1902 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1902 British Open was the 42nd time this major was played.

Winner: Sandy Herd, 307

Where it was played: Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England

Tournament dates: June 4-5, 1902

Leader after first round: Harry Vardon, 72

Leader after second round: Harry Vardon, 149

Leader after third round: Sandy Herd, 226

Notable Notes: Sandy Herd held a three-stroke lead over Harry Vardon entering the final round, then shot 81. But Vardon scored 79, so Herd's lead held up for the one-stroke victory. ... Herd won playing with a Haskell ball, the first golf ball with a rubber core. That makes this the first major won by a golfer using what we now recognize as the first modern golf ball.

Final Scores

Sandy Herd 77-76-73-81—307
James Braid 78-76-80-74—308
Harry Vardon 72-77-80-79—308
a-Robert Maxwell 79-77-79-74—309
Tom Vardon 80-76-78-79—313
a-Harold Hilton 79-76-81-78—314
James Kinnell 78-80-79-77—314
J.H. Taylor 81-76-77-80—314
Ted Ray 79-74-85-80—318
Andrew Kirkaldy 77-78-83-82—320
Arnaud Massy 77-81-78-84—320
Willie Fernie 76-82-84-79—321
Rowland Jones 79-78-85-79—321
a-Sidney Fry 78-79-80-85—322
a-John Ball Jr. 79-79-84-81—323
Jack Rowe 79-78-85-81—323
James Sherlock 79-84-80-81—324
Jack White 82-75-82-86—325
Ben Sayers 84-80-80-82—326
Thomas Renouf 84-82-77-84—327
Walter Toogood 83-83-80-81—327
George Pulford 81-81-85-81—328
Fred Jackson 80-81-83-85—329
Willie Park Jr. 79-82-82-86—329
William McEwan 83-84-81-82—330
Tom Yeoman 85-83-79-83—330
C. Ralph Smith 85-79-85-82—331
David Herd 82-81-84-85—332
Peter Rainford 78-79-88-87—332
Archie Simpson 88-79-85-81—333
Tom Williamson 78-80-90-85—333
George Cassidy 80-82-87-85—334
Fred Collins 83-84-84-83—334
a-Thomas Hunter 84-80-84-86—334
Andrew Scott 84-84-82-85—335
Peter McEwan 84-84-82-86—336
a-Harold Holden 82-82-87-87—338
Willie Auchterlonie 83-84-86-86—339
William C. Gaudin 81-84-89-85—339
William Leaver 85-82-82-90—339
William Lewis 83-84-89-87—343

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