How to Play the Golf Game Named Savies

In the betting game known as Savies, the goal is saving par after you've missed the green. Do that and you'll earn points. Do it enough, and you could earn some of your opponents' money.

Savies is a game for a group of golfers. The basis of every version of Savies is this: Any golfer who misses the green in regulation (GIR) but then saves par is awarded a point from each of the others in the group. (A "green in regulation" is getting the ball on the putting surface in one stroke on a par-3 hole, in two strokes on a par-4, or in three strokes on a par-5.)

Let's say you are 20 yards short of a par-4 green after your second shot. But then you chip up close and knock in the par putt. That's a Savie, and you just earned a point from the other golfers in your group. If there are four golfers in your group, then you got three points (one point from each).

Savies can be just that: one point from each of your opponents after any par save following a missed GIR. But some groups like to add more to it.

The most common add-on is this: A golfer who saves par from a bunker gets two points from each of the others. Other twists include earning three points from each opponent if you save par after hitting into water, losing a ball or hitting out of bounds. (Obviously you have to be following the rules and applying the appropriate penalty strokes in those situations.)

But you don't have to use any of the add-ons. Your group can keep Savies very simple by sticking to just one point from each opponent for any par save after missing a GIR.

Before the round, golfers agree on the value of Savies points. At the end of the round, add up the points and pay out the differences. (Alternately, golfers can agree to each put X amount of money into the pot, then award the pot to the winner or give most of it to the winner plus a little to the second-place finisher.) Savies is most-fair to all golfers in the group when it is played by golfers of similar skill levels. If your group includes golfers of differing abilities, it is best to play Savies based on net scores rather than gross.

Savies is often played in conjunction with other, similar games that reward specific achievements (or punish mistakes) on the course. A popular game to pair with Savies is Greenies, which awards points for hitting the green in regulation. Greenies removes any incentive a golfer in your group might have to miss the green intentionally in order to chase Savies points.

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