What Is a Score of 1 on a Golf Hole Called?

If you get to write down a "1" on your scorecard, you've achieved one of the biggest thrills in golf: making a hole-in-one. A score of 1 on any golf hole is called a hole-in-one, or, alternatively, an ace.

"Hole-in-one" and "ace" are completely interchangeable as terms for a score of 1. However, unlike hole-in-one, ace can also be used as a verb: "She aced the second hole."

In addition to hole-in-one and ace, a score of 1 can also be called by these names:

  • A score of 1 on a par-3 hole is an eagle.
  • A score of 1 on a par-4 hole is a double eagle or albatross.
  • A score of 1 on a par-5 hole is a condor.
  • A score of 1 on a par-6 hole is an ostrich.
But keep in mind a couple things. First, nobody would use those terms. Why would you call your ace on a par-3 hole an eagle? You wouldn't — you'd call it an ace or hole-in-one. Second, holes-in-one on par-6 holes or hypothetical; none, as far as anyone knows, has ever happened. And known aces on par-5 holes (that aren't dubious) are extremely, exceedingly rare — fewer than 10 known in golf history.

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