1927 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1927 British Open was the 62nd time this major was played, and the defending champ made a successful return.

Winner: Bobby Jones, 285

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 13-15, 1927

Leader after first round: Bobby Jones, 68

Leader after second round: Bobby Jones, 140

Leader after third round: Bobby Jones, 213

Notable Notes: Bobby Jones shot the low round of the tournament, a 68, in the first round and never looked back. He won wire-to-wire. ... Jones was the defending champ, and this was the second of his three Open Championship wins. ... Henry Cotton, who went on to win the Open three times, played his first this year and finished ninth. ... Five-time champ J.H. Taylor, age 56, made the cut for the last time.

Final Scores

a-Bobby Jones 68-72-73-72—285
Aubrey Boomer 76-70-73-72—291
Fred Robson 76-72-69-74—291
Joe Kirkwood Sr.72-72-75-74—293
Ernest Whitcombe 74-73-73-73—293
harles Whitcombe 74-76-71-75—296
Arthur Havers 80-74-73-70—297
Bert Hodson 72-70-81-74—297
Henry Cotton 73-72-77-76—298
Percy Alliss 73-74-73-80—300
Sandy Herd 76-75-78-71—300
a-Philip Perkins 76-78-70-76—300
Philip Rodgers 76-73-74-77—300
a-William Torrance 72-80-74-74—300
Roland Vickers 75-75-77-73—300
Tom Williamson 75-76-78-71—300
Jim Barnes 76-76-72-77—301
George Buckle 77-69-77-78—301
Charles Johns 74-78-73-76—301
Don Curtis 73-76-79-74—302
Jean Gassiat 76-77-73-76—302
Tom Stevens 76-73-74-79—302
Archie Compston 74-78-79-72—303
Len Holland 75-75-71-82—303
Henry Kinch 80-73-73-77—303
Jack Smith 81-73-73-76—303
Duncan McCulloch 74-77-78-75—304
Charles Gadd 74-74-78-79—305
Tom King Jr. 73-74-74-84—305
James Braid 75-77-76-78—306
Walter Kennett 78-75-75-78—306
Dan Murray 72-78-77-79—306
Ted Ray 78-73-77-78—306
a-William Tweddell 78-74-78-76—306
William Twine 75-78-78-75—306
Robert Ballantine 79-75-73-80—307
Harry Crapper 75-76-75-81—307
Albert Hallam 79-75-75-78—307
a-Robert Harris 74-75-82-76—307
James Scarth 76-76-79-76—307
John Sullivan 77-77-77-76—307
a-Cyril Tolley 77-73-77-80—307
Alfred Miles 74-76-82-76—308
Cedric Sayner 77-74-80-77—308
a-Reymond De Montgomery 74-75-77-83—309
Sam G. Bembridge 77-76-79-78—310
Tom Fernie 77-74-78-81—310
Arthur Lacey 76-78-78-78—310
J.H. Taylor 76-78-77-80—311
Peter Robertson 75-77-80-81—313
Tom Dobson 72-75-85-83—315
a-Leonard Nettlefold 71-81-85-81—318
Mark Seymour 73-81-84-80—318

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