1951 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1951 PGA Championship was the 33rd time this major was played, and it was the third time for the winner to claim the PGA trophy.

Winner: Sam Snead

Where it was played: Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 27-July 3, 1951

Notable notes: Sam Snead defeated Walter Burkemo in the championship match by a 7-and-6 score. This was the third and last of Snead's three PGA Championship wins, the fifth of his seven wins in majors. ... Burkemo reached the PGA final three of four years from 1951-54, including a win in 1953. ... At age 39, Snead was the oldest winner to date in this major. ... Oakmont had previously hosted the PGA Championship in 1922, and this year became the first golf course to host the tournament twice.

Late-Round Match Scores

Round of 16 (36 holes)
Sam Snead def. Lloyd Mangrum, 3 and 2
Jack Burke Jr. def. Gene Kunes, 4 and 3
Charles Bassler def. George Balestra, 1-up (37 holes)
Al Brosch def. Jack Harden, 6 and 5
Walter Burkemo def. Dick Shoemaker, 2 and 1
Reggie Myles def. Vic Ghezzi, 1-up
Ellsworth Vines def. Jackson Bradley, 2 and 1
Johnny Bulla def. Jim Ferrier, 9 and 8

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
Sam Snead def. Jack Burke Jr., 2 and 1
Charles Bassler def. Al Brosch, 1-up
Walter Burkemo def. Vic Ghezzi, 1-up
Ellsworth Vines def. Johnny Bulla, 1-up

Semifinals (36 holes)
Sam Snead def. Charles Bassler, 9 and 8
Walter Burkemo def. Ellsworth Vines, 1-up (37 holes)

Championship Match (36 holes)
Sam Snead def. Walter Burkemo, 7 and 6

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