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The 'Foot Wedges' Golf Game (Portuguese Caddie)

There is a class of side game in golf in which golfers are given permission to relocate their golf ball a certain number of times per round. The game that goes by the name Foot Wedges is one of those games. And as you might guess, in Foot Wedges golfers are allowed to kick their ball out of trouble a few times per round.

Dan Halldorson: Profile of Canadian PGA Tour Winner

Dan Halldorson was a professional golfer from Canada who played on the PGA Tour from the mid-1970s into the mid-1990s. Although he won only once on the PGA Tour, he was an important player in the development of Canadian golf at the time. He also led Team Canada to two victories in the World Cup.

The Two Clubs and a Putter Game Explained

There are many golf games that limit the number of clubs a golfer can use during a round. The game named Two Clubs and a Putter is one of them, but with a twist: Players are limited to using just two clubs plus their putter, but get to pick different clubs on each hole.

Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn (Champions Tour)

The Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn, sponsored in its last couple years by carmaker Kia, was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour (senior tour) in the early 2000s. It was three rounds (54 holes) in length and was staged for 12 years.

How to Play Twelves (the 12-Point Game)

There is a golf format for groups of four golfers named Twelves, and it also goes by the name 12-Point Game. And the names give away the key to this game: On each hole, 12 points are at stake to be split amongst the four golfers.

Lowest 9-Hole Scores in the PGA Championship

What is the lowest score for a front nine or a back nine during the PGA Championship? Since 9-hole scoring has been tracked in this major, only seven golfers have broken 30 for one nine during PGA Championship play. But only one of those scored a 28.

Bio of Pro Golfer Clarence Hackney

Clarence Hackney was a Scotland-born golf pro who worked — and won tournaments — in America in the 1910s into the 1930s. He was the pro at a prominent club in the Northeast for nearly 30s years. Hackney's biggest tournament win was the Canadian Open, and he also took part in one of the foundational competitions that led to the Ryder Cup.

How to Play the Splix Sixes Golf Game

Split Sixes is the name of a game specifically for three golfers. On each hole, those golfers' scores determine how they split the six points that are at stake.

Scoring Records at the Chevron Championship

What is the lowest winning score in the history of the Chevron Championship, one of the majors of women's professional golf? How about the 18-, 36- and 54-hole tournament scoring records? Let's find out.

Most Chevron Championship Wins: All the Multiple Champs

Which golfer holds the record for most wins in the Chevron Championship? There are actually three golfers who share this record. Each won this LPGA major championship three times.

The Shark Side Game Explained

"Shark" is the name of a golf side game in which golfers are wagering they can make par on a hole even after hitting their golf ball into water. Of course, avoiding water is something golfers very much want to do. But if you do find water on a shot, Shark rewards a great recovery.

What Is 'the S Word' in Golf?

There is a word in golf that most golfers are scared of. That most consider very bad luck to use. That most of us try to avoid uttering. What is that word? The s-word. And what is "the s-word"? It's sh— shhhhhhh! don't say that word!

PGA Tour Winner Fred Haas: The Streak-Buster

Fred Haas wasn't just the golfer who ended Byron Nelson's 11-tournament win streak in 1945. He won that tournament while still an amateur. Haas went on to a productive PGA Tour career. He won four more tournaments in the 1940s and 1950s, and also had success in senior golf before the Champions Tour existed. Haas was also the first golfer to play in both the Walker Cup and Ryder Cup.

Charlotte Open Tournament on the PGA Tour

The Charlotte Open was a professional golf tournament played in North Carolina for a few years in the 1940s. Part of the PGA Tour circuit of the time, it was born in the war years and its history includes a couple significant events.

Tiger Woods' Professional Tournament Wins

Tiger Woods has won a lot of pro golf tournaments. Most of those wins happened on the world's biggest tour, the PGA Tour. But Woods also ranks highly in career European Tour victories, and recorded wins on several other world golf tours, too.

How to Play Golf Tic-Tac-Toe

The children's game tic-tac-toe has been around for a very long time. And almost everyone knows how to play it: Draw a grid to create nine squares; two players alternate placing X's and O's in those squares trying to get three across, three up-and-down, or three diagonally. In the golf version of tic-tac-toe, two golfers are putting or chipping to those nine squares, trying to place balls into three boxes across, up-and-down or diagonally.

What It Means to Bone a Golf Shot

Perhaps our title should have been "what it meant " to bone a shot, because "bone" is an archaic bit of golf lingo. The term is rarely used in golf today. But it was once (and, you never know, could be again) a synonym for a bladed or thinned shot.

Sherri Turner: Long LPGA Career, One Great Year

Sherri Turner, born October 4, 1956, in Greenville, South Carolina, played on the LPGA Tour from the early 1980s into the 2000s. Her long career produced only three victories. But Turner did have one big year in which she not only won a major championship, but some Player of the Year awards, too.

How to Play the Golf Game Named Savies

In the betting game known as Savies, the goal is saving par after you've missed the green. Do that and you'll earn points. Do it enough, and you could earn some of your opponents' money.

Golfers With Most Wins on the Japan Tour

Which golfer has the most wins over his career on the Japan Tour? You might say that golfer is a "big" name, because he is best-known by his nickname, "Jumbo." And he won nearly 100 tournaments on the Japan Tour.

Most Career Wins on the LPGA of Japan (JLPGA) Tour

The LPGA of Japan Tour (JLPGA) was founded in 1968, making it the second-oldest women's professional golf tour, behind only the LPGA Tour. The golfer who has the most career wins on the JLPGA is a Hall-of-Famer who later became commissioner of the tour.

Explaining the Meaning of Medal Play in Golf

Do you know what stroke play is? Then you also know what "medal play" is. Because stroke play and medal play mean the exact same thing — they are synonyms for determing the outcome of a golf competition based on the total number of strokes used over a round or series of rounds.

Ralph Guldahl: Bio of Golf Giant of 1930s

Ralph Guldahl was one of the greatest golfers of the 1930s. But his peak lasted only four years. In those four years, though, he won three majors and he totaled 16 PGA Tour wins for his career. Guldahl once simultaneously held the scoring records of the U.S. Open and The Masters, and still appears on lists today of the tour's youngest winners. But he stopped playing the tour shortly after turning 30. According to popular legend (emphasis on legend), Guldahl once quit the tour in frustration and later quit the tour after the sudden collapse of his game.