Sullivan was a major championship winner — as an amateur — in the first few years of the LPGA Tour's existence. She also won numerous amateur championships in the 1950s and 1960s, and played for Team USA in the Curtis Cup.

'Honors' in Golf: What 'Having the Honor' Means

In golf, the honor, or "having the honor," refers to who tees off first on a hole. If you are the golfer in a match, in a competition or just among your group of buddies who, on a given hole, gets to hit the first drive, you "have the honor" or "have the honors" on that hole.

Best Quotes About the Old Course at St. Andrews

The Old Course at St. Andrews isn't known as "the home of golf" for nothing — golf has been played there since the 1400s. Many of the traditions and rules of golf originated there (such as 18 holes being standard for golf courses). The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews is based there, and the R&A was the original "governing body" of the game.

How to Play the 'Par or Out' Golf Format

The name of the game is "Par or Out," and the gist of it is right there in the title: In this game, you have to keep making pars (or net pars, if handicaps are being used) or better to stay in the game. The winner is the golfer who goes the longest without making worse than a par.

Bio of Australian Pro Golfer Bob Shearer

Bob Shearer was an Australian golfer who won on the European Tour in the 1970s and the PGA Tour in the 1980s. And he won a lot on the Australasian Tour in both decades. Later in his career, he had a handful of senior tournament victories and developed a golf course design business.

2025 British Open Dates, Golf Course

The 2025 British Open will be the 153rd time the tournament is played. The Open Championship, one of the four professional major championships in men's golf, dates to 1860 and is the oldest golf tournament existing.

How to Play a 'Knockout Stroke Play' Golf Tournament

Knockout Stroke Play is the name of a golf tournament format that at first glance combines elements of both stroke play and match play. But this format is played entirely under the rules for stroke play.

Piccadilly Medal Tournament (European Tour)

The Piccadilly Medal Tournament was a stroke-play tournament that pre-dated the European Tour, but that was also part of the European Tour schedule in that tour's first four years of existence. The event had multiple names and formats over its history.

18-Hole Scoring Record at the British Open

What is the lowest, 18-hole score ever recorded in the British Open? That record is 62, and it was scored during the 2017 Open. It lowered by one stroke the previous record of 63, a score that had been first recorded in The Open in 1977.

Explaining 'Hole Locations' on Golf Greens

Hole location (singular) is exactly what it sounds like: The location of the hole on a putting green (front, middle or back; left, center or right). But "hole locations" plural is typically used in one of two ways:

Definition: 'Championship Tees' on the Golf Course

On a golf course, the "championship tees" are the set of tees on the teeing ground that are the farthest from the green. Playing a golf course from the championship tees means playing the course at its greatest length, its most-challenging distances.

Bio of British Open Champ Willie Auchterlonie

Willie Auchterlonie was a British Open champion in the 19th century, and to the present time only one golfer younger than him has won the Open. But he had one of the briefer competitive resum├ęs among all Open champions. A native St. Andrean, he had a long association with the R&A, and the clubmaking shop he long ran still exists today.

How to Play the 'Second Chance' Golf Game

In the golf game named "Second Chance," each golfer plays two balls on every hole, and his better ball — the one with which he makes the lower score — is the one that counts for that hole. As an example, if on the first hole Golfer A makes a 4 with one of his golf balls and a 5 with his second ball, then his score on Hole 1 is 4.

3M Championship Golf Tournament (Champions Tour)

The 3M Championship was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour, the premiere professional golf tour for 50-and-over golfers, for around 25 years. It always took place in Minnesota. It was a 54-hole tournament, and some fans might also remember it under the name Burnet Senior Classic.

The Claret Jug: British Open Trophy History and Specs

The Claret Jug is the trophy presented to winners of the British Open golf tournament. It is one of the most famous trophies in all of sports, a silver vessel with handle and pouring spout, sitting atop a banded base. And on those bands are etched the names of all the previous Open Championship winners .

Who Was the First American Golfer to Win the British Open?

The British Open was first played in 1860, and for more than 60 years there were no American golfers among its winners. Then, in the early 1920s, two golfers won the tournament who both have a claim to the title of "first American winner." Let's explain:

Hugh Kirkaldy: Golfer Won British Open But Died Young

Hugh Kirkaldy was one of three golfing brothers from St. Andrews, but he was the only one of the three who won the British Open. He also held the scoring record on The Old Course two different times. But he died young, before reaching the age of 30.

