1934 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1934 PGA Championship was the 17th time this major was played.

Winner: Paul Runyan

Where it was played: Park Country Club in Williamsville, New York

Tournament dates: July 24-29, 1934

Notable notes: Paul Runyan defeated Craig Wood on the second extra hole of the scheduled 36-hole championship match. It was a matchup of teacher vs. student, and the student won: Wood at one time had been Runyan's golf instructor. ... Both golfers made 12-foot par putts on the 36th hole to send it to extra holes. Wood had an 8-foot eagle putt for the win on the 37th, but missed. On the 38th hole, Runyan won it with a par to Wood's bogey. ... To reach the final, Runyan defeated Johnny Farrell, Vic Ghezzi, Dick Metz and Gene Kunes.

Late-Round Match Scores

Round of 16 (36 holes)
Al Watrous def. Gene Sarazen, 4 and 3
Craig Wood def. Harry Cooper, 4 and 3
Denny Shute def. Ky Laffoon, 3 and 2
Al Houghton def. Fay Coleman, 4 and 3
Dick Metz def. Tommy Armour, 3 and 2
Paul Runyan def. Vic Ghezzi, 2 and 1
Gene Kunes def. Johnny Revolta, 2 and 1
Bob Crowley def. Ted Turner, 1-up

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
Paul Runyan def. Dick Metz, 1-up
Gene Kunes def. Bob Crowley, 4 and 3
Craig Wood def. Al Watrous, 2 and 1
Denny Shute def. Al Houghton, 6 and 5

Semifinals (36 holes)
Paul Runyan def. Gene Kunes, 4 and 2
Craig Wood def. Denny Shute, 2 and 1

Championship Match (36 holes)
Paul Runyan def. Craig Wood, 1-up (38 holes)

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