Do You Know How to Play the Yellowsomes Golf Game?

If you play a lot of golf side games and betting games, then the answer is probably yes, even if you don't recognize the name "Yellowsomes." That's because Yellowsomes is just the less-common name of the format most golfers know as Gruesomes.

So Yellowsomes equals Gruesomes, which leads to the follow-up question: Do you know how to play Gruesomes?

The gist of Yellowsomes is pretty simple. It's a competition format/betting game for teams of two golfers. It's a great and fun game for a group of four who pair off for a 2-vs.-2 match. But Yellowsomes, for one reason we're about to see, does take a bit longer to play than a standard alternate shot format.

Here's the gist of Yellowsomes:

  • Both players on a side tee off.
  • Then your opponents get to choose which of the two drives your side must use.
  • From that point, your side plays alternate shot into the hole.

The partner who hit the worst drive (presumably, your opponents will make you continue with the worst of your side's two drives) plays the second stroke. Then it's alternate shot into the hole.

Because each side is playing its worst drive, expect a little more time to be needed for a round of Yellowsomes.

Why "Yellowsomes"? We have no idea. Gruesomes as the name does make sense — your opponents are selecting your side's most gruesome drive. But Yellowsomes? Not everything in the area of golf betting games has to make sense.

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