Jack Nicklaus' British Open Wins and Yearly Finishes

Of the four major championships of men's professional golf, the British Open is the one Jack Nicklaus won the least — "only" three times. He won the U.S. Open four times, the PGA Championship five times and The Masters six times. But his record in this major is spectacular nonetheless.

Eagle vs. Birdie in Golf: What's the Difference?

Here at, we don't just write for serious golfers and golf history buffs. We also write for beginners and those who are new to golf fandom. And two words that newbies are going to hear a lot are "birdie" and "eagle." These are golf scoring terms, and they are both good: Golfers want lots of birdies and eagles. But what is the difference between the two?

Explaining the 'Foot Wedge' in Golf

Is there a person in your regular golf group who, when he thinks nobody is watching, like to, ahem, "improve" the lie of his ball bit by bumping it with his foot? Or even outright kicking his golf ball into a better spot? That golfer is using his "foot wedge."

Who Was the First Non-British Golfer to Win the British Open?

The British Open, officially named the Open Championship , dates to 1860. It is the oldest major championship, and longest-running pro tournament of any kind, in golf history. How long did it take before a golfer who was not British won the Open? It took a long time — nearly 50 years.

Willie Park Sr.: Golf's Very First Major Champion

The British Open debuted all the way back in 1860, and Willie Park Sr. was its very first champion. He won the tournament three times in its first seven years, and later added a fourth victory.

Oldest Golfer to Make the Cut in a Men's Major

Who is the oldest golfer in the history of the men's professional majors to make the cut? The record-holder is one of the giants of the game, and he was 67 years old when he set the record.

SBS Open at Turtle Bay (LPGA Golf Tournament)

The SBS Open at Turtle Bay was an LPGA Tour golf tournament in Hawaii played in the mid- to late 2000-aughts. It was 54 holes in duration, stroke play.

Who Is the Oldest Winner of the U.S. Senior Open?

All the golfers competing in the U.S. Senior Open are aged 50 and up. But how much older than 50 is the tournament's oldest winner? Has anyone 60 years old won it? No. But a couple of 57-year-olds have, and Allen Doyle is the record-holder as the oldest U.S. Senior Open winner.

What Happened to the LPGA Championship?

The LPGA Tour created the LPGA Championship, the flagship tournament of the LPGA, in 1955. For six decades, it was one of the major championships of women's golf. In 2014, the LPGA Championship was played for the 60th time. But the "LPGA Championship" hasn't been played since. What happened?

What Does It Mean to 'Overclub' in Golf?

If you are just a casual golfer, or casual golf fan, you might not be familiar with the term "overclub" or its meaning. "Overclub" is a word we sometimes hear on broadcasts of golf tournaments, or that one golfer might use describing his own shot or another golfer's shot. What does it mean?

Golfer Maureen Orcutt: Won Tournaments in 7 Decades

Maureen Orcutt was an American amateur golfer who won golf tournaments in seven decades, starting in the 1920s. She won dozens of tournaments, by most counts more than 60, but the biggest one got away: Orcutt is arguably the greatest American golfer of the pre-World War II era who never won the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship. Throughout most of her career, she also was a journalist, a pioneer as a woman in sports reporting.

10 Best Golfers Ever in the British Open

Who are the best golfers all-time at playing the British Open — those golfers who most excelled in this particular major championship? In this article we rank the Top 10.

Bobby Jones in the U.S. Open: Wins, Scores, Yearly Finishes

Bobby Jones shared the U.S. Open tournament record of four wins . He also, at one time, shared the U.S. Open record of four second-place finishes. In other words, Jones was very, very good in the U.S. Open.

Harms of Overthinking Technique on Golf Course Confirmed By Study

How do you hold the putter? It's not something you think about before you putt: You just grip the putter instinctively. You've placed your hands on the putter handle thousands of times, it's something you just do . A friend of mine has a dirty trick he sometimes plays on me when I'm about to attempt a key putt during one of our friendly-but-intense matches. He asks me, "How do you hold the putter?" And I am momentarily flummoxed because he has made think about my putting grip. Most golfers know that overthinking while playing golf is a bad idea.

