1949 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1949 PGA Championship was the 31st time this major was played.

Winner: Sam Snead

Where it was played: Hermitage Country Club in Richmond, Virginia

Tournament dates: May 25-31, 1949

Notable notes: Sam Snead beat Johnny Palmer in the championship match by a 3-and-2 score. It was the second of Snead's three career wins in the PGA Championship. ... Having won the 1949 Masters a month earlier, Snead became the first golfer to win both The Masters and PGA Championship in the same year. ... Snead got to the final by beating Jack Burke Jr., Henry Ransom, Dave Douglas, Jimmy Demaret and Jim Ferrier. ... Defending champion Ben Hogan was unable to play, having been involved in a near-fatal car accident a few months earlier.

Late-Round Match Scores

Round of 16 (36 holes)
Ray Hill def. Walter Romans, 5 and 4
Lloyd Mangrum def. Herman Barron, 4 and 3
Johnny Palmer def. Lew Worsham, 2 and 1
Henry Williams Jr. def. Al Brosch, 7 and 6
Sam Snead def. Dave Douglas, 1-up
Jimmy Demaret def. Jim Turnesa, 5 and 3
Clayton Heafner def. Jack Patroni, 5 and 4
Jim Ferrier def. Marty Furgol, 8 and 6

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
Sam Snead def. Jimmy Demaret, 4 and 3
Jim Ferrier def. Clayton Heafner, 3 and 2
Johnny Palmer def. Henry Williams Jr., 7 and 6
Lloyd Mangrum def. Ray Hill, 7 and 6

Semifinals (36 holes)
Sam Snead def. Jim Ferrier, 3 and 2
Johnny Palmer def. Lloyd Mangrum, 6 and 5

Championship Match (36 holes)
Sam Snead def. Johnny Palmer, 3 and 2

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