1933 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1933 British Open was the 68th time this major was played, and two Americans played off to determine the victor.

Winner: Denny Shute, 292

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 5-8, 1933

Leader after first round: Walter Hagen, 68

Leader after second round: Walter Hagen, 140

Leader after third round: Henry Cotton, Leo Diegel, Syd Easterbrook, Joe Kirkwood Sr. and Abe Mitchell, 216

Notable Notes: Denny Shute trailed the five co-leaders by three strokes entering the final round. Craig Wood was one behind. Then Shute shot 73 and Wood 75 in Round 4, and on a day of high scores that was good enough for both to pass up the third-round leaders. ... But it wasn't enough for one of them to pass the other: They tied at 292. ... The next day, Shute and Wood played a 36-hole playoff, which Shute won by five strokes (75-74—149 to 78-76—154). ... This was the first of Shute's three career wins in majors.

Final Scores

Denny Shute 73-73-73-73—292
Craig Wood 77-72-68-75—292
Leo Diegel 75-70-71-77—293
Syd Easterbrook 73-72-71-77—293
Gene Sarazen 72-73-73-75—293
Olin Dutra 76-76-70-72—294
Henry Cotton 73-71-72-79—295
Ed Dudley 70-71-76-78—295
Abe Mitchell 74-68-74-79—295
Alf Padgham 74-73-74-74—295
Reg Whitcombe 76-75-72-72—295
Archie Compston 72-74-77-73—296
Ernest Whitcombe 73-73-75-75—296
Auguste Boyer 76-72-70-79—297
Arthur Havers 80-72-71-74—297
Joe Kirkwood 72-73-71-81—297
Horton Smith 73-73-75-76—297
Aubrey Boomer 74-70-76-78—298
a-Jack McLean 75-74-75-74—298
a-Cyril Tolley 70-73-76-79—298
Laurie Ayton Sr. 78-72-76-74—300
Bert Gadd 75-73-73-80—301
Walter Hagen 68-72-79-82—301
D.C. Jones 75-72-78-76—301
Fred Robertson 71-71-77-82—301
Alf Perry 79-73-74-76—302
Allan Dailey 74-74-77-78—303
a-C. Ross Somerville 72-78-75-79—304
William Spark 73-72-79-80—304
Charlie Ward 76-73-76-79—304
John Cruikshank 73-75-79-78—305
Frank Dennis 74-73-77-81—305
William Nolan 71-75-79-80—305
Roland Vickers 73-77-79-76—305
a-George Dunlap 72-74-80-80—306
Bertram Weastell 72-78-77-79—306
Stewart Burns 74-74-76-83—307
John Busson 74-72-81-80—307
Don Curtis 74-75-74-84—307
Tom Dobson 78-74-77-78—307
Joe Ezar 77-72-77-81—307
Fred Robson 76-76-79-76—307
William Twine 73-74-80-80—307
William H. Davies 74-72-80-82—308
William Davis 74-75-80-79—308
Ernest Kenyon 76-75-77-80—308
Tom Williamson 75-76-79-78—308
Jimmy Adams 75-77-76-81—309
Cecil Denny 74-78-72-85—309
Gabriel Gonzales 75-72-76-86—309
James McDowall 75-73-81-80—309
William Smith 77-73-74-85—309
a-Andrew Jamieson 75-75-76-84—310
Johnny Farrell 77-71-84-79—311
Herbert Jolly 71-78-80-82—311
John McMillan 77-74-80-81—312
Henry Sales 75-77-76-88—316
Cyril Thomson 76-74-86-88—324

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