What Is a Proxy Marker (Proximity Marker) in Golf?

A "proxy marker" or "proximity marker" in golf is a small marker or sign that can be staked into the ground to signify the position of the leader in a proxy contest.

How to Play a Tombstone Tournament in Golf

What happens when you win a Tombstone Tournament? You'll feel like you died and went to pro shop heaven. How do you win a Tombstone Tournament? By taking an allotment of strokes you are given by tournament organizers and making it farther around the golf course than anyone else. And where your round dies (you run out of strokes) is where your "tombstone" is erected.

U.S. Open Top Finishes: Most Top 5s, Top 10s, Top 25s in Career

The U.S. Open golf tournament dates to 1895. Looking back over the history of the tournament, which golfers have recorded the most high finishes — the most Top 5s? Most Top 10s? Most Top 25s? That's what the lists below show.

Fred McLeod: U.S. Open Winner, First Masters Tournament Honorary Starter

Fred McLeod was a Scotsman by birth but lived most of his life in the United States, where he won a U.S. Open in the first decade of the 20th century. He almost won two other majors, and took part in a couple international match-play tournaments that led to the creation of the Ryder Cup. And in his 80s, McLeod was one of the first honorary starters at The Masters Tournament.

Explaining the 'Shotgun Start' in Golf (How It Works, Origins)

"Shotgun start" is the term for a method of beginning a golf tournament with all the groups of golfers teeing off at the same time, from different holes around the course. Each hole on the golf course is occupied by a group of four golfers — one group on the first tee, one on the second tee, one on the third tee, and so on — and at the signal or at the designated time, all those golfers begin playing simultaneously.

Spalding Tournament: Golf Winners in British Event

The Spalding Tournament was a golf tournament for professional male golfers, played in the United Kingdom from the mid-1940s into the 1960s. It was won by some big names of that era on the British PGA circuit that was the ancestor of the modern European Tour.

Golfers Who Won the U.S. Junior Amateur and the U.S. Open

How many times has a golfer won the premiere tournament in boys' junior golf, the U.S. Junior Amateur, and then gone on to win the American national championship in professional golf, the U.S. Open? Not many!

Curtis Cup Family Acts: Sisters, Mother-Daughter Pairs Who've Played

Have there ever been two golfing sisters who both played in the Curtis? Have there been any mother-and-daughter pairs who both played in the Curtis Cup? The answers are yes and yes. But it's rare.

2024 Curtis Cup

The 2024 Curtis Cup Match will be the 43rd time this tournament is played. The Curtis Cup is a team, match-play tournament contested by two squads of amateur women golfers, one representing the United States (USA), one representing Great Britain & Ireland (GB&I).

Profile of Golfer Alex Ross ('Alec Ross')

Alex Ross was a U.S. Open champion in the first decade of the 1900s, and in two other early American pro tournaments still holds the tournament records for most wins. An immigrant from Scotland, he is the very rare major championship winner who, today, isn't nearly as famous as his brother.

2023 U.S. Women's Open Dates, Location, Info

The 2023 U.S. Women's Open will be the 78th edition of this major championship. But it will be the first one played at iconic Pebble Beach. This tournament is staged by the United States Golf Association.

Longest Winning Streaks in LPGA Tour History

The LPGA Tour record for longest winning streak — the golfer who won the most tournament starts in a row — is five. Two tour legends, Nancy Lopez and Annika Sorenstam, share this record.

Low Amateurs in the U.S. Women's Open

The U.S. Women's Open is the biggest tournament in women's golf, so earning low amateur honors there is a big achievement. A true open, many golfers get into the field by playing their way in through qualifying tournaments. That opens the door for many amateurs to get into the field.

What Is an 'Attack Wedge' in Golf?

There is a golf club that is part of the wedge family and that goes by several different names, one of which is "attack wedge." The attack wedge is high-lofted, used for shots into the green when precision is key — when you want to attack the pin position. In a set of golf irons/wedges with graduated lofts, the attack wedge falls in-between the pitching wedge and sand wedge.

