The Scuffies Side Bet in Golf

Did you just make a par on a hole after bouncing your ball off the cart path with one of your shots? You just won a scuffie (scuffy).

Scuffies, sometimes called pathies, is the name of a golf side bet that automatically pays off any time a golfer in your group makes par after hitting the cart path on that hole. Hit the cart path, then make par anyway, win the scuffie.

So Step 1 in playing scuffies is for all members of your group to agree on it. Step 2 is setting the value of each scuffie. The value can be monetary or points (points is often the choice when the scuffies bet is combined with multiple other side games for a round).

Some groups stipulate that to earn a scuffie, par must follow the ball hitting the cart path on the drive. Others say scuffies are earned if the ball hits the cart path on any stroke during the play of a hole, so long as par follows. How you want to play it is up to your group.

Also Known As: Pathies

Photo credit: "Golf cart path, fairway green and blue sky during the fourth annual CAII golf tournament at SouthWood Golf Club in Tallahassee, Florida on November 2, 2012." by Second Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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