1937 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1937 British Open was the 72nd time this major was played.

Winner: Henry Cotton, 290

Where it was played: Carnoustie Golf Links in Carnoustie, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 7-9, 1937

Leader after first round: Ed Dudley, 70

Leader after second round: Reg Whitcombe, 142

Leader after third round: Reg Whitcombe, 216

Notable Notes: Henry Cotton trailed by three entering the final round, then shot 71 to third-round leader Reg Whitcombe's 76 to win by two. ... Charles Whitcombe, Reg's brother, was in second place after three rounds, but, like his brother, scored 76 in the final round. ... Reg Whitcombe went on to win a year later at the 1938 British Open. ... This was the first Open Championship played by Byron Nelson (finished fifth) and Sam Snead (11th), and the last for Walter Hagen (26th). ... For champion Cotton, it was the second of his three total British Open wins.

Final Scores

Henry Cotton 74-72-73-71—290
Reg Whitcombe 72-70-74-76—292
Charles Lacey 76-75-70-72—293
Charles Whitcombe 73-71-74-76—294
Byron Nelson 75-76-71-74—296
Ed Dudley 70-74-78-75—297
Arthur Lacey 75-73-75-75—298
William Laidlaw 77-72-73-76—298
Alf Padgham 72-74-76-76—298
Horton Smith 77-71-79-72—299
Ralph Guldahl 77-72-74-77—300
Sam Snead 75-74-75-76—300
William Branch 72-75-73-81—301
Denny Shute 73-73-76-80—302
Percy Alliss 75-76-75-77—303
Henry Picard 76-77-70-80—303
Jimmy Adams 74-78-76-76—304
Arthur Havers 77-75-76-76—304
a-Bobby Locke 74-74-77-79—304
Fred Robertson 73-75-78-78—304
Bill Cox 74-77-81-73—305
Dai Rees 75-73-78-79—305
John J. Busson 74-77-79-76—306
Tom Collinge 75-75-83-74—307
Douglas Cairncross 73-76-77-82—308
Marcel Dallemagne 78-75-79-77—309
Walter Hagen 76-72-80-81—309
Jack McLean 78-74-81-76—309
John Burton 76-75-82-77—310
Sam King 79-74-75-82—310
Eddie Whitcombe 76-76-81-77—310
Hamish Ballingall 77-75-79-80—311
Aubrey Boomer 79-72-77-83—311
Allan Dailey 76-77-79-79—311
John Fallon 76-77-78-80—311
Johnny Revolta 76-76-83-76—311
Laurie Ayton Jr. 75-78-80-79—312
George Knight 76-75-78-83—312
Gregor McIntosh 79-74-81-78—312
William Nolan 77-76-78-81—312
J.J. Taylor 73-80-83-76—312
Bobby Cruickshank 78-74-77-85—314
Tom Dobson 79-74-79-82—314
William McMinn 72-81-80-81—314
Bill Shankland 74-77-82-81—314
Sydney Fairweather 77-75-82-81—315
Jack Seager 78-75-83-81—317

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