NCAA Men's Golf Championship Team Winners

The men's college golf championship today is awarded at the NCAA Division I Men's Golf Championship tournament. That event takes place in May or June every year following a series of regional tournaments that whittle the field.

2020 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 2020 U.S. Women's Open was the 75th time this major championship was played. The winner earned her trophy by birdying the final three holes of the tournament.

NCAA Men's Golf Championship Individual Winners

The NCAA Men's Division I Golf Championship is the tournament that crowns the individual champ of college golf in the United States. The NCAA, which governs collegiate sports in America, established the tournament in 1939. But the list below goes back farther than that, all the way to 1897, when the first college golf championship was played long before the NCAA existed.

2021 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 2021 U.S. Women's Open was the 76th time this major championship was played. The winner was the first golfer from her country to claim this title, and also tied, to the day, the tournament record for youngest winner.

Golfer Willie Smith: Scottish U.S. Open Champ Who Died in Mexico

Willie Smith was a Scotsman who moved to America and then to Mexico. One of a famous set of golfing brothers, he won a U.S. Open in the 19th century, and was runner-up in two others in the first decade of the 1900s. He also was the first champion of the Western Open, a club pro in the earliest days of golf in Mexico, and once survived an attack on his club by armed forces in the Mexican Revolution.

2022 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Final Scores

The 2022 U.S. Women's Open was the 77th time this golf tournament was played. The winner earned her victory by setting a new tournament score record.

LPGA Quality Chek'd Classic Tournament (Waco Tribune Herald Ladies Classic)

The Quality Chek'd Classic, known as the Waco Tribune Herald Ladies Classic the last time it was played, was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour in the mid-1960s to early/mid-1970s. It was played in Waco, Texas.

Tiger Woods' Worst Scores on the PGA Tour as a Pro

What's the worst score Tiger Woods has ever had on the PGA Tour since turning pro? That depends on what category of score you're talking about — 18 holes, 72 holes or 72 holes in relation to par. But that's OK, because we cover all three categories below.

Golfers With Most PGA Tour Wins Over Three Consecutive Years

One way of considering a golfer's peak is to look only at his single, best year. And we've done that in our list of golfers with the most PGA Tour wins in a single season . Another way to think of "peak" is not as a single year, but as a stretch of seasons. That's what we do here. The list below shows the PGA Tour golfers who won the most tournaments over three successive tour seasons.

U.S. Open Records: Tournament Bests and Mosts

The U.S. Open is the second-oldest major championship in men's golf, and the oldest of the three United States-based majors. It was first played in 1895. That's a long history, and many golfers have made their mark on that history.

Is There Any Reason Why Golf Hole Liners (the Cups) are White?

Picture the cup on the golf green. Inside the hole on the putting green you will find a cup, or liner, usually plastic these days but sometimes metal. Inevitably, it is either manufactured in the color of white, or painted white post-production. Why?

Carol Mann: LPGA Golfer Was Big Winner

Carol Mann was one of the giants of the LPGA Tour in the 1960s. Her playing career stretched into the 1980s, but she was also influential as an LPGA president and, for years after her retirement from tournament golf, as someone involved in women's sports on the administrative side. But it is as a golfer on the LPGA were Mann made her name, racking up win totals that still rank highly in the history of women's golf.

2024 PGA Championship Dates, Golf Course

The 2024 PGA Championship will be the 106th time this tournament is played. The PGA Championship, first played in 1916, is one of the four yearly "major championships" of men's professional golf. It is run by the PGA of America and also counted as a PGA Tour event.

Golfers Who Won 3 of the 4 Majors: Just Short of Career Grand Slam

In men's professional golf, there are four major championships: the British Open, U.S. Open, PGA Championship and Masters. Winning all four of them over the course of one's career is called the Career Grand Slam. There is no special phrase for winning three out of the four, but that is a rare achievement, too.

Oddball Local Rules at Willie Nelson's Golf Course

One name of the golf course in Spicewood, Texas, that is approximately 30 miles west/northwest of Austin, near Lake Travis, is Pedernales Golf Club. But it's much better known by it's other name: Willie Nelson's Pedernales Cut-N-Putt.

