1924 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1924 British Open was the 59th time this major was played. Walter Hagen won this major for the second time, sinking a putt on the final hole to claim the trophy.

Winner: Walter Hagen, 301

Where it was played: Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England

Tournament dates: June 26-27, 1924

Leader after first round: Cyril Tolley, 73

Leader after second round: Ernest Whitcombe, 147

Leader after third round: Walter Hagen and Ernest Whitcombe, 224

What Happened at the 1924 Open Championship

Walter Hagen and Ernest Whitcombe were tied with 18 holes to go, and both carded 43s on the front nines of their respective final rounds. Whitcombe shot 35 over his second nine to post the clubhouse lead at 302.

When Hagen was on the 12th hole of his final round, he found out what Whitcombe's score was and knew what he needed to beat. He proceeded to do just that, but left it until the final green. Hagen — who played typical Hagen golf over his back nine, which is to say, wild driving and brilliant recovery shots — faced a 6-foot, downhill putt on the final green for the victory. He knocked it right into the middle of the cup.

Hagen's 1924 British Open win was his second; he first won in 1922 and later added two more victories in this Open. His victory here was the fifth of Hagen's 14 career wins in majors.

Whitcombe was part of a golfing family, his brothers Reg and Charles also competing in many Open Championships. Ernest and Charles also played in Ryder Cups; Reg was selected for a Ryder Cup but unable to play. Reg is the only of the Whitcombe brothers who won an Open, however, claiming the Claret Jug in 1938.

Macdonald Smith tied for third, one of 12 times he finished in the Top 5 in the U.S. Open or British Open without winning any of them.

Five-time Open winner J.H. Taylor, now 53 years old, finished fifth. At the other end of his career was Gene Sarazen, who made his first-ever appearance in a British Open this year. Sarazen, who had already won three majors in America, finished tied for 41st place. He won his only Claret Jug at the 1932 British Open, and didn't enter his final Open until 1976.

1924 British Open Final Scores

Walter Hagen 77-73-74-77—301
Ernest Whitcombe 77-70-77-78—302
Frank Ball 78-75-74-77—304
Macdonald Smith 76-74-77-77—304
J.H. Taylor 75-74-79-79—307
Aubrey Boomer 75-78-76-79—308
George Duncan 74-79-74-81—308
Len Holland 74-78-78-78—308
Jim Barnes 78-77-79-75—309
George Gadd 79-75-78-77—309
James Sherlock 76-75-78-80—309
Percy Weston 76-77-77-79—309
Sandy Herd 76-79-76-79—310
Gilbert Nicholls 75-78-79-78—310
Tom Williamson 79-76-80-75—310
J.W. Gaudin 79-78-80-76—313
Charles Johns 77-77-78-81—313
James Braid 80-80-78-76—314
Albert S. Tingey Jr. 82-81-76-75—314
a-Cyril Tolley 73-82-80-79—314
Archie Compston 79-81-76-79—315
Bertram Weastell 76-82-78-79—315
Arthur Butchart 82-75-77-82—316
Rowland Jones 80-73-82-81—316
Fred Leach 78-74-86-78—316
William Robertson 84-75-77-80—316
Fred Robson 83-80-77-76—316
Syd Wingate 79-79-82-76—316
Arthur Havers 79-77-86-75—317
Mark Seymour 74-81-80-82—317
Herbert Osborne 80-81-82-75—318
Harry Ball 81-78-79-81—319
Albert Hallam 76-83-80-80—319
Charles Parsons 80-77-83-79—319
Ted Ray 80-80-79-80—319
J. Rimmer 79-82-79-79—319
Harry Crapper 86-82-76-77—321
Peter Robertson 79-79-82-81—321
William Twine 80-79-86-76—321
Thomas Walton 77-86-82-77—322
Raymond Botcazou 80-83-78-82—323
Fred Jarman 84-78-78-83—323
Gene Sarazen 83-75-84-81—323
a-William Sutton 85-76-80-82—323
James Adwick 79-82-83-80—324
William Button 80-80-83-81—324
David Sutherland 79-80-85-80—324
George Charman 81-85-81-78—325
George Kirby 80-77-83-85—325
William McMinn 80-88-79-78—325
Jack Rowe 78-83-83-81—325
A. Simpson 82-78-80-85—325
William H. Davies 83-83-80-80—326
Edward Douglas 84-78-82-82—326
J. Alsagurin 82-86-77-82—327
Thomas Barber 78-85-84-80—327
William Smith 80-82-82-83—327
Arthur Young 82-79-87-79—327
a-J.A. Hassall 78-84-84-82—328
a-William Hope 87-78-81-82—328
Jack Seager 79-84-82-83—328
Charles Wallis 80-85-81-82—328
a-Samuel Robinson 85-81-82-81—329
Harry Sutton 81-79-83-87—330
Philip Rodgers 82-81-86-82—331
Albert Seymour 85-78-84-84—331
John Thompson 88-78-78-87—331
a-M.S. Walker 81-81-82-88—332
C.C. Anderson 84-82-85-82—333
Jerry Bond 87-84-83-79—333
Harry Walker 81-87-81-84—333
Percy Wyatt 86-84-83-81—334
Sidney Ball 84-78-87-86—335
John Harrison 86-88-81-85—340
William Gimber 86-85-87-87—345

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