1922 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1922 British Open was the 57th time this major was played, but the first time it was won by a golfer born in the United States.

Winner: Walter Hagen, 300

Where it was played: Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, England

Tournament dates: June 22-23, 1922

Leader after first round: Ted Ray and J.H. Taylor, 73

Leader after second round: Walter Hagen, 149

Leader after third round: Jock Hutchison, 226

What Happened at the 1922 Open Championship

It took until the 1922 British Open before a golfer born in the United States won golf's oldest championship, and Walter Hagen was the man who did it. Hagen was already a three-time major winner, and he went on to win this tournament three more times (and 11 majors total in his career).

Hagen's final-round 72 was one stroke better than Jim Barnes' round, and that was the margin between the two golfers in the championship. George Duncan closed with a 69 to tie Barnes for second behind Hagen.

It wasn't the first time Hagen denied Barnes a major. One year earlier, in the finals of the 1921 PGA Championship, Hagen beat Barnes 3 and 2 for the title. (Barnes finally got his own Open Championship title in 1925.)

Hagen was the second American victor in a row. But how can that be when he was also the first golfer born in the USA to win? Defending champ Jock Hutchison was a Scotland native but a naturalized American citizen. (Hutchison was the 54-hole leader this year and finished fourth after shooting 76 in the final round.)

The final-round 69 by Duncan, the 1920 British Open winner, was the lowest score of the tournament. But, after an 81 in the third round, Duncan started too far back and finished tied for second with Barnes.

Two members of Britain's famed "Great Triumvirate" — 51-year-old J.H. Taylor (sixth) and 52-year-old Harry Vardon (tied eighth) — finished in the Top 10, the last time that happened in an Open.

1922 British Open Final Scores

Walter Hagen 76-73-79-72—300
Jim Barnes 75-76-77-73—301
George Duncan 76-75-81-69—301
Jock Hutchison 79-74-73-76—302
Charles Whitcombe 77-79-72-75—303
J.H. Taylor 73-78-76-77—304
Jean Gassiat 75-78-74-79—306
Harry Vardon 79-79-74-75—307
Thomas Walton 75-78-77-77—307
Percy Alliss 75-78-78-77—308
Charles Johns 78-76-80-75—309
George Gadd 76-81-76-77—310
Arthur Havers 78-80-78-74—310
Len Holland 79-81-74-76—310
F.C. Jewell 75-80-78-77—310
Ernest Whitcombe 77-78-77-78—310
Aubrey Boomer 75-80-76-80—311
Adrian Wheildon 80-80-76-75—311
Abe Mitchell 79-79-78-76—312
Joe Kirkwood 79-76-80-78—313
Herbert Osborne 80-81-76-76—313
a-Michael Scott 77-83-79-74—313
a-Willie Hunter 77-81-75-81—314
Tom King Jr. 83-78-78-75—314
Walter Pursey 77-81-80-76—314
William Smith 81-78-74-81—314
Archie Compston 81-79-75-80—315
Gus Faulkner 74-81-80-81—316
Arthur Monk 80-78-78-80—316
William Watt 82-78-79-77—316
Tom Williamson 83-77-75-81—316
Harry Ball 78-82-77-80—317
Sandy Herd 76-79-83-79—317
James McKenzie 78-81-80-78—317
a-Roger Wethered 76-78-83-80—317
Fred Leach 82-79-79-78—318
Reginald G. Wilson 75-84-82-77—318
Arthur Butchart 83-74-85-77—319
Angel De la Torre 83-80-81-75—319
Claude Gray 76-82-80-81—319
a-Robert Harris 80-83-74-82—319
Andrew Kay 82-81-78-78—319
Albert Hallam 83-83-77-77—320
Thomas Renouf 85-78-77-80—320
a-Cyril Tolley 87-80-78-75—320
Charles Corlett 81-82-78-80—321
Ted Ray 73-83-85-80—321
Hugh Williamson 80-82-83-76—321
Charles McIlvenny 80-82-77-83—322
William Oke 91-80-77-74—322
George Kirby 84-81-80-78—323
Percy Rainford 79-86-81-77—323
Sid Brews 81-83-80-80—324
G.R. Buckle 76-85-81-82—324
Tom Fernie 81-80-81-82—324
William Twine 80-81-83-80—324
James Martin 82-83-81-79—325
Alfred Miles 75-86-81-83—325
Roy Donald 85-80-80-81—326
Rowland Jones 81-90-81-75—327
a-Ernest Carter 81-84-79-84—328
John Fernie 81-88-80-79—328
a-Angus Hambro 84-82-83-79—328
Mark Seymour 78-88-82-80—328
a-E.H.W. Scott 87-77-83-82—329
Joseph Cheal 87-80-82-81—330
Jack B. Ross 80-84-82-84—330
Percy Wyatt 81-83-85-81—330
a-E. Noel Layton 85-84-84-78—331
William Ritchie 80-85-83-84—332
Eddie Goodban 84-82-86-81—333
Henry Kinch 80-89-86-78—333
Harry Amos 89-85-83-78—335
Fred Jarman 86-84-86-82—338
C.H. Reith 84-87-84-84—339
C.W. Thomson 82-90-84-84—340
Walter Bourne 81-89-86-86—342

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