The Definition of 'Carry' in Golf

Do you know the meaning of "carry" in a golf context? Golfers use phrases such as, "I need 150 yards of carry," or "you carried that bunker, no problem," or "what's the carry over that water"? Let's go into it to under the golf definition.

Golfer Chick Harbert: PGA Championship Winner, Ryder Cup Captain

Chick Harbert was a Michigan golf great who won a PGA Championship in the 1950s and reached the championship match in the PGA two other years. He won multiple times on the PGA Tour (once beating Ben Hogan in a playoff), many times in Michigan state tournaments, and also captained Team USA in the Ryder Cup.

Esso Golden Tournament: Tour Event Used Round-Robin 3-Balls

The Esso Golden Tournament was a men's professional golf tournament on the British PGA/European circuit of the 1960s. It used an unusual format that required all the golfers in the field to play 14, 18-hole matches to determine the winner.

The 'Moles' Golf Side Bet Explained

Moles are burrowing animals and golfers hate burrowing animals (at least those that dig their holes on golf courses). You know what else can dig a hole on a golf course? Taking multiple swings to get out of a sand trap. And that is what the golf side bet known as Moles is all about.

Who Was the First Golfer to Win the U.S. Open 2, 3 and 4 Times?

The U.S. Open tournament record for victories if four, shared by multiple golfers. Who was the first golfer to win the U.S. Open four times? For that matter, who was the first double winner, and the first three-time champ? In all cases, the answer is the same: Willie Anderson .

Winners of The Tradition Golf Tournament (Champions Tour Major)

The Tradition is the name of a golf tournament on the Champions Tour, and the tournament is counted as one of the five major championships of senior golf by that tour. That makes all the golfers who appear on the list of winners below senior major winners.

The 18-Hole Scoring Record in the U.S. Open

What is the lowest 18-hole score ever recorded in the U.S. Open golf tournament — the lowest round in tournament history? That score is 63, and the first time it was shot remains one of the most-famous rounds of golf. But it has also been matched several times since.

PGA Championship Golf Courses: Where They've Played

The PGA Championship is one of the four "major championships" of men's professional golf. It is run by the PGA of America, and the PGA selects each golf course that serves as the site of the tournament.

Golfer Chandler Harper: PGA Champ, Longtime PGA Tour Record-Holder

Chandler Harper was a winner on the PGA Tour in the 1950s and a golfer who set victory records in his native Virginia. Harper won a PGA Championship, and he also set a PGA Tour scoring record that stood for nearly 60 years.

Tiger Woods' PGA Championship Wins and Yearly Finishes

Tiger Woods has four wins in the PGA Championship, second-most all-time. He also has three runner-up finishes in this major, also second-most all-time.

How to Play the 'Luck of the Draw' Golf Game

Want to play a game on the golf course the combines the skill of golf with the luck of a poker deal? The game named "Luck of the Draw" might be for you. This game rewards good golf scores with playing cards, and at the end of the round you try to form a better poker hand than your playing companions.

PGA Championship Top Finishes: Most Top 5s, Top 10s, Top 25s in Career

In the history of the PGA Championship, which golfers have recorded the most Top 5 finishes? How about finishing in the Top 10 most often? You can view those lists here, along with the golfers who had the most Top 25 finishes.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren: Timeline of Their Marriage

Tiger Woods, one of the most famous people on the planet, and Elin Nordegren, who was a nanny when they met, once had one of the best-known celebrity marriages. It was one that seemed from the outside — and was always presented this way from the inside — idyllic. Of course, the Woods-Nordegren marriage soon came crashing (literally) down.

Jack Nicklaus' PGA Championship Wins and Yearly Finishes

Two golfers in PGA Championship history have won that major five times each, and Jack Nicklaus is one of them. His PGA Championship appearances span a period of 39 years, during which he played the tournament all but two years.

Tom Creavy: Golf Prodigy Whose Pro Career Ended in His 20s

Tom Creavy was a professional golfer who was turning heads on tour while still in his teens and winning a major championship before he turned 21. He was a tall, slim golfer with a smooth swing and a soft-spoken nature. The strength of his game was putting. But his tournament career was cut short by back problems and he retired from competitive play while still young.

San Francisco Open (National Match Play Open)

The San Francisco Open was a golf tournament on the PGA Tour that began as a match-play tournament but ended as a stroke-play event. During the match era, it was known as the San Francisco National Match Play Open. It was part of the winter tour, scheduled among other tournaments in California.

Golfers Awarded United States Congressional or Presidential Medals

Two of the highest non-military honors the United States can bestow on civilians are the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And some golfers have been awarded one or the other — some golfers have even gotten both.

Golfers Who Made the Most Cuts in the PGA Championship

What is the tournament record for most cuts made in the PGA Championship? We'll answer that question in two different ways in this article.

PGA Championship Records: Tournament Bests and Mosts

The PGA Championship is the second-oldest of the USA-based major championships of men's professional golf, first played in 1916. Below you'll find a rundown of the tournament's all-time records, the bests and worsts and the golfers who set those marks.

What Was the Futures Tour in Golf?

"Futures Tour" was, for many years, the name of the LPGA's developmental circuit for golfers who aspired to play on the LPGA Tour. The LPGA is the top-level, U.S.-based tour for women professional golfers; the Futures Tour was the second-level, U.S.-based tour for professional golfers.

Golfer Jim Turnesa, PGA Champion

Jim Turnesa won a couple times on the PGA Tour in the 1950s, but one of those wins was a major championship. He was just as famous in his time, though, for a PGA Championship that he lost only after playing his way through a murderer's row of opponents; and for a Ryder Cup match that was an early example of two opponents struggling with the crushing pressure of the moment.

How to Play the 40 Balls Golf Format

"40 Balls" is the name of a golf tournament format for four-person teams. Each team member plays his or her own ball throughout, so on each hole there are four, individual scores being returned on each team. How many of those scores does the team use? A total of 40 of them over the course of the 18-hole round.

Youngest and Oldest Winners on Ladies European Tour

The Ladies European Tour (LET) is the top-level women's professional golf tour in Europe. Its squad, known as Team Europe, faces Team USA in the Solheim Cup every other year. Below are the Ladies European Tour record-holders for youngest winners and oldest winners.

The Fishies Golf Betting Game Explained

The book and movie The Godfather (affiliate links) brought to common understanding the expression "sleep with the fishes." In golf (as in life), you never want your golf ball to sleep with the fishes, because that means you've hit into water. But hitting into water can also be an opportunity when your group is playing the golf betting game called Fishies.

Largest Margins of Victory in LPGA Tour History

What are the biggest winning margins ever in LPGA Tour tournaments? The LPGA plays tournaments of both 72 holes (four rounds) and 54 holes (three rounds) in length. So we've included the record for both below.

Arnold Palmer's First PGA Tour Tournaments and Pro Debut

Arnold Palmer wound up with 62 PGA Tour victories in his career, seven of them major championships. But he had to start somewhere. That's what you'll read about below: the first PGA Tour tournament that Palmer ever played, which happened while he was still an amateur; and when and where he made his professional debut on the PGA Tour.

Tom Kerrigan: Golfer Hit First Shot in PGA Championship History

Tom Kerrigan was an American golf professional who won tournaments on the fledgling pro tour in the 1920s, and who had a 50-year-run as club pro at Siwanoy Country Club in New York. He also has the distinction of playing the first stroke in the history of the PGA Championship tournament.

Bank of America Championship (Senior Tour Tournament)

The Bank of America Championship, known by multiple prior names, was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour for nearly 30 years. It stretched from the early 1980s into the late 2000-aughts. The tournament was always played in the Boston area.

Is There a 'Battlefield Promotion' for the LPGA Tour?

In golf, the term "battlefield promotion" refers to a golfer winning enough on a lower-level tour that he or she automatically gets promoted to a higher tour. The PGA Tour has such an arrangement with its developmental tour. Does the LPGA Tour? Can a golfer get onto the LPGA Tour through a "battlefield promotion"?

Big Break V: Hawaii Winner and Cast Members

The Big Break V: Hawaii was the fifth season of the Golf Channel reality/competition series The Big Break . Often called, in shorthand, Big Break V or Big Break Hawaii , this was the second edition of Big Break that featured an all-women cast of golfers (the first being Big Break III: Ladies Only ).

How Many Golfers Have Earned a 'Battlefield Promotion' to PGA Tour?

Each year, golfers on the PGA Tour's developmental circuit have available to them a special way of earning promotion to the big leagues: If they win enough tournaments, they get to go straight to the PGA Tour. But how many golfers have played their way onto the PGA Tour in this way?

Triple Bogey Golf Meaning and Example Scores

What is a "triple bogey" in golf scoring? If a bogey is 1-over par on a hole, and a double bogey is 2-over par on a hole ...

Bio of Irish Golf Champ Philomena Garvey

In the decades after World War II, Philomena Garvey dominated Irish women's golf. During the stretch from 1946-63, she won all but four years of the top Irish women's tournament. Garvey once refused to play in the Curtis Cup because Ireland was left out of the Team GB&I crest.

The Meaning of Bleeding/Stop the Bleeding in Golf

Maybe you've heard an announcer say on a golf broadcast something along the lines of, "Golfer X started bleeding on the third hole," or heard one golfer say to another something like, "You really need to stop the bleeding." In golf, those expressions are lingo referring to poor play.

Golfers Who Won the First Two Majors of the Year (and How They Did in Their Next Major)

The first step in chasing the single-season grand slam on the PGA Tour is winning the first major championship of the year. The second step is winning the year's second major. The third step is ... well, nobody has ever made it to the third step: No golfer has ever won the first three men's majors of the year, much less all four.

Jack Nicklaus' First PGA Tour Tournaments and Pro Debut

Jack Nicklaus was in his late teens when he began showing up in PGA Tour tournaments. That was the late 1950s. And Nicklaus' entry into a tournament in those days, when he was building a great amateur record, always garnered attention. But what was his first PGA Tour appearance? How'd he do? And what about his pro debut — after turning pro, where did make his first PGA Tour start?

Robinson Open Golf Classic (Former PGA Tour)

The Robinson Open Golf Classic was a small-town tournament that survived for a half-dozen years on the PGA Tour in the late 1960s/early 1970s. Its biggest-name champion was Bob Goalby.

The Time Bobby Jones Won a PGA Tour Tournament in Augusta

In 1930, Bobby Jones won a PGA Tour tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The distant second-place finisher had beaten Jones earlier in the year, and went on to win the first Masters Tournament . This win by Jones, however, was not at Augusta National.

Bob Goalby: Masters Champion, PGA Tour Winner

Bob Goalby won a Masters Tournament, but in a way that caused many fans to treat him as something of an accidental championship. He wasn't: Goalby earned that win, and double-digit wins on the PGA Tour. He also played a part in the creation of the modern PGA Tour, and then of the Senior Tour.

When Did Masters' Champions Dinner Begin and Who Started It?

Did you know that Ben Hogan is credited with starting the Champions Dinner tradition at Augusta National Golf Club during Masters Tournament week? Keep reading to see the letter Hogan sent that started it all.

Chevron Championship Winners: The Full List

The Chevron Championship is one of the five majors of women's professional golf, played early in every LPGA Tour season. It has been one of the LPGA Tour's majors since 1983. So this tournament's list of winners has something of a split history: the winners of it as a major, and the pre-major winners.

That Time Gene Sarazen Chased an Intruder Out of His Hotel Room With His Driver

You probably know that Gene Sarazen won the 1935 Masters in a playoff after scoring his famous double eagle in the final round. That's how the tournament ended for Sarazen. But do you know how that tournament started for Sarazen? It started with him using his driver to chase a thief out of his hotel room at 4 in the morning.

Ameritech Senior Open (Champions Tour) Golf Tournament

The Ameritech Senior Open (called the SBC Senior Open its last few years) was a pro golf tournament on the Champions Tour, the men's senior tour in the U.S. It was played in the Midwest, taking place over the years in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. It was scheduled for 54 holes.

Monday Qualifiers Who Won on the Champions Tour

Has a golfer ever played his way into a golf tournament on the Champions Tour through the Monday qualifier and then won that tournament? Yes — and it has happened more on the senior circuit than on any other U.S.-based tour.

John Paul Cain: From Stockbroker to Champions Tour Winner

John Paul Cain didn't turn pro as a golfer until he was 52. Then he embarked on an improbable Champions Tour career in which he won tournaments both as a Monday qualifier and as a sponsor exemption.